• If your school is closed due to COVID-19, have you been using "New Analytics" to discover which students have been active/not active in course activities?

    A teacher at my school recently contacted me about her ability to view her students' user data in a course.  I went ahead and turned on the "New Analytics" feature in our Canvas instance.  I am curious to le...
    Rebecca Penina Simon
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  • Who is has a Premium Subscription to BigBlueButton?

    Our campus is currently using multiple web conferencing platforms to hold synchronous classes during the COVID-19 pandemic (Canvas Conferences, WebEx, MsTeams). We would love to hear from anyone who has a premium subs...
    Taylor Kendrick
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  • quiz question and answer

    how to give the correct answer to quiz. t
    revathi mayalagu
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  • Daily mental health check-in for students. Traffic light system?

    Can anyone suggest which function of Canvas would best allow us to: -Create a space where students can answer a couple of quick questions:   1. Do you need staff to contact you about your learning? a YES b NO...
    David Bryant
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  • How do we *USE* API?

    We are new to Canvas, coming off of Blackboard. I've got to say, I'm kind of shocked and dismayed at how little can be accomplished via the GUI. It seems like just about every thing I ask our ...
    Matt Gudites
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  • Deploy Sub Accounts Now or Later

    I am ready to get sub accounts working in my Canvas instance, but honestly, I am a bit nervous with all that is going on. The pros I am looking for is division reps being able to make division announcements, template ...
    Darnell Kemp
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  • How do I make students submissions visible to the rest of the class?

    In one of my classes, students are writing short stories. We usually celebrate students' final drafts with a read-around. Everyone brings in a printed copy of their short story, and we pass the papers around the room ...
    Christine Sumption
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  • Feature Ideas, why is this a thing?

    What is the intent behind submitting feature ideas and how did this get to be a thing?    The reason I ask this question is for few reasons If the feature idea is such a great idea, then why is it so hard ...
    Joressia Beyer
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  • Navigation Within Data Portal Documentation

    As seasoned devs working newly with the Data Portal, we have a suggestion. Could the left navigation in Canvas Data Portal documentation be improved, so that it is collapsed, and frozen somehow?  We are...
    Catherine Brown
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  • Current state of Zoom Integration?

    hi all - I could preface my question with "emergency mode activated!" but many of us are in this situation.   We put the Zoom integration on ice over 6 mo ago b/c we had issues with a few things. What is the cur...
    Adrienne Gauthier
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  • Question about using the Zoom integration with Canvas

    My colleague, who supports Zoom in our administrative group who don't use Canvas, is asking why we should use the Zoom integration with Canvas. He thinks it would be just as effective to create the meeting in the Zoom...
    Debbie Ellis
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  • How will the ownership change influence development?

    Hi.   This article describes some company changes.      4 Items on Instructure’s To-Do List After the Sale of the Canvas LMS Provider | EdSurge News    How will this sale influen...
    Layne Heiny
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  • Canvas Data Tableau Case Studies

    Here is a catalog of Tableau reports that I have been constantly working on adding to as I discuss analytical gaps on an institutional basis. This is a live document.    All pre-defined reports are att...
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  • Blueprinting styles

    Hi there Has anybody used Blueprint to template course designs and styles for teachers? Has it been flexible enough to meet design requirements? What's the good, the bad and the ugly? coursedesign coursedesigner
    Carmen Vallis
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  • What is the purpose of designating items as "to-do"?

    Experienced online instructors, can you please share your wisdom and knowledge?   I am failing to understand the purpose of designating a page, an assignment, etc., as "Add to student to-do," which appears ...
    Tom Stearns
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  • Jobs Board

    Are you looking to hire a Canvas Admin, Instructional Designer, Developer, or Canvas Savvy Teacher?  Do you have Canvas skills you are looking to leverage?  If you are looking for work or workers, consider r...
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  • Using formulas in variable definitions?

    Is it possible to create formulas in the variable definitions for formula questions?    Example: teacher wants to create formula questions for adding multiples of 5.    Ideally, I could enter for...
    Jason Paddock
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  • Clever Solutions in our New Remote Learning Environment.

    Hi everyone. Don't know if someone else has a topic going for this, but I thought it might be a good idea for us all to share ideas about how we are handling the various issues which may arise given the remote learnin...
    Benjamin Selby
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  • Effective Communication

    Everyone communicates differently and that’s okay; however, when communicating with people, it is imperative that we do so effectively. Effective communication is an important key to reaching success.  ...
    Chari Jackson
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  • Sharing Multiple Video Files with Classes

    I'm an instructor in the CTVA program for the Lighting 2 Studio, which collaborates with the Directing 2 class.  Our next meeting will be our Critique Session where both classes will meet together on the same Zo...
    Eon Mora
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