• Tuesday Night Keynote

    To keep the tradition alive (once something happens once, it is a tradition, right?) I'm going to attempt to blog all my notes from our secret mission here in Colorado.    So below are my key take-aways fro...
    Amanda Warren Marshall
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  • Accomplish the Impossible

    This excellent session about Canvancements should have just been called "Things Canvas should just do itself already" but since it doesn't, I am very excited to get home and try these. Lots of these things are to...
    Amanda Warren Marshall
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  • Teacher App (iOS) and New Grade Post Policy

    Hey Mobile People! I'm not sure if everyone's been following the saga of the new Grade Posting Policy ( Post Policy Updates Feedback for your reading pleasure) or not, but I've also found an issue that I th...
    Amanda Warren Marshall
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  • On Data Differences Between Analytics and New Analytics

    In 2019 we introduced New Analytics to replace and improve upon the course- and user-analytics offering in Canvas. We did so because we saw an opportunity to make an update to a valuable product to provide expanded an...
    Dan Lecocq
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  • Lista de Verificação para Avaliação do Curso v2.0

    A Lista de Verificação para Avaliação do Desenho do Curso foi atualizada!  Há alguns meses fomos informados que o documento original Lista de Verificação para Aval...
    Guilherme Simoni
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  • Lista de Avaliação de Desenho do Curso

    ** ATUALIZAÇÃO MAIO 2020 ** A Lista de Verificação para a Avaliação do Desenho do Curso foi atualizada! Nossa versão 2.0 está disponível em Lista de Verifica&#...
    Guilherme Simoni
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  • Navigating the CARES Act: Insights from ISTE, CoSN, & SETDA

    “COVID-19 didn’t produce any new gaps, it just showed us the true impact of existing gaps.” -Ji Soo Song, Senior Policy and Advocacy Associate at ISTE   Tracy Weeks, Executive Director of State...
    Joseph Gee
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  • New! Meet Google Assignments LTI (Beta)

    Over the last several months, the Instructure product team has been working with Google to transition the existing Google Apps LTI to the new Google Assignments tool. This transition allows Google to maintain their ow...
    Karl Lloyd
    created by Karl Lloyd
  • Catalog Spam

    Some Catalog users have noticed a sharp increase in fake accounts being created over the last few weeks. We're adding 2 new features to Catalog to help mitigate the issue.    First, you'll notice in your be...
    Jon Fenton
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  • Module Requirements - Canvas is More than a "To Do" List

    I have spoken with several educators at conferences that have asked if there is any way to hide the To_Do list from students.  The idea stems from students jumping right into their To Do list without interac...
    Ryan Corris
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  • It's Time for a New Challenge!

    Hello my CanvasFam and StepsforBeth supporters!  Guess what time it is?   Some of you remember the initial Panda post just before InstructureCon 2018 Panda #stepsforbeth introducing our Chall...
    Beth Crook
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  • Stepping up the #stepsforbeth

    WONDERMENT; a state of awed admiration or respect.   This single word exemplifies how we  feel about the humanity of this Community!       So many of you have responded to the Panda #stepsfo...
    Renee Carney
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  • UDOIT 2.6.0 "Eatonville"

    This is a critical update for any institutions that run UDOIT on a separate domain from their instance of Canvas, such as the LTI server being "lti.myuniversity.edu" and Canvas being "myuniversity.instructure.com"....
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  • Get a List of Students and Missing Work

    In a Canvas course, you can quickly check the number of missing assignments for single students relatively quickly. You can also message groups of students missing specific assignments from the analytics page (or the ...
    Brian Bennett
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  • Exploremos el Libro de Calificaciones de Canvas

    La calificación, retroalimentación significativa y facilidad de comunicación con los estudiantes sobre el progreso del curso son esenciales para la enseñanza y el aprendizaje. Son precisament...
    Paola Sanchez
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  • Nuevo libro de calificaciones

    ATENCIÓN:  El Libro de calificaciones actual se reemplazará con el Libro de calificaciones nuevo a partir del 18 de enero de 2020. NOTA: Navegar este link para ver información actualizada d...
    Paola Sanchez
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  • Using Zoom to remote proctor an exam

    I've had a case come where an instructor wants to be able to remotely proctor exams for a calculus course.  Being Calculus, it doesn't lend itself so well being an online exam because they need to do things ...
  • Rule 32: Enjoy the Little Things—Encouraging Student Success

    “Enjoy the little things.” - Tallahassee Zombie Land     The world is a challenging place. Life can be hard. In the last couple months it’s gotten even more challenging as we all learn a n...
    Matt Meservey
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  • Virtual Office Hours (for the Community, by the Community)

    “I have a question about Canvas. Do you have a sec?” said any Canvas user at some point in his/her life.   Many of us know there are multiple ways to apply the tools and leverage the features in...
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  • Guia Rápido do Canvas para Alunos

    Olá Aluno Canvas!   Se você é novo no Canvas, este guia fornece informações essenciais pra você navegar e participar de suas disciplinas. São apresentadas ferram...
    Guilherme Simoni
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