Ryan "The Mobile Guy" Seilhamer

Blog Post created by Ryan.Seilhamer@ucf.edu Champion on Jul 23, 2017




Here's what you need to know about this operative:

  • NAME: @rseilham
  • TITLE: Instructional Designer / Mobile Strategy
  • SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION: University of Central Florida (UCF)
  • # TIMES AT INSTCON: 2013-2016 (4 times)
  • SPECIAL CREDENTIALS: Canvas Coach, Canvassador


[FACT #1]

I've presented at every InstructureCon that I've attended. 


[FACT #2]

Like any good agent, I'm crazy about the details.


[FACT #3]

I start the Canvas Mobile Users Group Group in 2013. 



If you see this person over the next few days, agents are advised to...

  • Not show him your Instagram Boomerang 
  • Ask him for something Super Panda
  • Give him a high five!



To be present at the following missions:


  1. Canvassadors Table: 2-4pm (Tuesday)
  2. Canvas Mobile: An App for Everyone: https://events.bizzabo.com/instcon2017/agenda/session/196396 
  3. The World is Not Enough - Without Mobile: https://events.bizzabo.com/instcon2017/agenda/session/196412 
  4. Introducing Canvas Teacher: The Next Step in Mobile: https://events.bizzabo.com/instcon2017/agenda/session/196493 
  5. Frequently Appearing at the Canvas Community Tent



You will frequently see Ryan create Canvas Mobile awesomeness with his co-admin of the Canvas Mobile Users Group Group Kristin Lundstrum. This year Ashley Salter will be joining him for his annual mobile briefing at Instcon 0017.