• Canvas X: Nudge in Asia-Pacific

    Canvas X is where we seek your input on experiments from our secret pandaworks lab! It's all about starting small, measuring, and learning our way forward!   We have been testing Nudge in the US and we are now ex...
    Renee Carney
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  • Observation Report as an Assignment

    Learning through practice and simulation is an essential aspect of the development of expertise in the workplace. Competency Based Training is designed to allow the learner to demonstrate their ability to do something...
    Amelia Hayson
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  • Mobile Update - Fall 2018 edition!

    It’s about time we published an update from the Canvas mobile teams, don’t you think?   Here are some fall start highlights -- in descending order of how much they excited me:   Neighbor’s ...
    Peyton Craighill
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  • Using Multiple Keyboard Languages on Mac LockDown Browser

    Problem: On Mac, when using Respondus LockDown Browser, students can't use the default key commands (Control-SPACE or Command-SPACE) to switch keyboard language input. They might need this when taking a test for a lan...
    Support Admin
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  • Khaki 2018 Update

    At Khaki 2017, we committed to devoting 100 sprints of engineering capacity to the priorities selected by the group. We’re on track to accomplish that and have already delivered some of the projects. However, no...
    Mitch Benson
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  • Bridge and Canvas Together

    Bridge Learn is Instructure's corporate LMS offering. It has it's own Bridge Community with all of the goodies you'd expect (i.e. awesome guides, product ideation, Bridge coaches, videos from Big Top Br...
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  • YouTube Changed Embed Options

    This is somewhat of a note to myself.  Up until recently, YouTube would allow sharing videos without related videos using an option on the Share:Embed popup.  I was updating some pages last night and noticed...
    Debra Mansperger
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  • #TotalCoLearner: Week 9. Spreadsheet Power!

    So here is my #TotalCoLearner post for Week 9, and it will be a short one because I am at my dad's this weekend, stealing time here and there to get my homework done! Luckily, he watched a lot of football yesterday, w...
    Laura Gibbs
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  • I am New to this group

    I would like to start to get to know some people, in this group!
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  • Updated Content Security Policy in Canvas

    We previously posted to the community a proposal for a new security policy in Canvas. In that post, we discussed the open nature of Canvas and our desire to make Canvas as flexible as possible while still implementing...
    Jon Fenton
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  • UDOIT Version 2.3.5

    This is a very tiny update that fixes an issue with false positives and Vimeo videos.  Previously, UDOIT was only detecting Vimeo videos embedded in an iframe because the URL was of the form "https://vimeo.com/pl...
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  • Canvas Customer Day- Brasil- 26/09/18

    No dia 26 de Setembro de 2018 tivemos o Canvas Customer Day- Brasil em São Paulo no escritório da Instructure.     A programação contou com uma série de apresenta...
    Jorge Leite
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  • Learner Device Preferences

    Oregon State surveyed over 2,000 of their ecampus students about their device preferences and were surprised with some of the results (according to a Webinar I attended that was hosted by the researchers Mary Ell...
    Denise Dejonghe
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  • CanvasCon Sydney 2018

    Earlier this year (September 2018), we hosted a CanvasCon in Sydney. While we weren't able to do any live-streaming during the event, we were successful in recording the sessions from the conference. &#...
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  • Images Not Showing Up in Canvas? Here’s What You Can Do

    In response to the Disappearing Graphics and related posts here, as well as related questions from my own faculty, here are some tips for what you might try doing if you run into a situation in which some or...
    Doug Holton
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  • Be The Hero - New Training Course for Canvas Admins!

    Knowing where to begin as a brand new Canvas Admin can be a huge task. You probably need to move quickly, and learn a lot all at once. We've created a new free resource - Be The Hero -  for you to help you get ac...
    Erin Keefe
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  • Lightbox Effect

    As noted in the comment below by Christopher Gaudreau, this will not work on iOS devices. In the web design world, you might come across a site that has photos/images where if you click on the image, a larger versi...
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  • Why We Community: Bridging The Distance and Empowering Every User

    This year at Instructurecon, the Community team gave an update on the Canvas Community. We wanted to tell people how much the community has grown and the main reasons people come to the community in the first place. W...
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  • Horse Before the Cart. Purpose first, Canvas second.

      Our Department of Education have had the foresight to acknowledge the support schools require when aiming to leverage learning through the use of digital technologies. In my new role as a Blended Learning Lead...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • The New Wave

    Back in July the Community Team presented “Why We Community” at InstructureCarn ("Why We Community" video and Why we community blog post). The Canvas Community is truly the gift that keeps on giving: ...
    Stefanie Sanders
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