Assignments is pursuing the opportunity to improve student/teacher interactions, and revitalize the core, by tackling the most frequently used Canvas object: Assignments. It will:

  • Improve the user experience (UX)
  • Create a more awesome student-teacher feedback loop
  • Simplify the creation and submission proccess
  • Catalog Enhancements

    Catalog Enhancements is a collection of projects that seek to enrich the capabilities and correct a few pain points for admins. This enhancement collection will focus on:

  • Listings Report
  • Shopping Cart
  • Duplicate Listings
  • Commons Search & Preview

    Commons Search & Preview provides more robust, simplified, and controlled access to Commons resources for Instructors and Admins. It focuses on improving:

  • Filtering Resources
  • Using/Implementing Resources
  • Granular Permissions

    Granular Permissions seeks to improve the experience of defining roles and permissions as an admin. Specifically focusing on:

  • Simplifying the UI
  • Breaking apart permissions

  • Live Events & Caliper Improvements

    We’re tuning up the Live Events infrastructure to improve the user experience, support the growing demand and support existing customers. Our primary focus is in three areas:

  • Infrastructure and User Interface
  • Caliper Basic: bug fixes
  • Caliper Extended: add more data and new events

  • RCE (Rich Content Editor)

    The RCE remodel is going to simplify and improve the user experience. It will:

  • Improve the image and file experience
  • Auto-size the window with content
  • Simplify and mainstream the tool bar