• Recommendations for virtual lab options for Anatomy and Physiology Classes?

    Hello!   I am an instructional designer and I work closely with the coordinator of our Anatomy and Physiology classes to build out Canvas content to support the lecture and lab components for these courses. Whil...
    Jessica Morris
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  • Suggestions for online biology labs that are compatible with Canvas?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a publisher that offers online (virtual) labs for a non-majors or basic biology class that integrates with Canvas.  Anyone have any suggestions?  We are currently using one that is of...
    Nicole Browning
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  • (NEW) Rich Content Editor Enhancements

    I can't seem to find anything about the new rich content editor so I just wanted to share a few major changes that we plan on letting our faculty and staff know before it goes live. Does anyone see other pertinent cha...
    Jerad Watson
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  • Jobs Board

    Are you looking to hire a Canvas Admin, Instructional Designer, Developer, or Canvas Savvy Teacher?  Do you have Canvas skills you are looking to leverage?  If you are looking for work or workers, consider r...
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  • Professional Development Ideas

    So I have recently accepted a brand new position at my public HS as a Teach on special assignment as we roll out Canvas and a 1:1. I have (2) 3 hr sessions I am in charge of leading to help my colleagues get familiar ...
    Jonathan Yoder
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  • Does your institution customize your Canvas Catalog?

    Good morning everyone,   I am just wondering who customized their Catalog such as by: Adding dropdown menus Personalized footer Course Card Shopping Cart Etc. Would love for you to share Catalog URL and ex...
    Jessica Sowalsky
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  • See you at InstCon

    This is a reminder that we are hosting a Commons Workshop at InstructureCon. If you use Commons and are interested in giving us feedback on problems and how you would solve them, meet us July 10, 10:55 am in Room S-7...
    Zsofi Goreczky
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  • First time Admin help

    I am a new - 2 weeks old - Canvas Admin. I've used Canvas as a professor but I've never been on an implementation, launch team for an organization. HELP! Where do I start? This org just purchased the Basic package a m...
    Chris Accornero
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  • Where is the Embedding?

    Seriously disappointed to read this from the Google Integration:   "Google Apps displays a Google Drive icon in the Rich Content Editor. The icon displays everything in a user’s Google Drive account and al...
    Gideon Williams
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  • Line of Sight: Badgr as a Native Feature in Canvas

    Greetings Fellow Canvasphiles!   Would anyone happen to have any information, regarding when Badgr will become a native feature, within our beloved LMS?  I found an article, published by CISION: PR NewsWire...
    Timothy Lampley
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  • Canvas in K-5 !?!

    How do you feel about using Canvas in elementary?    I was using Google classroom on the daily basics. I liked it. My 3rd graders liked it... But.. I still wasn't satisfied . I was looking fo...
    Olena Bradford
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  • Hack Night; What is on your list?

    Hi All, Once again Hack Night will be happening Wednesday night from 8 - 11 PM, this time in the Grand Ballroom.  As in years past we'll have plenty of tables for people to gather around to talk about whatever t...
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  • Catalog User Group Meeting Recording from Instructurecon

    Hi everyone, Here is the Catalog User Group meeting recording from Instructurecon: https://instructure.zoom.us/recording/play/i5YislzeANojmVdUfkBMv3jgDaxBp_DcBeZuxG0ZdRkfTx66uW2FPtCkcrVcgZxE?continueMode=true Je...
    Jessica Sowalsky
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  • SUBJECT Line in Discussion and Improved Threading

    Summary Canvas discussions would be greatly improved if threading was more distinct and posts had a distinct subject line. Describe your idea While I suspect most everyone installed the code that was made available to...
    Michelle Pilati Corselli
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  • Does Canvas publish 300 page textbook?

    I am working on writing a textbook.  I'd like to create an OER.  As I've done research on OERs I've realized that many publishers are connected to specific universities (MIT and Rice), groups of colleges, or...
    mira es
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  • Best Practice for Grading Group Assignments

    Hi there,   So I've read through How do I grade group assignments in SpeedGrader?, but it doesn't really lay out the steps needed to grade a group assignment and then change individual grades, without having to ...
    Kalli Binkowski
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  • Game Night • Collaborative Game List

        From 8pm-11pm on July 9th, InstCon will feature Game Night! It's an awesome place to catch up with friends or to make new ones!   If you're going to pack your favorite board game, let's collaborat...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • ChatbotAnyone?

    Has anyone installed a Chatbot in their courses? I am teaching a writing class in which one of the main themes we’ll be researching is artificial intelligence, and I’d like to install a Chatbot page where ...
    Tom Ferstle
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  • A Google Calendar integration?

    Hi everybody,   I made a program for my teachers to use. The program takes events from google calendar and copies those events to canvas' calendar -- fairly simple, but questions start arising about the sharing ...
    Dylan  park
    created by Dylan park
  • Principal question

    New to CANVAS looking for resources for Principals can you point me to resources?
    Bill Schreiber
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