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InstructureCon 2017: Mission Accomplished

Blog Post created by Garth Egbert Expert on Jul 28, 2017

So this year I attended InstructureCon solo.  Not for one minute did I think I would be alone, but honestly I had no idea what to expect.  And look what happened....


Over the course of the week I ran into all kinds of people.


During the Canvas Intelligence Exchange I was able to meet many new people.  I had a really nice side conversation with Paul Chaney about Canvas Data, and got to meet the all famous Travis "Twitter Master" Cox   After firing back and forth through the Community with Daniel Grobani , we finally had a chance to meet in person and share ideas about what we've been working on, very cool.  I have seen several posts in the Community from Peter Franza and actually got to sit and talk to him at Hack Night, where we engaged in a conversation about XAPI and Caliper with a developer from Penn State and a member of Unicon which was a great intro for me into these tools.  Did I mention I got to shake the hand of Sean Nufer?


Of course there were Canvas peeps all over the place, too many to name... Hillary Melander enlightened me on the Canvas Network and hooked me up with the guys at ShinDig for some great info related to a real time course collaboration project I have been working on.  I got to catch up with our awesome CSM Mark Santon and had a really good sit down with Ryan Jacobson and some friends about the API.  Of course if you didn't run into Renee Carney or Scott Dennis or Stefanie Sanders or Kelley L. Meeusen, you might have spent too much time looking at your phone while you moved around the conference.  I would love to list ALL of the Canvas people that I met during the week.


The vendors were great too.  Kimberley and Chris Munzo continue to do great things with Dropout Detective, and it was really nice to be able to catch up with them.  Annie Chechitelli and the folks at AWS Education were able to answer some questions that have been on my mind and will help to start thinking about strategy.  Mike Zackrison at CidiLabs enlightened me on their product to assist with instructional design, and I look forward to learning more.  There were many vendor conversations and the time spent was valuable.


However, as much fun as it was running around solo, there were a few faces that I continued to run into over and over.  Somehow this group came together at River Run for the last night, and we had a great time shutting down the village.

The picture above includes Kenneth RogersKori Schneider, Ryan Seilhamer, Adam Williams, Gerol Petruzella and Erin Milne.  These guys really made the week fun.


Attending the conference on my own absolutely lived up to expectations, honestly it was hard to find time to stop, breath and regroup.  I hope everyone walked away with some good stories, new friends and new contacts to help make their Canvas experience the best that it can be.


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