• Qualtrics LTI

    Does anyone have information about a possible LTI from Qualtrics?  I know that there are potential API integration opportunities but am hoping for more information. Thanks!
    Erin DeSilva
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  • Video not playing in Android App

    Is there a way to play embedded video file in Android Canvas Student App?   I got, your device does not have any applications installed that can handle this file, although I have VLC installed.
    Ashok Thapa
    created by Ashok Thapa
  • Liked posts

    How can you tell who likes your posts?
    Erica Smith
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  • Import Pages

    How do I import "Pages" from one course to another? I've posted several links of movies from Kanopy to Pages, and want to import the same links to another course.   I've already tried "Settings", "Import Course ...
    Moana de Almeida
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  • Student's Canvas quizzes keep crashing

    I want to put this question out there to see if anyone else has experienced this issue. It's hard to tell if this is a Canvas issue or not because there are so many factors involved.   First, we are a high schoo...
    Paul Bileci
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  • Google Classroom Comparisons

    I have several teachers still reluctant to move to Canvas because of several features they love in Google Classoom - including the ability to see and monitor student assignments while in progress - without submitting ...
    Lisa Risch
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  • Workshop/Training Topics

    Our campus is transitioning to Canvas.  We (two of us) are doing all the training.  We have the basic trainings either done or scheduled.  Instructors come if they want.  We have spring break comin...
    Marjorie Bazluki
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  • Annotations in Speedgrader

    Annotations on iPad are saved on the PC. On a PC the page can rotated until the marking is done. When marking is done, image rotation option is locked.   Is there a way to rotate the annotated image after...
    Ashok Thapa
    created by Ashok Thapa
  • Media File Vs File Upload

    Enabling file upload in media recording....   File upload in assignment supports uploading media files but cannot stream (browser) in Canvas Speed-grader, while media upload in assignment streams the media files...
    Ashok Thapa
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  • Grammerly Bug - Chrome Extension - External Tools

    Less a question. More an observation. Latest version of Chrome (reproduced with 72.0.3626.96 and 71.0.3578.98) with the Grammerly extension installed. When editing an item and choosing an option from th...
    David Tod
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  • Mobile App Question

    Our institution is looking to include a chat/question function within the Canvas mobile app.  This is not a course chat.  We want students to have the ability to post a question for any other student to resp...
    Jamie Ackley
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  • Using Feedback to promote learning

    Hi everyone, Just wanting to ask for some tips on how to use Canvas to start a feedback centred course with my students.   Any ideas on the best design of a course and what helps encourage students to make the ...
    Rachael Donaldson
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  • class roll incorrect in analytics beta

    It seems analytics is not accessing an up to date course roster.  It's showing 64 students; there are currently 59 (course limit is 60).  One student who dropped during the term is still showing.  Four ...
    Kari Clifton
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  • Resume creation instruction?

    I would like to know what ideas are out there to teach "how to create a resume" in an online-only course for students who are majoring in trades, such as HVAC, automotive, welding, etc. at a community college and may ...
    Maureen Keller
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  • Setting instructor expectations for using Canvas?

    My school is in the process of adopting Canvas throughout grades 9-12 and we are trying to define our expectations for instructors (Announcements, Calendars, Assignments, Grades, Syllabus, etc...).  Does anyone h...
    Craig Roble
    created by Craig Roble
  • Custom Reports in Catalog

    Hi Everyone!    My name is Jon Fenton and I'm a new Product Manager at Instructure. In case you haven't heard, Instructure is putting a dedicated team of developers together to work on Catalog (yay!). We're...
    Jon Fenton
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  • Training Topics

    Our campus is transitioning to Canvas.  We (two of us) are doing all the training.  We have the basic trainings either done or scheduled.  Instructors come if they want.  We have spring break comin...
    Marjorie Bazluki
    created by Marjorie Bazluki
  • Support for Online Students in China

    Hi All,   Seattle University is expanding online course offerings, particularly during the summer. We have a number of international students who return home and report issues with accessing Canvas in the People...
    John Buell
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  • New Gradebook: Tentative Q3 2019 transition date feedback

    We would like to change everyone over to New Gradebook when it impacts the least amount of active users, and provide ample time for training. Our tentative goal is Q3 of 2019, when many northern hemisphere s...
    Renee Carney
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  • What is the best plagiarism-detection tool that integrates with Canvas?

    Besides Turnitin, what other plagiarism-detection tools do folks use with Canvas? I know that there is Plagscan and Unicheck. If anyone has used either of these, are they good at catching plagiarism?
    Debbie Ellis
    created by Debbie Ellis