• Parent Onboarding Website

    How are you onboarding parents with Canvas? We have a site now but I think we need to update it. What things do you have on your onboarding materials/sites? Would anyone be willing to link your sites here?   I s...
    Colin Davitt
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  • Group member evaluations

    Many of our classes have students submitting projects as a group, and one way the individual members are evaluated is by taking into account their teammates' ratings of their contributions. For example, Group 1 (set u...
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  • Issuer Identifier(iss) issues, finding iss and uniqueness of iss

    Background: We are building a LTI 1.3 app, for that we are using TSUGI(GitHub - tsugiproject/tsugi: Tsugi Admin, Developer, and Management Console (pls join the dev list) ) to handle the LTI flows and we are bui...
    Zia Ul Rehman
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  • LTI for Science and Tech Unit in Canvas

    Hi,   We are trailing some canvas units to make it interactive and engaging for our students.   Is there any LITs you would suggest that could enhance learning.   Thanks,
    Ashok Thapa
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  • Looking for an APP for artwork

    I am looking for an APP that works with canvas so students can create artwork. What is a good suggestion?
    Sandra Lubchenko
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  • Training Course w/ Gradebook Data

    Hi Everyone,   We are looking to develop some hands-on training activities for our instructors, in particular, with the gradebook. I'd like to have class set up with fake students and data for the gradebook. The...
    Becky Shiring
    created by Becky Shiring
  • Canvas Improvements Needed

    I'm a student using Canvas, and although I'm more use to the BlackBoard user interface, Canvas seems to be sleeker with a bit more annoying user interface. I'm sure I don't have the correct forum to pose these improve...
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  • Attendance Solutions

    My college is looking into attendance solutions in Canvas, specifically to allow for taking attendance in large classes.  We need something that can incorporate scanning student ID cards or using something like a...
    Jonathan Barlar
    created by Jonathan Barlar
  • Google Analytics Help

    Hello Everyone,   We're looking to add additional tagging so we can ramp up the data collected in our GA system. Instructure has provided some documentation on how to add additional tagging but we'd really like ...
    Dean Holik
    created by Dean Holik
  • Best Pedagogy and Practices When Using "Modules"

    I teach a 300+ person a semester traditional* microbiology class. I originally designed my course with many interlinked pages, thinking that students would naturally be inquisitive about the information that would be ...
    John Buchner
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  • Prezi Next Embedding

    I was working on embedding a Prezi Next today and ran into issues with the HTML code. I didn't find a question thread so I thought I would make this discussion to bounce ideas on making this work.   Prezi Next h...
    Justin Dewell
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  • New Quizzes survey workaround and complete/incomplete

    I'm working in an environment where we use a lot of ungraded surveys and courses are large (200-500 enrollment). We've been transitioning to New Quizzes, and it's been bumpy. I've searched a lot in the community ...
    Jennifer Lubkin Chavez
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  • Test Students, LTIs, and Budget Concerns

    Like most Universities we have quite a few integration points in Canvas using LTI,  Many of the apps are paid resources that charge by user license.  What we've noticed is any faculty that uses the Student V...
    Matthew Palladinetti
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  • Jenzabar SIS and Canvas data uploads

    I'd like to reopen this conversation.  We still do not have a working SIS data upload system due to issues related with the tables in our Jenzabar registration module and how that office is dropping students from...
    Rona Tyger
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  • Request a new feature: Bulk upload graded student work in quizzes

    In Assignments, teachers can access and download student work, grade them with comments, and bulk upload them back into Canvas.   In Canvas' Quiz tool, suppose we have a question where students need to attach/up...
    Clare Din
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  • "force" students to read information?

    I'm trying to create a class where I have information that I want to have students acknowledge that they have reviewed it. Yes I'm new to Canvas, but I have really been researching this, and just cant find a clean way...
    Jim Burnham
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  • EBS Tracker functionality in Canvas

    Hi Canvas Fam!   Yet another random question.  EBS Tracker has the ability for you to make notes on individual student's circumstances (none-safeguarding related) and tie them to the student accounts. ...
    Stephen Taylor
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  • What SIS is best?

    Does anyone have recommendations on SIS with Canvas?
    Alexa Lantoria
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  • Setting Up Your Middle School Math Course

    Our district recently purchased Canvas for K-12.  I use it at my university for a reading course I teach.  I've set up the modules by week.  I'm not sure I'd like to do it this way for my middle school ...
    Mark Naffie
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  • Uptick in spam help desk calls

    Are any other admins seeing this? We went from roughly one-two per month reported spam calls to the Instructure help desk to nearly daily since June 12. What's going on?
    Aaron Bahmer
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