• Quizzes.Next should work with Lockdown Browser or Proctorio

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    227 votes
    Quizzes.Next needs to allow us to require Lockdown Browser or Proctorio to take the Quiz we make in that feature. I can't use this feature without either. 
    Jenny Wollschlager
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  • Does Blackboard Ally Conflict with UDOIT?

    We are considering installing UCF's UDOIT on our Canvas site.  Has anyone already done this with Blackboard Ally already installed on the site?  Does it create conflicts between the two systems?  We ask...
    Matt Ahola
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  • Turnitin link within canvas is not working

    Hello, I have tried uploading an assignment via a turnitin link through canvas but there is no submit assignment button. An "upload essay" option has also been grayed out. I have attached a picture of the problem. Thi...
    Andy Park
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  • View Previous Global Announcements

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    88 votes
    It would be nice if there was a link to previous global announcements.  Currently once an announcement is cleared from the dashboard you cannot view it again.  It is annoying to leave the...
    Shirley Kindschuh
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  • Front page heading/old work

    I use one of my pages as the front page, but even though I have a date and heading when I edit it, these two things don't show up when I view/student view it....How can I change that?   Also, I would like my stu...
    Paula Gebhard
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  • adding students

    How do I add students to my course?
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  • Quiz using multiple Answers Choice

    I was wondering when creating a classic quiz how do you use the  multiple answer choice when trying to add your answers and questions. here is what it tells you to do but I am still confused on what it is asking ...
    Lashone Harris
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  • CSV file

    Como crear un archivo CSV   Este mensaje ha sido traducido usando Google Translate.   How to create a CSV file
    Tulio Antezano Antezano
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  • "Recent feedback" links to Turnitin assignments go to Turnitin rather than Speedgrader.

    Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea
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    When marking in Turnitin, the scores are sent through to the gradebook. When these grades are posted, the students will receive notification on the homepage under the "Recent Feedback" area that feedback is available ...
    Graeme Redshaw-Boxwell
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  • Resetting a quiz

    How do I clear a quiz score for a student to retake the Canvas quiz?
    Donald Storr
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  • Can you add a status in gradebook for assignments?

    I want to be able to change an assignment status to pending (or something like that) meaning the student has asked a question, I have answered and I am waiting for their response. This way I know who I need to follow ...
    Angela Frisbie
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  • Diseño Visual de Páginas en sus Cursos de Canvas

    Consejos para el Diseño Visual de Páginas en sus Cursos de Canvas  ¿Alguna vez ha visto una página súper atractiva y bien pensada en Canvas y ha pensado, "OoooOoOo! Quiero ser cap...
    Paola Sanchez
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  • Word Count

    Is there a way to impose a word count limit on an assignment? If so, can it be done by individual question or only cumulative for the entire assignment? Thanks.
    Bill Fanning
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  • Add rich-content editor to Conversations

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    505 votes
    As a user, I would like to be able to use the rich-content editor to compose messages in the Conversations inbox. This would enable me to create Conversations that are on par, formatting- and content-wise, with Announ...
    last modified by seth
  • Allow teachers to subscribe to a group discussion

    Open for Voting
    224 votes
    Our faculty would like to be able to subscribe to the group discussions in their course so they can follow along, be alerted when a student posts something new, post feedback, and keep discussions on track.   (T...
    Laura Orsetti
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  • How do I resubmit an essay into turnitin, if there's no resubmissions allowed?

    Does my professor have to allow resubmissions or is there a way I could resubmit it? 
    Megan Freeman
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  • Email Formatting

    When I send an email through Canvas Inbox I don't see any options to change font characteristics like Bold, Italics, size, etc or other formatting settings.  I only have plain text.  Is there a setting in em...
    Dina Peterson
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  • Grade Pass Back error codes??

    What does 'missing"assignment_source_id" attribute mean in grade pass back? Is there a place to troubleshoot error codes when attempting to use grade pass back to Infinite Campus?
    Melanie Harwell
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  • Fjerne "ekstern lenke"-ikoner [Remove "external link" icons]

    Hvordan kan jeg fjerne alle disse ikonene som dukker opp på den ferdige siden men ikke når siden redigeres?   Denne meldingen er oversatt med Google Translate.   How can I remove all these ico...
    Per Persson
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  • Free Teacher Account Functionality

    Hi. I'm new to Canvas and I was wondering what functionality does the paid-for version of Canvas offer that the free teacher version doesn't offer?
    Clare Jones
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