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Come check out how to use GIFs in your Canvas Courses at Instructurecon 2019!

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Using GIFs as Instructional/Training Tools in Canvas. #CanvasGIF #CanvasStudentGIF


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Long Beach Convention Center, 203 
The GIF game is booming right now. Short snippets of video to accomplish tasks goes hand in hand with how education is evolving. Think of it like a micro-learning opportunity. GIFs contain information in a short easy to absorb fashion that is engaging to learners of all ages.



I will be sharing all of the great uses of GIFs in Canvas and how I use them as instructional tools as well as feedback tools.


I am so excited! 

Excited Baby

After the session, I will be giving away a Camtasia license on Twitter as well!

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InstructureCon 2019

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