Kenneth Rogers

Brief Wednesday Thoughts

Blog Post created by Kenneth Rogers Employee on Jul 27, 2017

It's pretty late here at the Spy Headquarters...and chow time will come early in the morning. But before I do anything else, I wanted to do a brief brain dump from today. I plan on more detailed blogs in the future, but for now - here are some quick thoughts on my first full day at instcon:


  • Stefanie Sanders is a true Rock Star! I was killing a few minutes this morning before the keynote and figured I'd stop by the Community booth just to say "sup?" and we had a great chat! One of the best things we talked about was the spotlight search that lives in the upper right hand corner of all Community pages. It's actually the only search I use...but it's more powerful than I knew!
  • Ryan Seilhamer loves giving away free swag. Oh...and he did a pretty swell mobile presentation today with Ashley Salter. Folks were still talking about their presentation and the Canvas Teacher app well after the presentation.
  • Brenden Goetz and Alex Karklins did a phenomenal job on Canvas Data/Tableau and how they use it at CU Denver. I have a lot to write on this one - but this was a great presentation that also talked about their passion for seeing their work be Community driven. Check out Device Usage in Canvas Data with Tableau 
  • I actually me THE Kenneth Larsen. In person. And no..he doesn't look like his avatar.
  • Kona Jones and James Jones literally burnt down the house their presentation was so good! (If you haven't heard, there was a fire alarm today, and it was unfortunately during the "Accomplish the Impossible" presentation focusing on Canvacements). But seriously. Burnt to the ground! There was roughly 450,000 people in attendance and they were turning people away! But my biggest takeaway was that I need to install the "Roster Sorter" Canvancement. Even as an Admin this will help me quickly sort by enrollment type.
  • "The Canvas of the Future - Artificial Intelligence & Behavioral Economics" - I attended this one because it sounded interesting, but I didn't know what to expect. I have a lot to write up on this one in its own blog post, but I will say this was one of the most thought provoking sessions.
  • The last session of the day was a packed house, so I navigated back out to where my day started - the Community booth. This time I found perfect conversation with none other than Kelley L. Meeusen, Ryan Seilhamer, and Adam Williams.