• Oh, RATS!

    Come one, come all. Step right up and see how the we have begun to implemented iRATs and tRATS into a fully  course.   Working to apply Team Based Learning principles to an  course have proven to be a ...
    Matthew Jennings
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  • Digital #Power-ups: Scaffolds and Hashtags for Student Engagement in Online Discussions

    Join us for a stimulating marvel of fantastic fun as Travis N Thurston, PhD and Erin Wadsworth-Anderson defy gravity with their digital power-ups!   Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2018 Time: 4:20 - 5:00 pm (we ...
  • Learning Analytics for an Ecosystem of Learning Applications

    In the category of better late than never, here are the slides from my presentation at InstCon this year!  It was so exciting to be able to present this year as a partner and it was great to connect so ...
    Linda Feng
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  • Accessible for Everyone? Blog Post

    This is a collections of resources and place for discussion for the 2018 Instructurcon presentation titled, "Accessibility for Everyone?". Session Description Accessibility is hard when you focus on legal requirements...
    Christopher Phillips
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  • Lessons Learned from a Year with Blueprint Courses

    While you wait for all the #InstCon 2018 recordings to be available, I can share this information about my session on Blueprint courses. (See the attachment below for the slide deck.)   Presentation Abstract: Blu...
    Linda J. Lee
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  • Get Ready to Binge-Watch InstructureCarn!

    The holidays are just around the corner and what better way to spend the downtime then binge-watching InstructureCon 2018 session recordings! (We doubt there's this level of professional developmen...
    created by awilliams
  • The Impact of Creative and Varied Assessment Methods Using Canvas

    Hey Carn'ies! Thought I would take the time to publish my slides from my presentation of the same name delivered at InstructureCarn 2018 on Thursday morning. Watch out for the recording to get the full @iLearningUK ex...
    Joel Mills
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  • Why We Community: Bridging The Distance and Empowering Every User

    This year at Instructurecon, the Community team gave an update on the Canvas Community. We wanted to tell people how much the community has grown and the main reasons people come to the community in the first place. W...
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  • #StepsForBeth, A Community Destination

      There are the destinations we plan for, and then there are those we happen upon by accident. On June 27, 2018, a special cohort of the Canvas Community started a [virtual] journey to a destination they knew wa...
    Renee Carney
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  • Escape the Room: Canvas Carnival

    This will be a true escape the room experience housed within a Canvas course.  What happens if you don't escape in time?  No big deal!  You will have access to the course after the session and can escap...
    Ryan Corris
    created by Ryan Corris
  • Canvas Training with No Computer (well....sort of!)

    I cannot believe it’s been nearly a week since our InstructureCon session and a week since we were out at Keystone. It was an amazing experience!   I’ve created a little video recap of our time out ...
    Paul Towers
    created by Paul Towers
  • Embedding Content in Canvas, or: How I Learned to Stop Being Bland and Make My Content Amazing

    I'm excited to be presenting at InstructureCon 2018. It's one of my very favorite conferences, and this year I get to present a very fun topic: how to embed content into Canvas like a rockstar (or ringmaster). We will...
    Sean Nufer
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  • 5. The Canvas Past

    You can see the embedded video here: Josh Coates   The first keynote came on Tuesday evening, before all the sessions got started on Wednesday; it was Josh Coates talking about the history of Instructure, with a...
    Laura Gibbs
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  • 22. Ted, UX Wizard

    We don't have a video for this one, but Ted has shared his slides! As I mentioned in my previous post on the UnConference, while Kona and her helpers were arranging all the post-it notes into sessions, we got a crash...
    Laura Gibbs
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  • Why should YOU attend the InstructureCon 2018 Unconference?

    Yes, the presentations at InstructureCon are amazing, but what if instead of just one person sharing and talking about a topic, there was an opportunity for a number of people to share and collaborate on that topic? ...
    Kona Jones
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  • 21. The UnConference: Outstanding!

    So I got out of synch here when I saw the video had been made available, but they are still putting the finishing touches on that (just speaking for myself, I hope they will disable the popup that asks for personal in...
    Laura Gibbs
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  • 26. Clowns and Cannonballs

    I've kind-of sort-of been writing the blog posts in order of events, and since I am getting to the end of my 30-blog-post plan, I want to write about the ending event of InstructureCon/InstructureCarn: the carnival it...
    Laura Gibbs
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  • 30. Thirty Blog Posts!

    Okay, this is a meta-post: it is post number 30 in my series of 30 InstructureCon blog posts. Whoo-hoo! I've been tagged them as #InstCon30, but they are out of order there now that I updated all my posts that made re...
    Laura Gibbs
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  • 28. Some InstructureCon Feedback

    Here's another wrapping-up post to end this series (just two more to go after this one), and what I wanted to write about here is some suggestions that I would have to share back with the great people who are on the t...
    Laura Gibbs
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  • 29. My Video Gallery

    I was really happy to learn that I can embed the InstructureCon videos in Canvas Pages (details about that), and so what I did was to create a Canvas Page at my InstCon site for each video I had mentioned in a blog po...
    Laura Gibbs
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