• Let's Talk about Grading (6): Un-Grading and Co-Learning

    Well, the first week of classes is over: it was hectic-busy like always, but a happy success. If you want to see what my students are up to, you can check out the blog stream in my classes: Myth.MythFolklore.Net: Myth...
    Laura Gibbs
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  • 15 Features I wish were in Quizzes.next

    Quizzes remain a challenge to introduce in many learning environments that don't have a culture of regular closed answer testing (see below). Whilst they can often save time for the teacher and provide invaluable reca...
    Gideon Williams
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  • 2018 Reflections: Year 2 as an ID

      When I started as an Instructional Designer in 2017, I had really no idea what I was getting into. I had made a few career hops (technical support to human resources to high school teacher to junior high teach...
    Alan Kinsey
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  • The Value of Relevant Learning

    Our school's professional development focus for this year is on assessment. As we have been talking about what good assessment looks like I have been thinking about my own life and what assessment looked like as well....
    Julie Daniel Davis
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  • Removing Missing and Late Labels

    In GET THE RED INK OUT OF MY GRADEBOOK. The Sequel., Laura Gibbs  makes a passionate plea to remove the missing and late labels that come along with the new gradebook.  Kona Jones had me take a look at ...
    James Jones
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  • There’s No “Squirrel” in Team: My Year in Review

    I had kind of a lot going on in 2018. But if I were to focus on the “Work Life” sub-account of 2018, and then the sub-sub-account of “Work Life - Good Stuff”, one of the highlights was the fact...
    Tracey DeLillo
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  • Canvas Community Updates Update

    Over the past few years you may have received "Canvas Community Newsletter" emails from time to time, containing links to top trending community content such as feature ideas and blog posts.  These newsletter ema...
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  • Let's Talk about Grading (5): Grading and Mis/Trust

    I need to do some follow-up on the language of feedback after my previous post (Visible Learning / Invisible Grading), but some conversations here at the Community and also at Twitter have inspired me to take a short ...
    Laura Gibbs
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  • What I Would Like To See In Canvas Parent 3.0

    I've spent a lot of time talking with teachers in my school district about apps and services for communication with parents. Our school district is not a 1:1 district, so our Canvas rollout has been slow and the adopt...
    Matt Hanes
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  • Course Evaluation Checklist

    When Shauna Vorkink - Content Services Director first approached me about collaborating on a Course Evaluation Checklist with Erin Keefe - Training Team Lead and Deonne Johnson - Consultant, I was beyon...
    Lily Philips
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  • You really CAN play Twine games in Canvas: Step by Step

    This morning I wrote up a bunch of Tech Tips for my students about using Twine to create interactive, non-linear stories that they could publish in their blog posts or webpages... and then of course I got curious abou...
    Laura Gibbs
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  • Domains 2019: Hoping to present about Canvas Widgets

    So, I was thinking that this summer my life was going to be so chaotic that I wouldn't be able to do anything of my own... but lo and behold, the Domains 2019 Conference is happening down the street from me! Literally...
    Laura Gibbs
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  • Kona "Community" Jones

    [Operative Bio]Here's what you need to know about this operative: NAME: Kona Jones TITLE: Director of Online Learning; Adjunct Instructor of Statistics SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION: Richland Community College # TIMES A...
    Kona Jones
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  • 2018 and the Miracle Christmas

    What was your greatest accomplishment in 2018, or what was something you did that made you feel especially proud? I COPED. Okay, yeah, I know: everybody is always coping... but this past year presented me with harder...
    Laura Gibbs
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  • 2018: A Year of Great Change

    So, I'm the world's worst blogger and terrible about self-reflection--I never seem to accomplish either, no matter how many times I set aside to write with a plethora of good intentions about what the f...
    Amanda Warren Marshall
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  • Stories, Insights and Reflections from 2018 in Tasmania

    Now it’s time to take stock on the year that was in Tasmania – 2018. We accomplished so much as individuals, as a blended learning team and as a state wide department. Here are a few highlights from us: ...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Using the Hypothesis Collaborative Annotation Tool in Canvas

    It is now possible to connect Hypothesis, a free and open source collaborative annotation tool, with your Canvas course.  You could use this for activities in which your students collaboratively comment or a...
    Doug Holton
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  • InstUI: Instructure’s Style Guide 2.0

    Since its inception, Canvas has always been open and transparent about our business and our features. We believe in being open. We believe in allowing you to use Canvas the way you want to use Canvas. And branding is ...
    Arlo Guthrie
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  • Flickr Removing Images: We Got This

    ***Please note updated Flickr Removal Dates, due to Flickr Clarification***Thank you to Ian Linkletter for pointing out the clarification. Flickr is Removing Millions of ImagesOn November 1, 2018, Flickr announced a p...
    Christi Wruck
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  • Growing with Canvas - New Training Course

    Knowing where to begin when you are brand new to Canvas can be very daunting. Two years ago Mike Cowen saw the challenge and designed an amazing resource - Kung Fu Canvas - to help train Canvas users. Countl...
    Erin Keefe
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