• Preparing Your Canvas: Starting a new LMS

    I'm Nick, a designer at Northern Kentucky University, and we just announced our official switch to Canvas! Now that its official, I wanted to start documenting our transition from Blackboard Learn. I'll be live-bloggi...
    Nicholas Jones
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  • Preparing Your Canvas: Tying it all up

    This is the eleventh (and final!) post in my Preparing Your Canvas series, documenting NKU's transition from Blackboard to Canvas. If you want to start from the beginning, here's the rest in chronological or...
    Nicholas Jones
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  • Dad Jokes.Succeeding

    In the spirit of Grab the big shoes and pile into the car, I would like to continue your daily dose of laughter. We all know it is the best medicine and far to often we all take ourselves to serious. So this is the pl...
    Matthew Jennings
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  • Shakalakabra: Hang Ten on This Standards-Based Grading Wave

      Presentation Title Shakalakabra : Hang Ten on This Standards-Based Grading Wave ♀️   Abstract / Session Overview Yo dudes and dudettes, learning mastery can talk to the Canvas grade book with a couple ...
    Bradley Moser
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  • Blendin' at the Beach: Everyone's a Big Kahuna When the Learning is Personal

      Presentation Title Blendin' at the Beach: Everyone's a Big Kahuna When the Learning is Personal   Abstract / Session Overview With blended courses, learning how & when we like isn't a summer dream-...
    Jennifer Waldvogel
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  • "Alexa, ask Canvas..."

    Attendees, and Twitter (#InstCon), were buzzing with news of the new Canvas Alexa integration, following Jared Stein’s InstructureCon keynote Thursday afternoon. Jared stood on the center stage and directed Alex...
    Renee Carney
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  • Proctoring Partnership Survey

    The Instructure Partnerships Team is in the process of gathering data that could help guide future partner integration strategy for our proctoring service partners and we'd love to hear from you!   If you’r...
    Dave Nelson
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  • The Learnin' Safari eduSurf Guide

      Dudes, dudettes and all those that are a bit retro while in the EdTech world...,   I would like to present the 2019 Unofficial InstructureCon EduSurf Schedule! I have been working hard to bring together...
    Matthew Jennings
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  • Newbie Admin to Canvas

    So in trying to learn as much as I can about Canvas I stumbled across the Canvas Mobile Design 2019 Quest  As a district with 1:1 iPads I wanted to learn as much as I could about the Canvas Mobile Apps just ...
    Nathan Vassallo
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  • Creative Course Introductions

    Are you stuck trying to come up with new and creative ice breaker ideas to help students get to know each other in an online course? You can check out Re: Icebreaker sessions for students or Re: Does anyone have any e...
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  • Season Your Course with Holiday Themes

    Ever thought of making your Canvas courses more festive for the holidays? Sarah Pratt, a Customer Success Manager for Instructure and former K-12 teacher of 8+ years, shares several holiday modules which include ̵...
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  • Using Calculated Values in the Text of Formula Questions

    The examples give a technical explanation and some knowledge of the browser's developer tools, HTML, and JavaScript are beneficial for understanding. There's a not-too-technical way explained before the examples that ...
    James Jones
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  • Images Not Showing Up in Canvas? Here’s What You Can Do

    In response to the Disappearing Graphics and related posts here, as well as related questions from my own faculty, here are some tips for what you might try doing if you run into a situation in which some or...
    Doug Holton
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  • Ventura College Hosts 4th Annual VCCCD Distance Education Summit

    On March 15, Ventura College hosted the 4th Annual district-wide Distance Education Summit. The theme was, “Reaching Every Student: Accessibility and Equity in Online Learning”. The day included sessions, ...
    Matthew Moore
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  • Virginia's Community Colleges Canvas Adoption and Engagement

    Canvas Adoption and Engagement When implementing any new initiative, it's important to spend time planning for how to successfully move your users through change. At Instructure, we built our Canvas Success...
    Adam Kuntz
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  • Be InstructureCon Famous by Becoming a Presenter!

    Why settle for being an attendee at the greatest conference in EdTech when you can be famous as a presenter!? These five easy steps could be the path towards fame and fortune (err... okay, maybe not fortune, but at th...
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  • Why You Should Consider PreCon This Year

    This will be my fifth InstructureCon this year. I went once as a customer; the rest as an employee. No matter what role I was in, or where the conference was held, I always felt the same about InstructureCon - I ...
    Erin Keefe
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  • Canvas Student Orientation Resources

    The beginning of the school year marks many students’ first time using Canvas. Sometimes including a Canvas F.A.Q. page or Canvas orientation module in your courses can prove helpful to on-boarding students (and...
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  • Canvas Network and Commons Are BFFs

    If you’ve taken a course on the Canvas Network, then you know about their stellar catalog of innovative topics. And now some of these amazing resources are being shared into Commons public!   “The Can...
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  • Black History Month Resources

    February is dedicated to a month-long learning about the African American icons, leaders, activists, and inventors who have made significant impacts on American history. And what better way to integrate these topics i...
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