• Feature Ideas, why is this a thing?

    What is the intent behind submitting feature ideas and how did this get to be a thing?    The reason I ask this question is for few reasons If the feature idea is such a great idea, then why is it so hard ...
    Joressia Beyer
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  • Real math assignments really real in canvas...really.

    Hello, Canvas folks. Our little company is looking for people who would be willing to field test a new math product that we are working on. It extends the functionality of Canvas to that of a MyMathLab or WebAssign. I...
    Jeff Huettman
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  • Canvas Integration and Office 365

    I'm looking for what people who have integrated Office 365 only into their instances of Canvas. What are some strengths and weaknesses of doing this and would it be recommended to add the G Suite into the instance of ...
    Eric Whitmer
    created by Eric Whitmer
  • Quiz Items Not Copying to New Courses

    When you copy course content into a new course, the Quizzes LTI assessments do copy over, but they are striped of their items during the copy.   For me, at least, this is a must fix situation. The faculty I hav...
    Kelley L. Meeusen
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  • Flipped Learning - a Disaster!

    Flipped classrooms - this is a course I did as PD a couple of years ago, thought it a real good idea, a concept with a lot of merit, but when I tried to implement it to my Year 11 Software Design class, "horror" was o...
    Stuart Walsh
    created by Stuart Walsh
  • Reading to students

    If I put a test in Canvas does it have read aloud?
    Sheral Vang
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  • How to Organize Google Analytics by College

    Has anyone used Google Analytics for Canvas to filter the data by college? We want to filter the data for our university by the college of engineering, education, nursing etc. Would I do this through a dashboard or su...
    Kaitlyn Davis
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  • CanvasCon DC

    Does anyone have more information about CanvasCon in Washington, DC in November 2019? I was looking for the dates as well as possibly any call for proposals/presentations?
    Melissa Thomas
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  • Verifying OAuth Signature

    I am working to verify OAuth Signatures coming from our LTI posts.     I am looking for descriptive and detailed documentation on how I should be creating the OAuth Signature on my end. I got the basics of u...
    Matthew White
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  • Course templates/formats

    Hello,   I am a Canvas new user.   I would like to find out how you can create course templates in Canvas in the same way that you could in Blackboard Learn or Moodle. Likewise, in Moodle there were plug-i...
    Mari-Cruz Garcia
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  • Activity within a module

    How can I add an activity that students can complete right on their screen? Keyboard or stylus?
    Dave Suchanek
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  • Global Nav Menu - Custom Tray

    Hello,   A recent Canvas update left a lot of institutions without the ability to add additional resources to their Canvas Global Navigation. Previous discussions include: Custom JavaScript/CSS Changes ...
    Robert Carroll
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  • incomplete assignment submissions

    In order to meet a due date, some students will submit a partially completed assignment (usually by file upload). Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop this? (VET).   Thank you, if so! 
    Mala Norris
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  • LMS migration and project management methodologies

    Hello,   I am a new member of the community. I am interesting in migration strategies from a perspective of project management, in particular addressing these three key points: Migrating courses Training staff...
    Mari-Cruz Garcia
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  • SurveyGizmo Integration (TinCan xAPI)

    Does anyone have any experience integrating SurveyGizmo with Canvas?   We are using SurveyGizmo to gather pre-workshop and post-workshop feedback from learners and would like to embed the pre-workshop survey as ...
    Julia Young
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  • Can someone answer questions about quiz item analysis - the help documents are inconsistent

    I am conducting a training for college instructors on the use of item statistics to improve grading fairness and improve test quality.  When possible, I am referring to a variety of LMSs since audience members wi...
    Kathy Doig
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  • ALLY

    Is anyone here familiar with Ally, the accessibility checker? The Open Education Initiative (OEI) in California is rolling this out soon and I would love to hear some reviews. Mark
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  • Exam Settings: Passwords not hidden

    When typing in a password to allow a student to start their exam, they can see the text being entered.   This is a security issue for our Testing Center.
    Kip Butts
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  • Reading Accessibility Tool

    Does anyone know of a tool that can be added in Canvas that is similar to the reading accessibility tool "Read & Write" that is a Google Chrome add-on?  We have a handful of students who use this tool for sup...
    Laura  Sharp
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  • (NEW) Rich Content Editor Enhancements

    I can't seem to find anything about the new rich content editor so I just wanted to share a few major changes that we plan on letting our faculty and staff know before it goes live. Does anyone see other pertinent cha...
    Jerad Watson
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