• Use 'Act as User' in Canvas Mobile App

    I had a situation this morning when I needed to "act as" a student in a course via the Canvas Student app. I knew the "Act as User" functionality was there but I never had an opportunity to try it out.   I decid...
    Gannon Nordberg
    created by Gannon Nordberg
  • Lista de Avaliação de Desenho do Curso

    Desenvolver e organizar conteúdos de qualidade em um curso do Canvas, utilizando as melhores práticas pedagógicas, aplicando os padrões de acessibilidade e o design universal, pode ser um d...
    Guilherme Simoni
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  • InstructureCon 2019 • Session Recaps

    There is so much to experience at InstructureCon 2019! As you sail into your session schedule, consider taking notes and publishing them in a blog. You can help others learn about topics and sessions th...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • InstructureCon 2019 • Community Badges

    It's a long tradition for InstructureCon attendees to collect and trade themed pins. Here, in the Canvas Community, there will be an exclusive set of digital enamel pins available to reward you for part...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • Those @$&#! Discussion Boards!

          Presentation Title Sand Dollars and Starfish:  Making the Most Out of Canvas Discussion Boards   Abstract / Session Overview Canvas provides unique ways that encourage student engage...
    Denise Bodman
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  • Taking the Mystery out of Mastery Paths

      Presentation Title Taking the Mystery out of Mastery Paths   Abstract / Session Overview Want an all-access Safari pass to the ins and outs of Mastery Paths? Come learn about the traditional uses and e...
    Kona Jones
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  • How to Use the Canvas Guides

    I realize this is a bit 'meta' but I wanted to highlight the usefulness of the Canvas guides. Each of the guides has a table of contents that makes it really easy to find the topic you are looking for. Below is a...
    Gannon Nordberg
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  • Motivational Information Systems: What's it to you?

      Presentation Title So, What's My Motivation? Students Barrel Towards Success!   Abstract / Session Overview We often work to improve our content and pedagogy, but what about improving students' desire ...
    Jared Chapman
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  • Downloading Your Uploaded Media

    I wasn't really sure how to title this blog...so rather than trying to hash out a fancy title, let's just get to the meat of this posting...   I recently helped one of our full time faculty who had used the "Rec...
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  • Promoting Open Content

    There are many benefits to instructors and students when courses use Open Textbooks (and other Open Educational Resources). In addition to cost savings, instructors are finding that students read open online text...
    Denise Dejonghe
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  • The Learnin' Safari eduSurf Guide

      Dudes, dudettes and all those that are a bit retro while in the EdTech world...,   I would like to present the 2019 Unofficial InstructureCon EduSurf Schedule! I have been working hard to bring together...
    Matthew Jennings
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  • Virginia is for Canvas Lovers - Shirts

    Dave Dick and I made some Canvas shirts to help promote the Virginia Community College System's transition and rollout of Canvas this Spring among faculty and students. It's a clever play on words to the Vir...
    Gannon Nordberg
    created by Gannon Nordberg
  • Flickr Removing Images: We Got This

    ***Please note updated Flickr Removal Dates, due to Flickr Clarification***Thank you to Ian Linkletter for pointing out the clarification. Flickr is Removing Millions of ImagesOn November 1, 2018, Flickr announced a p...
    Christi Wruck
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  • Invigorating English – Encouraging Writing Within Canvas K-6

    I love creating environments for students to write creatively. Seeing students engage with words and proudly share their work makes me burst with the joy of teaching. Recently I was asked to share some ideas on h...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • "Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea"

    tl;dr: Newly-submitted ideas will start out in a new non-voting stage: Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea.   Next week, starting on Monday, June 17, we will change how newly-submitted ideas behave and disp...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Be The Hero Updates

    Thanks to Erin Keefe  and Sallie Michalsky as well as the rest of the Canvas Training team for developing wonderful, free resource such as the Be The Hero - New Training Course for Canvas Admins!  ...
    Janie Ruddy
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  • Batch File Integration: The Tale of Two Very Large Systems Banner(SIS) to Canvas(LMS) Integration

      Presentation Title Batch file integration: The tale of two very large systems, Banner to Canvas integration   Abstract / Session Overview During this session we will discuss in detail the requirements ...
    Dean Holik
    created by Dean Holik
  • Get Notified Right Away About a Course 'Content Link Error'

    This CanvasTip actually came from one of my faculty and I thought it was definitely worth sharing.   In a user's account Notification preferences, there's an option under Alerts called Content Lin...
    Gannon Nordberg
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  • Custom Sorting Terms in the Canvas UI

    In our Canvas instance, we've created a few dozen terms so far, mostly via integration with our SIS.  Each year we add several more, and the list is getting out of hand.  Further complicating matters is the ...
    Colin Murtaugh
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  • 360 Videos and Images  [updated swag alert!]

        I am really excited about presenting this topic.  Last year we had a blast as I presented tips, tricks, and how-to for embedding content.  The previous year we discussed social media in educat...
    Sean Nufer
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