Agent 1-Adam-12

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[OPERATIVE] Agent 1-ADAM-12 

[Operative Bio]

  • ALIASES: "Adam," "Andy," "Andrew," (just about guy's name starting in "A" actually...)
  • NAME: Adam Williams
  • TITLE: Instructional Technology Specialist
  • ORGANIZATION: Coconino Community College
  • # TIMES AT INSTCON: 2 (2015, 2016)
  • Twitter: @theixle


[FACT #1]

Loves helping people.


[FACT #2]

Prone to connecting people and connecting with people.


[FACT #3]

Has been known to fall down rabbit holes and is notorious for forgetting names.



If you see this person over the time span of July 23 - July 25, agents are advised to...

  • Smile, wave, and/or crack a joke in his general direction
  • Ask him a question
  • Follow him. Even when he doesn't know where he's going he still manages to find good people.


InstructureCon 2015 - Evidence (Photos)

InstructureCon 2016 - Evidence (Photos) - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday



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