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InstructureCon 2018

1 Post authored by: Erin Hallmark Administrator

Many of you at InstructureCarn 2018 (and via chat in our live streams) noted how much you liked the Canvas release notes video that Josh Coates shows in his opening keynote. The keynote itself won't be posted for a while (watch for an announcement in the Community when it's available), but for now, you can re-live the past 1800 pages of release notes from June 2011 to July 2018 in lightning speed! Originally sung by Survivor, this video's Eye of the Tiger accompaniment may or may not be picked up later by the chipmunks...


In case you're interested in the actual document, here's the Canvas Release Notes archive PDF: canvas release notes 2011-2018.pdf. Not only has the number of features we've launched varied through the years, but the layout of the notes have continued to evolve, too. Just in case you think that kind of stuff is interesting.



Release Notes Video (Josh Coates' Keynote)