• Implementing OAuth in an ASP.NET Core 2.2 MVC web app

    We've been working for a while on leveraging the Canvas API to work with other systems for particular learning use cases. We're developing a middleware app using ASP.NET Core MVC to manage the integrations.  ...
    Mark Smithers
    created by Mark Smithers
  • UDOIT 2.6.3 - PHP 7.3 Compatibility!

    This release fixes a number of issues, both new and old.  A huge thanks to Erik Scull for figuring out so many of these.  If you've been having any trouble with tables, please test out this version and let m...
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  • How To Create A Flipgrid Assignment

    Rational for integrating external apps into Canvas ecosystem. Canvas as the Hub: There are so many great apps out there which enrich our teaching and learning experiences, but asking students to navigate away fr...
    Brandon Risenhoover
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  • Explorando el Nuevo Editor de Contenido Enriquecido

    Explorando el Nuevo Editor de Contenido Enriquecido de Canvas  IMPORTANTE: A partir de diciembre del 2020, el Editor de Contenido Enriquecido Clásico será descontinuado y el Nuevo Editor de Con...
    Paola Sanchez
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  • 2020 Course Design Essentials: The ABC’s of Badging!

    Easy as 1, 2, 3!A badge in Canvas is simply a visual symbol of achievement, similar to a physical badge, trophy, or sticker—but in a digital format!  You may have been in Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts and remem...
    Kimberly Ellis
    created by Kimberly Ellis
  • What does the recent IMS LTI Deprecation and Security Update mean for Canvas users and integrations?

    Recently, IMS Global announced the deprecation schedule of the LTI 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, and 2.0 specifications. Going forward, LTI Core version 1.3 (LTI 1.3) will be the recommended specification for new integrations and an...
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  • 2020 Course Design Essentials: Design Tips for Pages

    April Teacher Appreciation Event: Design Tips for PagesEver see a super inviting and well thought-out page in Canvas and think, “OoooOoOo! I want to be able to do that!” but then wonder how? Or maybe you h...
    Rosina Monteiro
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  • Shape the Narrative/Culture Remotely

    Below is a letter I very recently sent out to our 160 faculty members after COVID-19 closed down our schools. Very little info had been directed to us from the administration except that we were to be doing OPTIONAL&#...
    Jonathan Yoder
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  • Templates: Responsive Design for the Mobile Web

    The Information School, iSchool, at the University of Washington has been providing templates for our Canvas courses since about late 2012. We started using Canvas in fall of 2011. Our templates have evolved with the ...
    Randy Orwin
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  • Diseño Visual de Páginas en sus Cursos de Canvas

    Consejos para el Diseño Visual de Páginas en sus Cursos de Canvas  ¿Alguna vez ha visto una página súper atractiva y bien pensada en Canvas y ha pensado, "OoooOoOo! Quiero ser cap...
    Paola Sanchez
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  • Duplicate Course Enrollments with Python

    While schools are closed, we've moved much of our long term staff development material into Canvas. We have one long-running course with all staff split into site-based sections that has worked as a model for others. ...
    Brian Bennett
    created by Brian Bennett
  • Teacher PD User Group - May 2020 Meeting Minutes

    Agenda Organisation Introductions & Snapshots Ideas for collaboration -  Making the most of this group Themes for User Group disucssions Instructional Design and Templates Next Steps  Attendees:...
    Ryo Sakai
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  • New and Improved Rich Content Editor HTML Cheatsheet

    At InstructureCon2019 the new rich content editor was unveiled so I decided it was time for update to the Rich Content Editor HTML Cheatsheet (see the original post). It important to note at this time the new editor i...
    Susan Nugent
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  • Bring Clarity to your Canvas Course Part 2:  Modules

    Bring Clarity to your Canvas Course: Course Navigation + Modules + Home Page Part 2:  Modules   Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash Hello, I am the Learning Management System Speciali...
    Hildi Pardo
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  • ¡Bienvenidos CanvasLIVE en Español!

    ¡Bienvenidos a CanvasLIVE en Español! ¿Quiere saber más de estas sesiones? En este post le ayudamos a entender más acerca de como acceder, participar, registrarse, y colab...
    Paola Sanchez
    created by Paola Sanchez
  • Gotcha - caught them being good!

    HI everyone, In light of all that has happened, a 'small change, big impact' idea (thanks Jared Stein - still using that) which we wanted to share for all to possibly use if you haven't already. We use Sentral as a S...
    Stacy LAMBERT
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  • UDOIT 2.6.4

    I'm back with another bugfix release!  If you are able, it would be most helpful if you could update your QA or Testing instance of UDOIT to this version; the last few bugfix releases were made possible by i...
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  • CATME (or other) Automated Team Upload

    I've developed a tool I wanted to share here.  I teach multiple sections of a course with up to 72 students per section.  I typically merge all sections of my course into a single canvas site.  This wor...
    David Gray
    created by David Gray
  • Thoma Bravo Instructure Acquisition

    A space where news and reactions to the proposed Thoma Bravo acquisition can be gathered that would be of interest to the community. Please add additional resources, questions or concerns in the comments. 3/25/2020 U...
    Christopher Phillips
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  • User Group Meeting: May 2020

    Agenda:Roundtable discussion topics COVID-19 - 2 months on, how is your organisation going? Account Settings and Feature Options - how do you configure and manage these? Best practices for Release Notes and staying...
    Ruth Thornton
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