• OpenStax Content

    Hi Everyone, I imported the OpenStax Intro to Sociology book into a Canvas shell. I am able to find the PowerPoints and the Quizzes, but I cannot find any content. Does anyone know how to find the content in OpenStax...
    Tracie Bosket
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  • Jenzabar SIS and Canvas data uploads

    I'd like to reopen this conversation.  We still do not have a working SIS data upload system due to issues related with the tables in our Jenzabar registration module and how that office is dropping students from...
    Rona Tyger
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  • Has anyone used Fusion from Freedom Scientific?

    A faculty member forwarded me an email from one of his students who was concerned that his Fusion program wasn't working well with Canvas. For those of you who haven't heard of Fusion, it combines JAWS and Zoomtext so...
    Debbie Ellis
    created by Debbie Ellis
  • Integrate Khan Academy into Canvas.

    I would like to integrate the full function of Khan Academy in my Canvas. This would include their comprehensive practice, quizzes, and progression tracking tool. Has anybody in the Canvas community had experience wit...
    Christopher Kinna
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  • Completion did not appear in the analytics

    Hi everyone, I found out today that one of our staff members completed a course in Catalog and received a certificate of completion but their completion did not appear in the analytics report. I submit a ticket to C...
    created by jsowalsk@umd.edu
  • Provide Feedback for New Features

    Hi everyone, As a reminder, please vote up the feature ideas you want by January 27th and if you submit a feature idea please put your name in the contact information column. Lastly, add your institution to t...
    created by jsowalsk@umd.edu
  • GraphQL Examples

    Is there a resource with a set of working GraphQL queries? I'm still mystified by it and the graphiql interface, although I suspect a ten minute intro video might help get me over the hump.
    David Tod
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  • Report to see who all has set pronouns

    With the addition of personal pronouns I am curious to see how many people set them in our instance of Canvas.  Has anyone found a report or other method to see if pronouns have been selected for individuals?...
    Rick Murch-Shafer
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  • If we are using Terms to automatically conclude a course, can I change the end date to open the course access again?

    Canvas went live for us at the beginning of this semester, which was earlier this week. Although we didn't use them, we created course shells for the Fall 2019 semester in our Canvas instance. We are moving away from ...
    Debbie Ellis
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  • Rejecting Emoji Input on Display Name Field

    Has anyone had an issue with students changing their display name to all emoji characters? If so, what measures have you used to prevent it?
    Jeffrey Anderson
    created by Jeffrey Anderson
  • Turnitin

    This is my first experience with Turnitin.  I don't even know how to interpret what I'm looking at.  Can someone fill me in?  Thanks so much.   JMA
    Judith Anderson
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  • How to give all students the same comment...

    If you wanted to give every student the same comment, is there a way to do it as  "fill" or batch comment instead of pasting/typing it over and over in the Assignment Comments box?
    Stephanie Bridge
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  • HonorLock

    I want to start this discussion because I have never heard of this type of software before and wanted to know if anyone else has heard of it. I have concerns and wanted to know is this the new way of proctoring exams,...
    Sharon Connor
    created by Sharon Connor
  • SIS Rostering-How do you handle teachers leaving?

    This is our first year of rostering via Clever and our SIS (Aspen) in our K-12 district. Things have gone very well, but we've had issues when a teacher leaves. This fall we've had several teachers go on leave, or res...
    Bob Thomas
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  • Microsoft Teams

    Does this UX/UI look familiar? Canvas? Nope. It's Microsoft Teams which launches today. (A #slack competitor)  
    Rob Gibson
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  • Color Overlay - off by default?

    I'm beginning to think that the color overlay on the Dashboard should be off by default.  From a clearly design perspective it mostly detracts from courses that have an image. What's your opinion?  colo...
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  • Automatising the creation and association of courses in Canvas

    Hello, I understand that Blueprint courses needs to be created manually rather than using SIS-provisioned courses. However, what tools or scripts can use to create automatically blank automatic courses and linking th...
    Mari-Cruz Garcia
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  • Provide feedback for new features

    Hi everyone, Can you please provide your Institution name in the Important to Us Column of which features you feel that you want to see implemented by Instructure by Monday, January 27th and add any features ...
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  • Poorly Written/ Non-Discussed Quiz Questions

    I have noticed that on occasion, the curriculum quizzes we take after many lessons ask questions that are either phrased poorly so as to be confusing (and sometimes not reflective of the material) or ask about somethi...
    Ben Congdon
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  • Section for New Enrollments

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that the Section for New Enrollments feature in a listing is currently missing and only displaying self-paced. A bug has been reported to Instructure. In the meantime, ...
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