• Canvas and low or no vision students blind

    How can I best use Canvas to reach students with low or no vision? My face to face classes have students with low or no vision. I wish for my low/no vision population to not miss out on online learning through this LM...
    Lisa Feinstein
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  • Canvas + Seesaw

    I would love to hear from others that are using Canvas + Seesaw in the elementary setting (PK-5).   Thank you in advance!
    Jessica Bieber
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  • Use of Canvas in high school math to assess and teach

    I am a high school math teacher. And as is true for all, we have moved into a world of distance learning. Canvas has been used more as an organized assignment list in the past before Covid-19. But now our school is ex...
    Donald Davis
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  • Is my understanding of group sets correct?

    Hi Everyone,   I don't currently have any group discussion assignments in my introductory statistics course because I have a large number of students (over 300).  However, I'm thinking it might be time to e...
    Michelle Everson
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    rochel bryan
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  • Seeing a 100% student version of a Quiz - NOT ALLOWED!

    Would you like to actually see the final version of your Quiz before your students do?      ME TOO! Unfortunately, that's not an option with Canvas. When you "Preview" your Quiz before publi...
    Will  Holder
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  • Huge Flaw with Student App

    Upon investigating a grade dispute from a student, I found a major flaw in the Canvas Student App. The student took two screenshots of their grades in the Student app- one after completing their final exam and on...
    Yumia Hobbs
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  • Managing User Account Creation / SIS ID updates

    We have had Canvas for seven years and have not had any guidelines previously on how users were created or who could create user accounts.  Now, with moving to Colleague, as our new SIS, we have multiple ins...
    Elizabeth Osika
    created by Elizabeth Osika
  • Do you use Slack,Pronto,What's App, etc within Canvas?

    Hello All,    If any of you have integrated or are using apps such as Slack, Pronto or What's App in your courses, we would love to hear what you are using it for, has it increased student and/or facul...
    Canvas Help
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  • Canvas Studio

    Thank you, Eddie Small for this fantastic demo of Canvas Studio. I'd love to hear how other districts are utlizing and any feedback you can provide.  We have EdPuzzle users that would love to have this! Thanks! ...
    Lisa Risch
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  • What to do when I see 'There was an unexpected error, please contact support.' at Canvas import stage?

    Hi all, I am trying to import a Blackboard course into Canvas and it keeps failing, with the only issue showing as 'There was an unexpected error, please contact support.' However, there is no link to support, so I ...
    Stephen Beale
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  • How do we check for students' cheating activity?

    What activities in the student log during exams could be most suggestive of cheating? Can you simultaneously use Zoom web camera to monitor a group of 35 students while they are taking an exam in Canvas?
    Maria Lilia Reyes
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  • Recommendations for virtual lab options for Anatomy and Physiology Classes?

    Hello!   I am an instructional designer and I work closely with the coordinator of our Anatomy and Physiology classes to build out Canvas content to support the lecture and lab components for these courses. Whil...
    Jessica Morris
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  • Master Template for all courses

    We are a small University and with the need to move all classes online I am being asked if we could push out a home page template created by one of our faculty to all existing courses in our Canvas instance for Fall 2...
    Scott Groomes
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  • Prevent Downloads to Protect Proprietary Videos

    Our K-12 school is looking for a good way to prevent students and parents from downloading proprietary videos and recordings of online classes. So far, we have been recording them through a variety of m...
    Bryna Cannon
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  • 1-page documentation for New Grade Posting Policy

    My team has worked to pull together a 1-page handout (copied below and attached as both doc and pdf) for our instructors attempting to explain the New Grade Posting Policy. I am sharing it with the Community in the ho...
    Rosie Sasso
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  • Taking Modules from Meh to Marvelous

    After building a course, remodeling it, and redesigning it again, it's time to look at the modules and see if they can be moved from MEH to Marvelous.        Here is the same module with an atte...
    Layne Heiny
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  • GraphQL 504

    This is some feedback on the GraphQL API for anyone who cares to read it.   We love how fast GraphQL is, and how easy it is to use. We went all in and converted about a dozen of our requests to GraphQL. However,...
    Jared Chapman
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    Since I wish I had access to something like this when I started Gameifying my class, I thought I'd map out what I'm doing in my World Lit class for anyone who is interested in seeing how Gameification can work and the...
    Danny Childers
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  • Offering free courses isn't free

    I've noticed that many institutions' catalogs offer free courses to the public.  We are developing a new catalog and would like to offer free courses so customers can try before they buy.   Also, we'd l...
    Joan York
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