Analytics 2: Teacher & Student

Analytics 2 (Teacher & Student) explores giving Teachers and Students the right info at the right time, to make teaching and learning easier. Specifically focusing on:

  • Replacing data infrastructure with a modern, scalable, data engine
  • Rebuilding existing course and student-view dashboards
  • Adding one or two new dashboards and visualizations

  • Canvas Teacher App

    Canvas Teacher App answers the question, "How do I Canvas more efficiently?" This mobile app focuses on a teacher's frequent, lightweight interactions with Canvas that could be accomplished more efficiently in mobile than in web. Specifically focusing on:

  • Communication
  • Grading & Grade-related activities
  • Course Content

  • Gradebook Enhancements

    Gradebook Enhancements addresses the most foundational items (phase I) and then builds on those in phase II to elevate the user experience of Gradebook. Specifically focusing on:

  • Intuitive Organization
  • Automation & Flexibilty
  • Communication & Clarity

  • Quizzes.Next

    Quizzes.Next is a best-in-breed assessment engine that enables instructors to capture meaningful and actionable data to positively affect the instructional process. Designed with simplicity in mind, this tool empowers instructors and learners to move toward growth in learning. Specifically focusing on:

  • Authoring, delivery & reporting
  • Question management & item banking
  • Simplified design and responsive user experience