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Ira Strauss
Will there be a Chat & Charge Lounge and Training Room Bundle this year? That was a good deal last year in Long Beach, and was a nice use of Tuesday morning, with lots of interesting news and some review of other relatively new features. 
in InstructureCon 2020
Kevin Wagenmaker
Click to view content  At this time last year, there was a lot more chatter about the dates/locations for InstructureCon19. Now, I know that we knew that Keystone had reached its capacity and the contract was up....or at least that's what I was hearing.   Has anyone heard if Long Beach is happening again? Was there a multiyear contract signed? I've heard nothing.… (Show more)
in InstructureCon 2020
Mark Reynolds
Click to view content  Though I'm a long-time Bbworld/DevCon attendee/presenter, but this will be my first InstCon, and I've only been working with Canvas the last year. What to expect? Any info contrasting experiences between BbWorld and InstCon would be helpful/appreciated! I'll probably go "development heavy" on the presentations, etc. Looking forward to responses!… (Show more)
in InstructureCon 2020
Alan Kinsey
Click to view content  Hello everyone!   I can remember a few years ago when instcon was in Keystone how much I appreciated the blog posts of what to expect in the Rockies. Being prepared for altitude sickness and understanding the weather made the trip SO MUCH BETTER for me and our group. This community really is invaluable at times! So, in that spirit, I thought… (Show more)
in InstructureCon 2020
Beth Crook
Click to view content  Is it too soon to request an InstructureCon 2020 chat?    (Oh em gee...I got to create the tag!)                InstructureCon 2020 Help Others by Answering Questions!
in InstructureCon 2020
Robin Bagent
Click to view content  When will InstructureCon 2020 speaker proposal submissions begin? :-)            InstructureCon 2020 Help Others by Answering Questions!
in InstructureCon 2020
Stefanie Sanders
Greetings, Canvas world!   As I am sitting thinking about my proposal for InstructureCon2020, I thought, wouldn't it be a great idea if CanvasAdvocates had space where they can present to other users from a direct end-user perspective! These presentations can stretch from beginner to advanced or even open Q and A panel with a panel of "Canvas… (Show more)
Kristin Lundstrum
Click to view content  This template was designed to help unify the InstructureCon 2020 space. Start your discussion changing the title above and by replacing this placeholder text with your own ideas. Before publishing, add additional tags so your discussion is easier to find by a keyword search. Please leave the colorful image at the top, the guitar at the bottom,…
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