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Gannon Nordberg
Click to view content  Presentation Title PRE-CON: API 101: Introduction to APIs InstructureCon Session Info   Summary The Canvas API is crazy powerful and can be used to perform a bunch of actions and automate otherwise mundane processes.   Details I consider myself pretty tech savvy but I've never dabbled into APIs so I was very interested to learn more about the… (Show more)
in InstructureCon 2019
Beth Crook
Click to view content  Reality has set in I’m leaving for California in just a couple of days!! I am excited beyond words to see everyone and to learn all there is new about Canvas and to absorb some of that California sunshine without having my face melt off from the east coast humidity.  Those of you who just left ISTE know exactly what I’m talking about!   However,… (Show more)
in InstructureCon 2019
Karen Bruno
Click to view content  Loved Dan Heath's Keynote, we are here from The Fuqua School of Business where he is a part of our CASE group, is it possible to meet with him or get his email to get more info from him on his keynote? Thanks MUCH! @DanHeath #DanHeath            InstructureCon 2019 Help Others by Answering Questions
in InstructureCon 2019
Click to view content  Presentation Title Riding the Regrade Wave: How Quizzes.Next Solved a Gnarly Grading Issue for a Large-Enrollment Business Course Rebecca Moulder - The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pa)   Abstract / Session Overview Regrading numerical quiz questions for a 500-student course at The Wharton School of the… (Show more)
in InstructureCon 2019
Renee Carney
Click to view contentTrouble remembering all of the great product announcements throughout InstructureCon? We've got ya covered! Here's the annual summary of announcements and resources.   … (Show more)
in InstructureCon 2019
Kristin Lundstrum
     Recently I attended Instructurecon 2019. Over the years I have used many different LMS...from Moodle and Fusion pages to D2L and Blackboard. What has made Canvas stand out is that it is exactly as its name would suggest; a blank slate for me to showcase my creativity. It should be no surprise then that the company is structured the same… (Show more)
Melissa Loble (Instructure)
Click to view content  It was energizing to stand before the always-awesome #InstCon crowd this morning and talk about the multiplier effect of moments, and the communities that surround us and make them possible, especially this Canvas Community. But, I don’t want you to have to wait for the published recording to access your “Awesome to the power of C"… (Show more)
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