• Turnitin and VeriCite

    Turnitin announced a few weeks ago that they have bought out VeriCite. Was this a good thing for Canvas users?
    John Boekenoogen
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  • Which do you prefer: online vs on-campus?

    As a student, I've felt more at home with online courses (quite literally I guess). I was just curious to know where the educator community stands on their preferred method of course delivery. I have done th...
    Wasi Khan
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  • What Kind of Gamer-Teacher Are You?

    Just about a year ago, Jordan Shapiro (faculty at Temple University, contributor to Forbes and MindShift at KQED, and public thinker about game-based learning) wrote about a study surveying K-8 teachers in order to un...
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  • What authentication method do you use?

    Previously, we've been using LDAP for most of our systems, but those systems have all be located on campus and our LDAP server is not accessible from off campus. We've been using SAML with GLUU during our pilot but th...
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  • Follow Up: How often would you like the APAC meetups to run?

    Hi Everyone, In the most recent APAC catch-up we ran a poll, while it appeared that continuing with the 3 weekly schedule was the winner with 9 votes, I realise that not everyone was there.   ...
    Stuart Ryan
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  • How often (and why) do you visit the Canvas Guides?

    1. Based on your current Canvas familiarity level, how often do you visit the Canvas Guides? Please choose the best answer that fits your situation.   2. If you feel so inclined, please leave a comment explainin...
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  • Are you leveraging UDOIT at your institution?

    Since this project is open-source, it's tough to keep track of how many institutions are using it at a given time.  Please help us out by completing the poll.
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  • Community Space

    So far, when I visit the community I spend most of my time in...
    Renee Carney
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  • Welcome to the Canvas Community

    We are glad you are here!  Which of these choices best describes how you came to be here?
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  • Canvas Guides Content

    What content would you like to view on the Canvas Guides page?
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  • What OS do you use for canvas?

    What device do people use canvas on?
    Steven Copeland
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  • Using Canvas Commons

    Are you using Canvas Commons to share content? Tell us why or why not in the comments section.
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  • Badges and Professional Development

    Hey there! Do you use badges for Professional Development? If you do, are they fun (for gamification purposes) or are they more like a certification? (please tell us how you use them in the comments!
    Kerry Floyd
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  • Create Groups Based on Sections

    At Instructurecon 2016, I heard of a few institutions who have created tools to Create Groups Based on Sections -- independently of each other's efforts. Based on this, and the popularity of the Make Group Assignments...
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  • Attendance at InstructureCon

    Would love to hear from other school districts regarding this attendance. It's been an awesome week and I'd like leverage to be able to attend in the future!K-12 
    Lisa Risch
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  • Are you interested in beta testing Canvas Teacher?

    Please note: Beta Testing for Canvas Teacher is closed because it's at full capacity. If anything changes, I will post back to this poll. Thanks.    It’s here! (Well, almost!) Canvas Teacher, which wa...
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  • What is the lowest grade level you are seeing Canvas integrated in?

    Whether as the teacher, trainer, admin, etc. of your Canvas instance...just trying to get a feel for "how low" others are going (or trying to go) in their elementary Canvas integration. Thanks!
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  • 1:1 Devices in K12 Settings

    As we continue to get to know one another and how we leverage Canvas in 1:1 settings, this seems like a good question:  In your 1:1 school, which device do you (primarily) provide to your students?
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • Next Steps

    The 3rd Annual MAGIC Conference was a success and we are thankful to those who were able to present and attend.  To help grow and make our community active, we are looking for ideas on how to expand our networkin...
    Melissa Thomas
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  • What should Kenneth Larsen present on at InstructureCon 2016?

    Here is your chance, I am open to suggestions for my InstructureCon presentation this year. Here are a few topic options, but feel free to leave a comment if there is something that I could share that I did not think of.
    Kenneth Larsen
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