• Shakalakabra: Hang Ten on This Standards-Based Grading Wave

      Presentation Title Shakalakabra : Hang Ten on This Standards-Based Grading Wave ♀️   Abstract / Session Overview Yo dudes and dudettes, learning mastery can talk to the Canvas grade book with a couple ...
    Bradley Moser
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  • What are the odds of this??

    Because Jayde Colquhoun and I traveled to the United States from Australia for InstructureCon 2019 we decided to make the most of the long trip and do some touristy fun stuff while we where there. Including things lik...
    Sam Malcolm
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  • CanvasCon 2019 - Announcement for Attendees

    Originally posted on the CanvasCon 2019 Community Event Page:   Hi, CanvasCon-Goers!   Tuesday is the big day: CanvasCon Day! Here are a few tips before you go:  Registration begins at 8.00am in th...
    Adam Ware
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  • Growing with Canvas Updates

    Thanks to Erin Keefe  andSallie Michalsky as well as the rest of theCanvas Training team for developing wonderful, free resource such as the Be The Hero - New Training Course for Canvas Admins...
    Janie Ruddy
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  • Prepare su Curso con la Lista de Verificación de Inicio y Fin de Curso

    Lista de Verificación de Inicio y Fin de Curso  ¿Alguna vez ha deseado que haya un recurso al que pueda hacer referencia al comenzar un curso de Canvas?  Buenas noticias ... ¡Ahora hay uno...
    Paola Sanchez
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  • Héroe de Canvas- Guía de Inicio Rápido para el Administrador de Canvas

    ¿Es usted un administrador de la plataforma de Canvas? ¿Le gustaría aprender más acerca de las funciones y herramientas administrativas dentro de la plataforma? ¡Bienvenido al curso ...
    Paola Sanchez
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  • Canvas Network: Your Go-To Spot for Professional Development

    Canvas Network is Committed to Helping Educators Canvas Network is aligning our focus with yours. That’s right, we want you to excel, thrive, and feel supported as an educator, so we are focusing our conten...
    Marah Metallo
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  • Differentiating Assignments (k-12) in Canvas: Helping All Learners Be Successful

    Differentiated instruction allows teachers to tailor study to a student's needs and/or interests. Nothing is more frustrating than having to watch a student who has easily mastered the material not be challenged as he...
    Amber Hainline
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  • Think and then Think Some More

    What was your biggest takeaway? Think and reflect.   I feel that the "reflect" takeaway is an ongoing theme with my blogs in the Canvas Community. However, it's one of those practices that is incredibly valu...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • Mobile Update - Summer 2019!

    Hope summer is going well for you! After the second-rainiest spring on record, the atmosphere over Utah burned away and now we're all walking around in climate-controlled space suits and eating sand.   ...
    Peyton Craighill
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  • Ed-tech goodness: How CanvasCons help you grow your community & brand

    Interested in sharing your knowledge with peers? Check! Interested in growing your brand as a thought leader in education? Check, check! Interested in learning ways to elevate learning for your students without...
    Shaswati Cates
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  • Your Checklist for Canvas Success

    THE CANVAS SUCCESS MODEL We’ve seen our customers do incredible things to plan for change and adopt Canvas. From tying Canvas to their vision for teaching and learning, to coming up with unique ways to incentiv...
    Adam Kuntz
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  • 360 Videos and Images  [presentation course: http://bit.ly/instcon19]

        I am really excited about presenting this topic.  Last year we had a blast as I presented tips, tricks, and how-to for embedding content.  The previous year we discussed social media in educat...
    Sean Nufer
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  • Always Growing - With Canvas

    When I first started using Canvas I approached the Canvas Community as a source of wisdom and much needed nourishment. Little did I know the treasure I’d discover, the friends I’d make and the things IR...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Canvas HTML Editor (Tips and Code)

    Before I start with my blog, I want to give credit to Huston Hall from Eastern Washington University. His online post inspired me to do this.    I wanted to create this blog because I di...
    John Nassif
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  • Observer Role vs Canvas Parent

    The Observer / Canvas Parent role can be complex. Here's a quick overview:         *This resource will be updated this fall. Stay tuned! (Mobile Update - Summer 2019!)
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • A Mid Winter Canvas Stock Take - TTWWADI

    It’s mid-winter here in Tasmania. Time to hunker down by the fire or brave the elements when well wrapped up. However, a brisk walk in the snow up our mountain and Dark Mofo were well worth rugging up for this p...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Get Moving! On the Road to Adoption (Presentation)

    We (Chontel Delaney Andy Starr) recently presented at InstuctureCon 2019 in Long Beach, CA. We received many requests for a copy of our Get Moving! presentation, and we have made it available via Google Slides!&#...
    Karen Pinto
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  • Canvas (Profile) Questionnaire

    When we implemented Canvas, we chose to focus on our faculty, their needs, and their experience instead of on the technology. As one method of truly getting to know our future Canvas users, we created a Canvas Profile...
    Karen Pinto
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  • “Moving” Box Care Package

    Analogies are a natural and creative way to see new possibilities in challenging circumstances. In our Canvas implementation, we thought that the experience of moving from one LMS to another was analogous to moving fr...
    Karen Pinto
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