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InstCarn Recap: Day 3 - Session 3

Blog Post created by Matthew Jennings on Jul 31, 2018


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Session Notes

After the PM Keynote a fellow Carnival Quest-er (apologies for not getting your name) & I got to collaborating and went on the hunt for some elusive QR codes, which left little time to make it back over to the session I planned to attend. However, I did get to my next session early where I got to spend some time talk with the canvasstrong Beth Crook. So while I get a F for session attendance I feel like I earned an A in community building and constructiveness.






*All of the content here is from my live session notes or straight from my memory. This means that I may miss something or be mistaken in my content. Please feel free to add to, put in context, or correct any mistakes by using the comments below.