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Amanda Warren Marshall

Agent A WarMar

Posted by Amanda Warren Marshall Jul 10, 2017


Here's what you need to know about this operative:

NAME:  Amanda Warren Marshall

TITLE: Instructional Design Consultant

SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION: The University of Oklahoma

# TIMES AT INSTCON: 1 (2016)




Agent was one happy camper at InstructureCon 2016.  She has spent the last year undercover, slowly but surely converting OU College of Arts and Sciences courses and their instructors to team Canvas. Progress on this conversion was reported at CanvasCon SMU with fellow Secret Agent Michelle Meazell during the briefing "A Canvas Migration Story." 



  • Canvas use in higher ed, specifically fully online and blended courses. 
  • Still playing Pokemon Go---will gladly join fellow agents for side-mission raid battles! 



Agent will be accompanied the BFF for this Mission. BFF will be soaking in the peace and quite of the mountains for the duration of the mission. Sightings will likely be minimal. Other associates include the CAS OATS Agent team: 




Agent may be seen communicating via her secret spy watch with fellow Secret Agent Aimee Hardesty

...but hopefully won't be seen as that would make the communique far less secret. 

Agent is looking forward to debriefing with other Agents to learn more about the missions they have been on.