• How do I align an outcome with a question bank?

    You can align any outcome in your course to a question bank. Outcomes can be aligned with a question bank for additional assessment and measurable performance. To align an outcome, the outcome must already exist for y...
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  • How do I upload all student submissions for an assignment?

    When you download all student submissions for an assignment, you can re-upload the assignment submissions as a bulk upload in your course. Please make sure you have not changed the names of the submission files from ...
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  • How do I record a video using the Rich Content Editor as a student?

    You can use the Rich Content Editor to record a video. You can record media for any length of time, but shorter video recordings are recommended. If your video is longer than 15 minutes, you may want to consider recor...
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  • One-Sheet Guides for Canvas/Canvas Guía del Maestro

    Canvas Community y comunidad española,   There are many one-sheet guides out there, but just in case if you were looking for a single-sheet (dual sided) instructional PDF on Canvas... Attached are the same...
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  • February 2018 Canvas CIG Zoom-Share Agenda/Notes

    Agenda for February 27, 2019: Pilot Results Canvas Customizations   Recording:   In Zoom: Welcome SDSU Canvas Pilot Update: Results of our Student/Faculty Needs Assessment (n=7,348) - Sean Hauze an...
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  • What are the Canvas Community guidelines?

    We want the Canvas Community to be a place to help users find answers, share ideas, and network or collaborate with other like-minded people. We want you to enjoy your experience as an active member and participate of...
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  • Canvas Release Notes (2019-02-16)

    In this Canvas release (February 16), DocViewer supports stylus tools to create annotations within supported touchscreen devices. For embedded images in the Rich Content Editor, the Canvas files folder structure displ...
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  • Printable Quizzes code-snippet

    In response to a long-standing user need in the Canvas Community, I cobbled together the code snippet below. This page documents a fully-deployable end-user solution for anybody to test, tweak, and use to produce a pl...
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  • Canvas Live Session - Recording Listing for APAC PS

    Welcome to the APAC Priority Services Canvas Live Session list.  Below you will find links to previous resources compiled by our team. Please reach out to csteamapac@instructure.com if you have any fur...
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  • Outcomes PS webinar - February 2019.pdf

    Supporting documentation from the webinar: "Canvas Outcomes - Improving and Speeding up Student Feedback"
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  • How do I create an SQS queue to receive Live Events data from Canvas?

    To receive data from Canvas you will need to set up and maintain a queue in Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services' Simple Queue Service (SQS) is currently the only supported queue. Additionally, you will need to gr...
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  • 2019-02-14 Instructure Advisory IAC93493 - ePortfolio Export Vulnerability

        SECURITY UPDATE     Release Date: 2019-02-14   Description: ePortfolio Export Vulnerability   Criticality Level: Highly Critical   ( Less Critic...
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  • How do I create a Matching question in Quizzes.Next?

    When creating an assessment, you can create a Matching question in Quizzes.Next. In a Matching question, students are required to match answers from a drop-down menu with a list of questions. Add Question To c...
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  • How to Connect Your Canvas Course with Various Publisher Tools

    Here's a rundown on documentation available for using various publisher materials in your Canvas course.  Feel free to edit/add to this page or comment below and I can make updates. If you are using a publisher ...
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  • How do I import assignment groups from PowerSchool?

    If your institution is using PowerTeacher Pro in the PowerSchool student information system (SIS), you can import assignment groups from PowerTeacher Pro. Assignment groups are collected and verified every 24 hours to...
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  • How do I create assignment columns for non-submission assignments in the Gradebook?

    Columns in the Gradebook are only created by adding an assignment in Canvas. If you need to create a column in the Gradebook to use for manual grading, you can create a No Submission or On Paper assignment. No Submis...
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  • How do I add a rubric to a graded discussion?

    You can add a rubric to a graded discussion to help students understand expectations for the discussion and how you intend to score their replies. Occasionally, rubrics are added to assignments when you have an outcom...
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  • How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as a student?

    Canvas includes a set of default notification preferences you can receive for your courses. However, you can change the default settings by setting your own notification preferences. These preferences only apply to yo...
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  • How do I apply a Late Submission policy in the New Gradebook?

    The Late Submission policy allows you to automatically deduct points on all late submissions. A submission is labeled late when it has been submitted past the due date. Only assignments with a status of Late will be a...
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  • What options can I use to regrade a quiz in a course?

    If you accidentally published a quiz that needs to be corrected, you can use quiz regrade to edit existing quiz questions and tell Canvas to recalculate student grades. Quiz regrade only works with specific quiz ques...
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