• HonorLock

    I want to start this discussion because I have never heard of this type of software before and wanted to know if anyone else has heard of it. I have concerns and wanted to know is this the new way of proctoring exams,...
    Sharon Connor
    created by Sharon Connor
  • GraphQL Examples

    Is there a resource with a set of working GraphQL queries? I'm still mystified by it and the graphiql interface, although I suspect a ten minute intro video might help get me over the hump.
    David Tod
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  • SIS Rostering-How do you handle teachers leaving?

    This is our first year of rostering via Clever and our SIS (Aspen) in our K-12 district. Things have gone very well, but we've had issues when a teacher leaves. This fall we've had several teachers go on leave, or res...
    Bob Thomas
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  • Microsoft Teams

    Does this UX/UI look familiar? Canvas? Nope. It's Microsoft Teams which launches today. (A #slack competitor)  
    Rob Gibson
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  • PearDeck vs NearPod

    My school is interested in using either PearDeck or NearPod. In researching which would be better for teachers and students, I thought the Canvas Community could share some insight on pros and cons.  Our school ...
    Michelle Blackwell
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  • Color Overlay - off by default?

    I'm beginning to think that the color overlay on the Dashboard should be off by default.  From a clearly design perspective it mostly detracts from courses that have an image. What's your opinion?  colo...
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  • Automatising the creation and association of courses in Canvas

    Hello, I understand that Blueprint courses needs to be created manually rather than using SIS-provisioned courses. However, what tools or scripts can use to create automatically blank automatic courses and linking th...
    Mari-Cruz Garcia
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  • Provide feedback for new features

    Hi everyone, Can you please provide your Institution name in the Important to Us Column of which features you feel that you want to see implemented by Instructure by Monday, January 27th and add any features ...
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  • Poorly Written/ Non-Discussed Quiz Questions

    I have noticed that on occasion, the curriculum quizzes we take after many lessons ask questions that are either phrased poorly so as to be confusing (and sometimes not reflective of the material) or ask about somethi...
    Ben Congdon
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  • Section for New Enrollments

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that the Section for New Enrollments feature in a listing is currently missing and only displaying self-paced. A bug has been reported to Instructure. In the meantime, ...
    last modified by jsowalsk@umd.edu
  • Any tool to make the ID work process clear?

    I am an instructional designer at Higher Education area. I have been looking for a tool (project management tool maybe?) which can be used between faculty and me to make the working process clear. For example, using t...
    Yanyan Huang
    created by Yanyan Huang
  • Can’t drag Total column after Move to Front

    Description of the Bug: After moving the Total column to the front, I can’t drag/drop the Total column anywhere.   Steps to Reproduce: The Total column is at the end (last column on the right).I cli...
    last modified by samitoelau@coastline.edu
  • Drag and Drop Columns

    When moving/dragging a column, I'd like the column headers to scroll when I reach the left/right most edge. As it is now, I have to drop the column, scroll to show more columns, drag the column again, drop it, scroll,...
    Todd Van Zandt
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  • Assignment Sort Filter

    It is not clear how to undo the assignment sort filters. Once you have picked one, it looks like you can only pick a different one. To undo the filter, you have to make a selection in the Student Name display options....
    Christine M. Doherty
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  • Status Color Persist to Speedgrader

    I know this is somewhat outside the gradebook project but it would be helpful if the colors for late, etc. persisted to the speedgrader. OR if you could get information about how late an assignment was by hovering ove...
    Janet Hurn
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  • Option to make quiz grades final

    There needs to be a simple action graders can take to finalize the existing quiz scores. Currently, a quiz icon will appear instead of the score unless all questions are graded, which means the scores don't appear to ...
    Christine M. Doherty
    last modified by Christine M. Doherty
  • Filters persist after view is unchecked

    The view menu allows you to show and hide various drop down menus to filter by assignment group, module, etc. This works great and makes sense. However, when you uncheck the filter in the view menu the view stays filt...
    Alex Clement
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  • SpeedGrader Auto-UnMute

    Description of the Bug: If a grade is entered on a muted assignment, it unmutes the assignment for everyone. It creates a lot of confusion for students, and the teacher needs to then go back into the assignment u...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • Filter too persistent

    Description of the Bug: Filter remains applied (columns remain hidden) even when you have gone to the View menu and removed the filter option.  (I hope this is a bug and not intended behavior!)   Steps ...
    Valerie Rake
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  • Notes from a K12 Teacher using the new Gradebook

    New Canvas gradebook assessment:   When I tried to “View” my assignments by date order, both oldest to newest and newest to oldest, the assignments were not in the correct order.  For example, my...
    Paul Goodenough
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