• Canvas Student | Favorite Feature

    Which feature is your favorite within Canvas Student? Which feature is the most important when accessing coursework through the Canvas Student app?   If you'd like to take this poll one step further, do a survey...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • Share the Joy | Blogging Challenge Finalists!

    The submissions for the Share the Joy | March 2019 Blogging Challenge are in! So, Canvas  Community, it's time to choose a winner.    Every person who participated will earn 250...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • What is your favorite feature in Canvas Teacher?

    In the last year, instructors have had the ability to interact with their courses' content on their mobile devices. While it has been absolutely awesome to have a role-specific app designed for what instructors&#...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • Do you want Canvas on a smartwatch?

    Of course not full blown Canvas, but notifications and other information that is valuable to have on your wrist.
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  • Reflect and Celebrate | Blogging Challenge Finalists!

    The submissions for the Reflect and Celebrate | January 2019 Blogging Challenge are in! So, Canvas  Community, it's time to choose a winner. Let's be honest first - each submission has wo...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • In What Kinds of Learning Environments Does Canvas Live?

    Does Canvas live in only your 1:1 classrooms? Do non 1:1 teachers use it? Or is it a combination of both? Currently in our school district Canvas has been more successful in our 1:1 classrooms. I am trying to get a se...
  • Do you use mobile apps for formative assessments (clickers, etc)?

    I'm curious how many of you have used mobile apps for formative assessment in the classroom. Clickers are the most common, but there are many other examples out there. This was the hope behind Canvas Polls. Let's...
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  • What database engine are you using?

    Please take the poll if you are a:   Canvas (institution) developer/programmer admin, integration specialist database manager/analyst use the API, and maybe store data or not automate your SIS imports f...
    Robert Carroll
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  • How do you use the LMG?

    I am interested to know how districts use the Learning Mastery Grade Book. 
    Belinda Stutzman
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  • Which Business Intelligence (BI) Tools will you use with Canvas Data?

    We want to assess which kinds of BI Tools schools are leveraging to analyze data. This information will continue to help us evaluate which tools we may want to provide sample configurations, artifacts, etc. for in the...
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  • Required Canvas elements for F2F classes

    Hello everyone,   I am working on recommendations for minimum Canvas use for face-to-face classes. We are in the process of implementing an early alert system.  The system we selected is capable of reading ...
    Eric Werth
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  • Will online education ever shed this image?

    I was watching TV show trailers on YouTube (don't ask me how I got there), and this one caught my eye. A girl mentions she can go to school online, and then her mother makes some derogatory comments about online ...
    Wasi Khan
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  • K-12 Canvas Admin Connect Quarterly?

    I was talking with my CSM today and wondered if it would be cool to connect with other K-12 CSM in a similar sized (or maybe not similar) school district to share best practices and ideas about when you might rol...
    Bradley Moser
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  • Topic you would like the CanvasLive sessions to cover

    Hi everyone and welcome to our Priority Services Community page that is exclusive to us. As you may know we have been running CanvasLive sessions for the last couple of months and we would love to hear your feedback a...
    Ryo Sakai
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  • Hot Topics for Med Schools Administering Canvas

    Hi, group!   I've been with Instructure for three years and prior to that I worked as an instructional technologist a medical school for five years and helped implement Canvas at a different medical school after...
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  • How do you search the Canvas Guides?

    What option do you most consistently use to find what you're looking for in the Canvas Guides?   (In the last poll we found out how you'd prefer to search the guides, but this poll is trying to explore current b...
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  • Canvas-created icons for course use?

    Canvas has fantastic graphic artists and...I do not. Obviously quality graphics can add so much to a course but what do you do when the only icons you can find/use are not, well, that great? Would it be beneficial to ...
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  • NC Canvas collaboration:

    I find meeting and collaborating with others so useful, I love seeing how people take different approaches and understanding methods beyond what I know and do. I also enjoy sharing how I use tools and teach my course....
    Josh Frielich
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  • Which do you prefer: online vs on-campus?

    As a student, I've felt more at home with online courses (quite literally I guess). I was just curious to know where the educator community stands on their preferred method of course delivery. I would assume...
    Wasi Khan
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  • What LMS have you come from?

    I'm curious as to which other LMS platforms have contributed in your quest to be here, using Canvas.
    Larry Turner
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