• BoG 2/29/2016: Faculty Encouragement, Development and Training

    A topic that often comes up in the community is faculty development and training. Whether it's about ways to get instructors to attend faculty development offerings or just networking with your fellow training peeps i...
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  • Beginning- and End-of-Course Checklists for Instructors

    Have you ever wished there was a resource you could reference when setting up a Canvas course? Well, good news...now there is one! The Training Services department shared all of their collective experiences ...
    Erin Wasson
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  • Requirements, Prereqs, and the Student App (iOS)

    I had a question to confirm that the mobile app respects the module prereq and requirement settings for students, and I made a demo video:     I did the recording using the Student app on an iPhone, and I...
    Gregory Beyrer
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  • Using the Hypothesis Collaborative Annotation Tool in Canvas

    It is now possible to connect Hypothesis, a free and open source collaborative annotation tool, with your Canvas course.  You could use this for activities in which your students collaboratively comment or a...
    Doug Holton
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  • Course Design Rubrics & Checklists

    I'm starting to lose track of all the different rubrics and checklists related to course design that I've come across, and some new ones have come out very recently, so I'd thought I'd list them here.  If you kno...
    Doug Holton
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  • Questions to Guide How to Add Arc Media to Your Canvas Course

    To provide our teachers with some recommendations on how set up activities and assignments that use Arc I created this interactive flowchart/slideshow. I thought other Canvas users might find it helpful. You can gener...
    Janetta Garton
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  • InstUI: Instructure’s Style Guide 2.0

    Since its inception, Canvas has always been open and transparent about our business and our features. We believe in being open. We believe in allowing you to use Canvas the way you want to use Canvas. And branding is ...
    Arlo Guthrie
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  • Clarity for Canvas Observers

    Observers have an incredibly unique perspective of a Canvas course. Imagine the feeling you would have as you stand on an observation deck. You're above the action, essentially on the outside, watching everything...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • Override / Adjust the Final Grade

    Background Recently a department asked me for a solution to their grading scheme.  In this case the department has multiple criteria for passing a course.  The first criteria is that you must have a passing ...
    Garth Egbert
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  • Now Hiring! Instructional Art Manager

    UNLV's Office of Online Education is looking for an Instructional Art Manager! Please share or apply using the link below if interested.    https://www.higheredjobs.com/institution/details.cfm?JobCode=...
    Hannah Tran
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  • Custom Browser Search Engines for Canvas

    This guide will help you setup searching shortcuts in Chrome and Firefox for finding Canvas users and courses or going directly to them using the canvas ID. Both browsers allow you to use a keyword entered into the ad...
    Tyler Clair
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  • Mastery Paths with Badgr

    If you have not explored Mastery Paths yet, I highly suggest doing so.  In short, Mastery Paths is a way to differentiate and individualize learning.  Students take an initial assessment.  The assessmen...
    Ryan Corris
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  • Stories, Insights and Reflections from 2018 in Tasmania

    Now it’s time to take stock on the year that was in Tasmania – 2018. We accomplished so much as individuals, as a blended learning team and as a state wide department. Here are a few highlights from us: ...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • New to an LMS? Take the time to revamp for high agency learning

    Recently Eric Sheninger posted the following graphic as part of a blog post about taking a critical lens to instructional design: I've been thinking about the above concepts on a regular basis as our teachers a...
    Julie Daniel Davis
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  • H5P - Free Interactive Content Creation with HTML5

    As an ex-Moodle user I still keep in touch with developments on the 'other' platform. I recently stumbled across a post in my Twitter stream that looked intriguing: I am always very interested in interactive content....
    Gideon Williams
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  • Flickr Removing Images: We Got This

    ***Please note updated Flickr Removal Dates, due to Flickr Clarification***Thank you to Ian Linkletter for pointing out the clarification. Flickr is Removing Millions of ImagesOn November 1, 2018, Flickr announced a p...
    Christi Wruck
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  • Be The Hero - New Training Course for Canvas Admins!

    Knowing where to begin as a brand new Canvas Admin can be a huge task. You probably need to move quickly, and learn a lot all at once. We've created a new free resource - Be The Hero -  for you to help you get ac...
    Erin Keefe
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  • A-F and P/F grading schemes

    Two commonly used grading schemes in Sweden are A-F (i.e., A, B, C, D, E, and F) and P/F (i.e., Pass and Fail) together with Fx (an incomplete - this is not a final grade). To install these grading schemes into a Canv...
    Gerald Q. Maguire
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  • ePortfolio Pilot with BulbApp

    Part One: Making Contact   I have had a keen interest in ePortfolios since the days of using Mahara with students when I taught in a 11-16yr school with MoodleVLE and 1-1 laptops. There were so many thi...
    Gideon Williams
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  • Discussions and ePortfolio

    Our system has not opened the Parent app yet, so I have been looking for a way to show student work to parents, while staying in the Canvas environment. I have been investigating the idea of using a discussion - set ...
    Isobel Williams
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