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16. The Wednesday Keynotes

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Aug 14, 2018

You can see the embedded video here: Jared Stein (Adora Svitak's keynote is not available, unfortunately).


After reporting on the five sessions I went to on Wednesday, I wanted to also say something about the Wednesday keynotes. I missed the morning one by Adora Svitak (because of the evil wifi gremlins! argh!), but Karen Bowden did a beautiful Wakelet of the tweets from that session based on all the good tweeting: Educators as Nation-Builders


I'm sorry that I missed the talk because I've been a fan of Adora Svitak for a long time, and you can learn lots at her website: The inspiring words from her keynote provided a welcome counterpoint to the more corporate keynote from Tuesday night.


Here's a tweet from Daphnee St. Val; click that link for the video in the tweet:


screenshot of Daphnee St. Val tweet


And here's Heather Hurley's screenshot of a link of young people to follow for more inspiration; this is a post at Adora's blog:

Young people doing cool things who you should follow 


screenshot of Heather's tweet

The themes from Adora's talk resonated with many of the things that Jared Stein talked about in his keynote; what was the most powerful to me was the video about Canvas and the Larch Corrections Center:



If you have a few minutes, WATCH THIS VIDEO. It was even more powerful knowing that there were graduates (I think two?) from the program right there in the audience with us. I also found this article about the educational program from Clark College at Larch; this is from back in 2016. I am so impressed by all of this: 

Inmates at Larch Corrections better themselves through educational programs | News | 



Matthew Jennings did a sketchnote of Jared's keynote: so cool!

InstCarn Recap: Day 2 - PM Keynote 


And these two keynotes both resonated with more to come from Michael Bonner. I'll write about that in a future post, but for now, let me spread the word about Kristin Lundstrum's great work organizing a book club so that we can read Michael Bonner's book together this fall:

M. Bonner - Book Study/PD