Kenneth Rogers

CU Denver Shares Canvas Data/Tableau

Blog Post created by Kenneth Rogers Employee on Jul 30, 2017

My first introduction to canvas data and tableau came at the hands of both Brenden Goetz and Alex Karklins. These topics have been mentioned around my institution, and they have picked up steam as of late, so I figured what better way to get some additional information than in this session.


The presentation focused on their mobile learning report. As a member of Canvas Mobile Users Group, this is near and dear to my heart. I loved how they focused on how a student was producing data vs. consuming data. With this information they will now have actionable data to inform course and mobile design. But at a deeper level, what else can you do with the data?


I had a few key takeaways...

  • Because CU Denver has multiple seats of Tableau, they have reports for more than just Instructional Design purposes. IT can have reports to see when students are accessing Canvas (to know when to do other maintenance). Or you can begin to look at when students are taking exams most frequently so you can work with instructors and say "Maybe Sunday at 7:00 isn't a good deadline."
  • Actually look at the data and ensure it makes sense. CU Denver saw an exceptionally high activity in "Files" in a course that had no course files for students to access. However, when they looked at the course, they noticed the course had design elements from the files area, which was causing the activity. Make sure you double check everything!
  • The goal is really for a collaborative Canvas Data Community. They have Instructure host their Canvas Data with Amazon Redshift, and Brenden has already provided a lengthy document here in the Community for reference. Check out Device Usage in Canvas Data with Tableau for reference.