New Canvas Analytics

New Canvas Analytics will give Teachers, Students and Administrators the right info at the right time to make teaching and learning easier. We are improving Canvas analytics to make them interactive, responsive and actionable. Our primary focus is on:

  • Modernizing data engine for faster performance
  • Developing of interactive dashboards to facilitate data exploration
  • Providing actionable information and insights

  • Assignments 2.0

    Assignments 2.0 is pursuing the opportunity to improve student/teacher interactions, and revitalize the core, by tackling the most frequently used Canvas object: Assignments. It will:

  • Improve the user experience (UX)
  • Create a more awesome student-teacher feedback loop
  • Simplify the creation and submission proccess
  • Catalog Enhancements

    Catalog Enhancements is a collection of projects that seek to enrich the capabilities and correct a few pain points for admins. This enhancement collection will focus on:

  • Listings Report
  • Shopping Cart
  • Duplicate Listings
  • Commons Search & Preview

    Commons Search & Preview provides more robust, simplified, and controlled access to Commons resources for Instructors and Admins. It focuses on improving:

  • Filtering Resources
  • Using/Implementing Resources
  • Gradebook Enhancements

    Gradebook Enhancements addresses the most foundational items (phase I) and then builds on those in phase II to elevate the user experience of Gradebook. Specifically focusing on:

  • Intuitive Organization
  • Automation & Flexibilty
  • Communication & Clarity

  • Granular Permissions

    Granular Permissions seeks to improve the experience of defining roles and permissions as an admin. Specifically focusing on:

  • Simplifying the UI
  • Breaking apart permissions

  • Live Events & Caliper Improvements

    We’re tuning up the Live Events infrastructure to improve the user experience, support the growing demand and support existing customers. Our primary focus is in three areas:

  • Infrastructure and User Interface
  • Caliper Basic: bug fixes
  • Caliper Extended: add more data and new events

  • Quizzes.Next: Beta Environment

    Quizzes.Next is not currently available in a beta environment. This solution will create a fully functioning Quizzes.Next beta environment.

    Quizzes.Next: Item Bank Sharing

    Currently, content stored in an item bank is only accessible to the user creating that bank. This project will:

    1. Implement Multi-tiered Sharing Options
    2. Allow Granting of Edit Permissions

    Quizzes.Next: Scientific Notation

    One of many specific priorities supporting the further development of Quizzes.Next. This priority focuses on the ability to use abbreviated notation for very large/small numbers through scientific notation in both numeric and forumula based interactions and responses.

    RCE (Rich Content Editor)

    The RCE remodel is going to simplify and improve the user experience. It will:

  • Improve the image and file experience
  • Auto-size the window with content
  • Simplify and mainstream the tool bar