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Kona Jones

Kona "Community" Jones

Posted by Kona Jones Champion Jun 20, 2017

[Operative Bio]

Here's what you need to know about this operative:
  • NAMEKona Jones
  • TITLE: Director of Online Learning; Adjunct Instructor of Statistics
  • SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION: Richland Community College
  • # TIMES AT INSTCON: 3 (2013, 2014, 2015)
  •  @KonaRJones

[Previous Missions]

The operative is well honed in all things Canvas and has taken part in the following missions.


[Current Mission]

The operative is starting mission InstructureCon 2017 Tuesday morning by sharing top secret intel during the Canvas Intel Exchange; a free Community meet-up. Wednesday will include a solo mission of No Need to Blame Canvas from 10:55-11:35 am in Red Cloud Peak and then a Jones special ops mission of Accomplishing the Impossible from 3:10-3:50 pm in Shavano Peak. The operative will finish off Mission InstructureCon with a Thursday team mission of Mission Possible: Best Practices for Increasing Student Retention and Success from 2:30-3:10 pm in Divide Room. **Updated 7/10/17 - Super top secret intel has revealed that the operative will be doing a surprise guest appearance during an additional session. Follow the operative on twitter for release of session information. Update 8/1/2017 - Guest appearance was in the Go Rogue With Us! - Scott Dennis  session.


For the Jones special ops mission the operative will be working with known conspirator, James Jones (aka Mr Canvancement), to present on Canvancements - Canvas Enhancements.

[Known Associates]

This mission is a canvasfamily affair and in addition to James will include Reagan (5 yrs), Kennedy (10 months), and Grandma (age has been restricted and listed as confidential). This is the 4th InstructureCon for everyone except canvasbaby, who was featured in Missing out on InstructureCon 2016.


canvaskid (aka James Jr.)
canvasbaby (aka Daredevil)
canvasgrandma (aka The Babysitter)


If you see this person over the next few days, agents are advised to:

  • Ask for a Canvancement button
  • Ask about the Canvas Community - Go Rogue with Us 
  • Ask about Dropout Detective
Kona Jones

Canvas Intel Exchange

Posted by Kona Jones Champion Jun 14, 2017

Canvas Intel Exchange

Want to network and collaborate with fellow Community members? Join this classified intel exchange on Tuesday, 8:30am - 12:00pm. This is a free Community-driven meet-up to learn from fellow Canvas agents and strategically trade secret information about all things Canvas.  The participants will help pick the topics discussed and then we'll break up into groups to discuss and share intel. Be prepared to share what you know and learn from your peers! canvasintel17


Mission Details