• Granting an extension in the new Gradebook

    I am really enjoying the new enhancements in the updated grade book, including the ability to color code missing, late, and other types of papers.  One of the things faculty commonly do is grant students extensio...
    Margi Clark
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  • Do you use InstUI? We want to hear from you!

    Hi, Canvas developers! Our UI team is working on way to improve InstUI, Instructure's UI library, from an open source standpoint. If you are using InstUI in your projects, our UI team would like to...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Uses for Grade Override Feature

    Can somebody explain to me the benefit of the Grade Override Feature? These override grades are not factored into the Overall Grading scheme, making it generally useless for our school.
    Brian P. Calnan
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  • Customizing a Content Page (Not Home Page)

    I want to know how people are customizing and organizing information for students on content pages (not a home page).  This is material specifically on a page.  My understanding is that Canvas does not reco...
    Joressia Beyer
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  • Course average

    I have 15 sections of a course "bundled" together, and I need to find out the overall final average for each section.  Currently I can only see the overall final average for all sections together.  PLEASE fi...
    Tammy French
    created by Tammy French
  • Anyone else having issues with Turnitin framework errors recently?

    Back in the "old" LTI days, I would very occasionally have faculty experience issues where a student submission would time out before being sent to Turnitin. At the time, I was told by both Canvas and Turnitin support...
    Amanda Warren Marshall
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  • Panda Jokes (Keep them Clean)

    I'll start...   A guy is driving his pick-up truck through a small town, and he's got a panda in the front seat with him.  The guy spots a police officer, pulls over, and tells the officer he found a panda ...
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  • Module View in Teacher App

    TL;DRModule-view in Teacher App saves me from flipping back and forth to know where things land.   Describe your mobile idea.In short, we need the Module view in the Teacher App. As an online instructor, I someti...
    Alan Kinsey
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  • Delivering responsive images

    Hi. Just wondering if someone could please share some tips to ensure our images render for all devices. We want to deliver responsive images and are having a little trouble consistently doing this. Any advice or instr...
    Natalie Hamilton
    created by Natalie Hamilton
  • I'd like to hear from teachers who have ported their Blackboard course to Canvas.

    I've presented my courses in Blackboard 9 for the last few years. Now, I want to experiment with Canvas. So, how difficult is it to port courses from BlackBoard? Once imported, how does your Canvas course look compare...
    Randolph Decker
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  • Recommendations for Organizing Bookmarks, Followings, and Groups (Oh My!)

    Good Morning Fellow Canvasphiles!   To be sure, there are a myriad of helpful, exciting resources available in our Community!  As a matter of fact, I "geek-out" and feel like a kid in a virtual candy-store!...
    Timothy Lampley
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  • New Gradebook: Tentative Q3 2019 transition date feedback

    We would like to change everyone over to New Gradebook when it impacts the least amount of active users, and provide ample time for training. Our tentative goal is Q3 of 2019, when many northern hemisphere s...
    Renee Carney
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  • Quantify and Objectify Instructor's Canvas Abilities

    Hi Canvas Community! Are there any schools/admins out there who are quantifying and objectifying how well their instructors are using Canvas? If so, what criteria are you looking at? Which reports are you pulling or ...
    Ariel Jagusztyn
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  • Global Nav Menu - Custom Tray

    Hello,   A recent Canvas update left a lot of institutions without the ability to add additional resources to their Canvas Global Navigation. Previous discussions include: Custom JavaScript/CSS Changes ...
    Robert Carroll
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  • Admins Adding Themselves to Courses

    If you are a Canvas admin for your whole account, you can view any course in that account. However, I was curious if anyone ever adds themselves as a teacher or course designer to certain courses.   If so, have ...
    Caroline Foley
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  • List of 'educational functions' that underlie tools

    Would like help and guidance from people in the community on an idea I am working upon. I have been thinking about the underlying educational functions that motivate use of tools in a LMS, considering both 'built-in" ...
    Michael Nardell
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  • Summer Professional Development/Learning

    This is our first school year using Canvas on a pretty small scale. We started the year with only 16 teachers at the high school and have grown to a little over 30. We offered some development sessions throughout...
    Colin Davitt
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  • Creating a Performance Task in Canvas

    I am an 8th grade Humanities teacher in Washington State.  My state is currently using the Smarter Balance Assessment (SBA) to assess students at the end of the school year.  I know that many other states ha...
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  • I want to manually grade a fill in the blank question...

    I want to use a fill-in-the-blank question because the students will enter several numerical values from some statistical output, but as they will all have different values, I can't enter pre-determined correct answer...
    Deborah Gaydos
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  • Jobs Board

    Are you looking to hire a Canvas Admin, Instructional Designer, Developer, or Canvas Savvy Teacher?  Do you have Canvas skills you are looking to leverage?  If you are looking for work or workers, consider r...
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