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I am really excited about presenting this topic.  Last year we had a blast as I presented tips, tricks, and how-to for embedding content.  The previous year we discussed social media in education.  But this year will be the best topic possible: exploring 360 multimedia content in Canvas.  If you would like a sneak peak what exactly I will cover then feel free to browse my Canvas course (I will be clicking through this course instead of PowerPoint slides):


Here is what I would like to discuss with all of you:



  • What devices are on the market
  • Which features to look for based on how you will use the content
  • Price points and value



  • Options for presenting/integrating content in Canvas
  • Post production challenges 



  • Ideas for 360 content to improve teaching and learning
  • Examples of projects, assignments, and activities


!! Swag Alert !!

Last year we played a game using Kahoot!  Throughout the session I presented the audience with both relevant and "interesting" questions, and the top people on the leaderboard received various "InstructureCarn" swag, from jester hats, beanie caps, foam bowties and hot dog hats, to various forms of sugar.  This year I plan to up the game and am partnering with companies to provide some awesome swag*.  I will update this page as I get more partners, but my current list includes:


  • HumanEyes VR Mini-glasses to the first 200 attendees
  • 5 licenses to ThingLink
  • All kinds of treats



Presentation Title

Getting Started with 360 Videos and Images in Canvas


Abstract / Session Overview

Discover how to create totally tubular 360 degree videos and images that you can use in Canvas.  In this session we will explore the tools and platforms to allow you to select the right camera, produce interactive videos, and create applications in Canvas that are an effective, immersive, and radical learning experience. 



Thu Jul 11
10:00 - 10:40am ( 40 Min )





  • Handouts, resources, links to come!


*note, I am seeking sponsors for this conference presentation, but I will not be receiving compensation from these partners, nor will they influence the content that I will present



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