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Day 02 - Group Evaluation LTI: Developing a Better Tool

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[Group Evaluation LTI: Developing a Better Tool]

Kent Matsueda, Assistant Director of Design, Penn State University



When group work is essential, a way for group assessment is a must. This is geared to group members evaluating the performance of other group members not peer review.


Foundation of group work:




A survey from Spring 2017 asked if was appropriate for students to evaluate their team members - 88% said yes.


Students want to be able to see feedback from their peers so they can grow. And anonymity is important.


Used qualtrics & google forms but they take a lot of work to aggregate the data.


Here is the LTi in a module:


Give criteria and ability to rate each team member and self eval.



Does allow for free writing eval:



After all have completed, students & instructor can access the results, instructors have add'l option to export. Student view is anonymous. 


Don't just look at the numbers. There is normally context that may need more information. Look at other activities, the actual group deliverables. These are just clues to help see the whole picture.




There was more but unfortunately I had to step out during the Q&A. Look for the video soon!


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