• Unsplash: Better Images for the New Canvas Rich Content Editor

    Last July you may remember we announced our new partnership with Unsplash. Now that the new Rich Content Editor is available in the production environment, you’ll enjoy improved content creation tools, including...
    Lauren Williams
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  • Thoma Bravo Instructure Acquisition

    A space where news and reactions to the proposed Thoma Bravo acquisition can be gathered that would be of interest to the community. Please add additional resources, questions or concerns in the comments.  News a...
    Christopher Phillips
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  • Dynamic Image Sizing (to scale)

    Did you know that you can embed images in a unit that dynamically size, according to your page size?   This is ideal for embedding images into your Canvas unit that can be viewed on a mobile with no iss...
    Benji Zorella
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  • Instructure Enters Into a Definitive Agreement to be Acquired by Thoma Bravo

    This morning Instructure announced an agreement to be acquired by private equity firm Thomas Bravo.  You can read the press release here: Instructure Enters Into a Definitive Agreement to be Acquired by Thoma Br...
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  • Trouble in Free for Teacher...

    Tl;dr Some people are abusing public courses and we need to stop that.   One of my favorite things about Canvas, when I discovered it back in 2011, was and is Free-for-Teacher (FFT went live back in 2010).  ...
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  • Thoughts on Stylus Support in SpeedGrader

    Enhancing our stylus support in SpeedGrader to include Windows touch-enabled devices has been an exciting and challenging journey. We’ve learned a lot along the way, and I wanted to share a few thoughts. We hope...
    Jon Fenton
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  • Hidden Gems: Who's Got the Fastest Finger?

    In New Quizzes, one of the things that you may have not noticed is setting the seconds in the time limit. Here's how you can work it out.   From the Settings tab, turn on the time limit feature. In the Minutes b...
    Kelvin Dean
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  • Online Ed Humor Toon-Up

    Yet another benefit of online courses. Author Thomas Royce Wilson, PhD. @Captain Big Idea – Free "cognitive cartoons" about learning and living with technology    *Shared with permission. 
    Rachael Sweeten
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  • 2020 Course Design Essentials: Event Launch & Giveaway

    2020 Course Design Essentials  Monthly Canvas Community Event LaunchThe Canvas Instructional Design Team is launching our 2020 Course Design Essentials monthly event. These events will include blog posts, li...
    Lily Philips
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  • January 2020 Catalog Update

    Hey everyone!    Welcome to 2020. I hope everyone had a fun, relaxing holiday break. This time of year always provides an opportunity to reflect back on what the previous year shaped up to be, as well as loo...
    Jon Fenton
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  • PRE-CON: API 101: Introduction to APIs

      Presentation Title PRE-CON: API 101: Introduction to APIs InstructureCon Session Info   Summary The Canvas API is crazy powerful and can be used to perform a bunch of actions and automate otherwise mu...
    Gannon Nordberg
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  • New Feature Screencasts - Now Available as Individual Videos

    Hi, friends! If you haven't seen the Canvas New Feature Screencast (2020-01-18) yet, we've listened to your feedback and are now making the full screencast also available as individual videos. Many of you me...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • UDOIT 2.6.0 "Eatonville"

    This is a critical update for any institutions that run UDOIT on a separate domain from their instance of Canvas, such as the LTI server being "lti.myuniversity.edu" and Canvas being "myuniversity.instructure.com"....
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  • Create a Button Inside a Canvas Page

    I came up with this idea of a website that will help my canvas users to Create Simple Buttons. I also wanted to integrate it somehow with canvas. I was able to build the site and then I used the IFrame function to pin...
    John Nassif
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  • Course Design Rubrics & Checklists

    I'm starting to lose track of all the different rubrics and checklists related to course design that I've come across, and some new ones have come out very recently, so I'd thought I'd list them here.  If you kno...
    Doug Holton
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  • Canvas Bulk Date Editor (Google Sheet)

      Problem: Each semester, courses must be copied to new courses and during this process it takes about an hour per course to edit dates for each individual assignment, even using the calendar (isn't it annoy...
    Don Bryn
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  • #TotalCoLearner: Week 10. Getting rid of grades.

    For #TotalCoLearner this week, I want to reflect on some thoughts that came together as a result of preparing my presentation for Can*Innovate (I want to write up a post about the conference too -- which was FABULOUS ...
    Laura Gibbs
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  • Prepare su Curso Canvas - Página de Inicio, Banner, Botones

    De: Nuestro Equipo de Diseño Instruccional Para: Nuestros docentes y profesores   ¡Un Feliz Inicio de Año!   Creemos que una página de inicio del curso bien diseñada p...
    Paola Sanchez
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  • Canvas Parent 3.0 iOS Beta

    Here’s a public link to download the Canvas Parent 3.0 iOS beta from TestFlight:   https://testflight.apple.com/join/JDVOYyT9   We recommend uninstalling any other version of Canvas Parent installed on...
    Peyton Craighill
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  • Course Evaluation Checklist

    ** UPDATE JANUARY 2020** Our Canvas Course Evaluation Checklist v2.0 is Now Available! Please visit our Course Evaluation Checklist v2.0 Blog Post to learn more about v2.0 and create your own copy of th...
    Lily Philips
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