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This is Agent K reporting on his morning mission behind friendly lines. If this message is intercepted, may God have mercy on our souls, because this was an unsanctioned mission, and the office will disavow any knowledge of this covert action and any agents involved.



Intel Exchange, Tuesday, July 25, 2017, Lakeside Village. Specific locale and operators not cleared for disclosure.



The major takeaways from this session were:

  • Vast sums of useful intel can be obtained through the use of more moderate persuasion techniques such as: networking, friendly and disarmed casual chatter employed by seemingly friendly, persuasive, and non-threatening operatives.
  • A surprising number (63) of operatives from diverse locations and loyalties were willing to open up and share any information in their possession, despite the mild inducements noted above.
  • The level of engagement in ensuring information parity was amazing with many operatives committing to the full four hour exchange, even neglecting some of their other operational priorities.



Many of us have long felt that simple networking had the best ROI when engaged in field actions such as InstCon. Today's session reaffirmed those perceptions, with at least one foreign agent disclaiming that his entire expenditure on the InstCon mission were amply covered by one stray bit of intel disclosed early in today's session.









It's no agency secret - I think the Canvas Intel Exchange is pretty awesome. When I was approached by "The" Kona Jones to help organize the event, I jumped at the opportunity. I'm not sure why she asked me, although I think it was my charmingly good looks, but it does go to show that you don't have to have a lot of Canvas knowledge to have a voice and drive change! (That's a topic for another day!).


What many people don't know is that there were many, many hours put into this event. The organizers - Kona Jones, Beth Crook, Garth Egbert, Marc Lentini, and myself - are spread out all across the country. We met virtually for the months and weeks leading up to canvasintel17 so that we could (hopefully) bring an amazingly collaborative event to the folks of this fine Community.


Now - enough back story. How did the morning go?


I am blown away by the people who showed up! Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to sit in on any of the conversations, so you will have to wait for those blogs to hit The Community. But the people! I had the privilege of manning the welcome/registration table and just the smiling faces of the people who had already registered, or the inquisitive eyes of the folks who just walked up asking "What's this about - and can I join you?" What started as 5 people spread across the United States, hoping to connect and learn from other Community members over a few hours turned into sixty-five people representing four countries (that I know of) and both Higher-Ed AND K12, in one spot, collaborating on all things Canvas! Does it get any better than that!?!


So, to those who came this morning - thank you! You made the Intel Exchange a success! For anyone unable to attend - watch for the blogs! We are encouraging everyone who attended to blog about what they learned - and I hope they do. Also check out the hash tag on twitter - #canvasintel17. Now - for the rest of InstructureCon 2017!

Michelle Meazell


Posted by Michelle Meazell Jul 25, 2017

After arriving on Monday, my secret agent Mom and I took to the trails and paths and have successfully gotten in about 40K worth of steps!  We have hiked along the Snake River and the roads both Monday and today - so beautiful and you just do not want to think about anything but the sound of the water.  

We just rented a couple of bikes and have been tooling around.


 Agent Squinty (not really)

Me, squinting 

The weather is perfect, though I'm nervous what may come in a few hours.  I have had a few sighting of people and even spotted one of the UK Agents being taken care of by the EMT's due to an allergic bug bite! I am too tired to tag right now, but will try to in another post!  Now, off to change socks and go on more adventures.. er training mission.

After a long day of travel to get to Keystone, getting through registration, and settling into my accommodations, it was great to run into familiar faces.  We gathered at Extreme Pizza by the lake to catch up and share a meal.


Great pizza, great people, what more can you ask for?  I'm looking forward to a great week at InstructureCon 2017





Here's what you need to know about this operative:

  • NAME: @rseilham
  • TITLE: Instructional Designer / Mobile Strategy
  • SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION: University of Central Florida (UCF)
  • # TIMES AT INSTCON: 2013-2016 (4 times)
  • SPECIAL CREDENTIALS: Canvas Coach, Canvassador


[FACT #1]

I've presented at every InstructureCon that I've attended. 


[FACT #2]

Like any good agent, I'm crazy about the details.


[FACT #3]

I start the Canvas Mobile Users Group Group in 2013. 



If you see this person over the next few days, agents are advised to...

  • Not show him your Instagram Boomerang 
  • Ask him for something Super Panda
  • Give him a high five!



To be present at the following missions:


  1. Canvassadors Table: 2-4pm (Tuesday)
  2. Canvas Mobile: An App for Everyone: 
  3. The World is Not Enough - Without Mobile: 
  4. Introducing Canvas Teacher: The Next Step in Mobile: 
  5. Frequently Appearing at the Canvas Community Tent



You will frequently see Ryan create Canvas Mobile awesomeness with his co-admin of the Canvas Mobile Users Group Group Kristin Lundstrum. This year Ashley Salter will be joining him for his annual mobile briefing at Instcon 0017. 









OPERATION: P.A.N.D.A (Professional Advancement of Non-Descript Agents)


Recent intel has been revealed to allow for additional professional advancement during the upcoming gathering in Keystone, CO. According to the mission transmission: For Spies Like You—Mission: InstructureCon 0017 there will be opportunity for agents to advance in their clearance levels by utilizing a secret code system provided by an agent known only as The Badgr. There will be 25 "tasks" that once completed will move you one step close to becoming an elite Alpha Agent and my grant you access to exclusive gadgets.


The mission period is active for the duration of our gathering, July 25-27


Make sure to help out your fellow agents that may not have received this transmission and watch out for counter agents that may be looking to advance within our organization.




Operation Meet & Greet 
Interrogate as many unique assets as you can to earn your Clearance Level Beta badge or Level 10 CovertID status. Code-breaking may be involved. Special #CovertID swag for certain. 


CovertID Decal

Who: Instructional Designers

What: Networking event

When: Wednesday, July 26  7:45-8:45am

Where: Decatur Field Breakfast area

Why: #CovertID

How: Sponsored by iDesign   Dartmouth College

ID Meetup Graphic



Agent 1-Adam-12

Posted by awilliams Administrator Jul 15, 2017

[OPERATIVE] Agent 1-ADAM-12 

[Operative Bio]

  • ALIASES: "Adam," "Andy," "Andrew," (just about guy's name starting in "A" actually...)
  • NAME: Adam Williams
  • TITLE: Instructional Technology Specialist
  • ORGANIZATION: Coconino Community College
  • # TIMES AT INSTCON: 2 (2015, 2016)
  • Twitter: @theixle


[FACT #1]

Loves helping people.


[FACT #2]

Prone to connecting people and connecting with people.


[FACT #3]

Has been known to fall down rabbit holes and is notorious for forgetting names.



If you see this person over the time span of July 23 - July 25, agents are advised to...

  • Smile, wave, and/or crack a joke in his general direction
  • Ask him a question
  • Follow him. Even when he doesn't know where he's going he still manages to find good people.


InstructureCon 2015 - Evidence (Photos)

InstructureCon 2016 - Evidence (Photos) - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday



Canvas Coaches


Banner Image modified with permission from

Christopher Casey

Agent C^2

Posted by Christopher Casey Jul 14, 2017



Here's what you need to know about this operative:

  • NAMEChristopher Casey
  • TITLE: University Coordinator of Digital Education
  • SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION: University of Michigan-Dearborn
  • # TIMES AT INSTCON: 4 (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)


[FACT #1]

This agent loves permissions, and is looking for more fellow agents to convince superiors that more granularity in permissions is needed NOW!


[FACT #2]

This agent has intel not only on Canvas, but also some sister-agencies, like The specified item was not found. and The specified item was not found..



Agent may now have facial hair to try to remain incognito.



If you see this person over the next few days, agents are advised to...

  • Approach slowly
  • State your name more than once (this agent does not easily remember names)
  • Ask a Canvas trivia question










Agents -


In a recent briefing attention was drawn to a need for those agents that may be further to the right of the Type A scale. The upcoming mission does seem to be daunting, but with the help of the attached dossier files, even the most novice agent should be able to navigate through the laser maze and make it to the end. While these gadget may help, somethings can only be accomplished by your keen mind. So take and share this recently declassified information to make the most of your coming mission. 


Instructurecon Schedule Overview w/ Maps *UPDATED 7/17/17 @ 3:20pm Central

Instructurecon Session Schedule w/ Maps *UPDATED 7/19/17 @ 12:50pm Central



As always, feel free to reach out to a fellow P.A.N.D.A.* community agent if you need further intel.


The Matt-Man


*Professional Agents Never Do Acronyms 

Amanda Warren Marshall

Agent A WarMar

Posted by Amanda Warren Marshall Jul 10, 2017


Here's what you need to know about this operative:

NAME:  Amanda Warren Marshall

TITLE: Instructional Design Consultant

SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION: The University of Oklahoma

# TIMES AT INSTCON: 1 (2016)




Agent was one happy camper at InstructureCon 2016.  She has spent the last year undercover, slowly but surely converting OU College of Arts and Sciences courses and their instructors to team Canvas. Progress on this conversion was reported at CanvasCon SMU with fellow Secret Agent Michelle Meazell during the briefing "A Canvas Migration Story." 



  • Canvas use in higher ed, specifically fully online and blended courses. 
  • Still playing Pokemon Go---will gladly join fellow agents for side-mission raid battles! 



Agent will be accompanied the BFF for this Mission. BFF will be soaking in the peace and quite of the mountains for the duration of the mission. Sightings will likely be minimal. Other associates include the CAS OATS Agent team: 




Agent may be seen communicating via her secret spy watch with fellow Secret Agent Aimee Hardesty

...but hopefully won't be seen as that would make the communique far less secret. 

Agent is looking forward to debriefing with other Agents to learn more about the missions they have been on. 

Tammy Ellison

Agent Tammy Ellison

Posted by Tammy Ellison Jun 20, 2017


Here's what you need to know about this operative:

  • NAME: Tammy Ellison 
  • TITLE: Director of Instructional Technology and Design
  • SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION: Culver-Stockton College

[Previous Missions]

Trying to take in everything and gain more information.



This agent packs a sponge to capture all information and then some.  Eager to learn more everyday in regard to Canvas and how to develop engaging classes she might ask you to leak some information so watch out.  When not working on Canvas and the inside scoop she is running and lifting weights.  Most of time you will not see her far from her big and little associates swimming, hitting balls and planning their next Boy Scout adventure.  






If you see this person over the next few days, agents are advised to...

  • Stop to share ideas
  • Seek contact information
  • Ensure eye contact
Kona Jones

Kona "Community" Jones

Posted by Kona Jones Champion Jun 20, 2017

[Operative Bio]

Here's what you need to know about this operative:
  • NAMEKona Jones
  • TITLE: Director of Online Learning; Adjunct Instructor of Statistics
  • SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION: Richland Community College
  • # TIMES AT INSTCON: 3 (2013, 2014, 2015)
  •  @KonaRJones

[Previous Missions]

The operative is well honed in all things Canvas and has taken part in the following missions.


[Current Mission]

The operative is starting mission InstructureCon 2017 Tuesday morning by sharing top secret intel during the Canvas Intel Exchange; a free Community meet-up. Wednesday will include a solo mission of No Need to Blame Canvas from 10:55-11:35 am in Red Cloud Peak and then a Jones special ops mission of Accomplishing the Impossible from 3:10-3:50 pm in Shavano Peak. The operative will finish off Mission InstructureCon with a Thursday team mission of Mission Possible: Best Practices for Increasing Student Retention and Success from 2:30-3:10 pm in Divide Room. **Updated 7/10/17 - Super top secret intel has revealed that the operative will be doing a surprise guest appearance during an additional session. Follow the operative on twitter for release of session information. Update 8/1/2017 - Guest appearance was in the Go Rogue With Us! - Scott Dennis  session.


For the Jones special ops mission the operative will be working with known conspirator, James Jones (aka Mr Canvancement), to present on Canvancements - Canvas Enhancements.

[Known Associates]

This mission is a canvasfamily affair and in addition to James will include Reagan (5 yrs), Kennedy (10 months), and Grandma (age has been restricted and listed as confidential). This is the 4th InstructureCon for everyone except canvasbaby, who was featured in Missing out on InstructureCon 2016.


canvaskid (aka James Jr.)
canvasbaby (aka Daredevil)
canvasgrandma (aka The Babysitter)


If you see this person over the next few days, agents are advised to:

  • Ask for a Canvancement button
  • Ask about the Canvas Community - Go Rogue with Us 
  • Ask about Dropout Detective
Kona Jones

Canvas Intel Exchange

Posted by Kona Jones Champion Jun 14, 2017

Canvas Intel Exchange

Want to network and collaborate with fellow Community members? Join this classified intel exchange on Tuesday, 8:30am - 12:00pm. This is a free Community-driven meet-up to learn from fellow Canvas agents and strategically trade secret information about all things Canvas.  The participants will help pick the topics discussed and then we'll break up into groups to discuss and share intel. Be prepared to share what you know and learn from your peers! canvasintel17


Mission Details



Matthew Jennings

The Matt-Man

Posted by Matthew Jennings Jun 13, 2017


Here's what you need to know about this operative:

NAME: Matthew Jennings

TITLE: Sr. Instructional Design Specialist


twitter icon  @mjennings_uab







Agent Matt-Man was last seen at It's Time to Pardee, Partay, Party!, but has not attended an InstCon since 2015 in Park City. During this mission he was able to secure and distribute the rare Canvasberries to a select agents during Canvas and the Mega Course Factory. Prior to that he teamed up with fellow agent James R Henson during Instcon 2014 to train young and old agents alike, to be Agents of S.T.Y.L.E.



The Matt-Man is a highly loyal agent that is passionate about the Canvas platform & the community surrounding it. Having the honor of being selected for Khaki 2017, he is commit to always engaging community members to experience the best Canvas has to offer. When not on assignment, you can find him involved with in various activities such as coaching his kids soccer teams (not in an official capacity, but mostly from the sidelines), serving at his church or watching anything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



On this mission you may see discover that The Matt-Man is travel with three additional companions. He will be accompanied by his wife, Lisa and their two boys, Joshua (11) and Caleb (7).


The Matt-Man has also been know to travel with a small Wolverine figure known as Traveling Wolverine.



If you see this person over the next few days, agents are advised to avoid...

Rubbing his head for luck

Stroking his luscious beard

Telling him he has a southern accent (you may think so, but comparatively he doesn't... trust me.)