• Large course management: Sections/Groups

    UPDATE 2019: Have updated the table below to only reflect current observations with sections/ groups and large courses.    As we move into our final stages of implementing Canvas in a large University, ever...
    Jayde Colquhoun
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  • authentication of writing style

    Hello,  I have searched around to see if other instructors are having the issue I am, but I cannot seem to find an answer. I use turnitin as a teaching tool to reinforce all the instruction I provide about citin...
    Stacy Kimmey
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  • Barriers to Stakeholder Adoption

    So my questions are: For those of us with more fully-developed Canvas instances: What have the major impediments been to positive engagement by teachers/course designers and students? Were they predictable ...
    Zo Haskins
    created by Zo Haskins
  • Looking for a real-time student discussion space

    I have a class in which students talk in real time as they watch current affairs programs on TV while tweeting about them (it's a journalism reporting class). In the past we used a G+ community to do this but Go...
    Gordon Farrer
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  • How can you view outcome results at the Institutional Level?

    We would like to have our School Level Outcomes utilized in all courses and assessed for all students across courses. We are able to create the Outcomes and corresponding Rubrics for all instructors to utilize at the ...
    Kathryn Ann Dougery
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  • Outcomes and Canvas Data

    My supervisor, Eric Ludwig, has asked that I do a bit of research on using Outcomes at the Account (or Sub-Account) level and associated rubrics and then wanting to use Canvas Data to pull that information.  Our ...
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  • Do you use InstUI? We want to hear from you!

    Hi, Canvas developers! Our UI team is working on way to improve InstUI, Instructure's UI library, from an open source standpoint. If you are using InstUI in your projects, our UI team would like to...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Course Menu - Share out!

    Share a course homepage with the menu! Does your institution all have the same course menu or does everyone do something different? If you do have the same, what lessons learned do you have getting there?   ...
    Whitney Boswell
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  • Sample Student Community Resource Center in Canvas?

    Hello, I'm looking for a sample Student Community Resource Center built in Canvas. Is there anyone willing to share a short video tour of your student resource center? Or perhaps you have a link to your resource cente...
    Heather Holland
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  • Global Nav Menu - Custom Tray

    Hello,   A recent Canvas update left a lot of institutions without the ability to add additional resources to their Canvas Global Navigation. Previous discussions include: Custom JavaScript/CSS Changes ...
    Robert Carroll
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  • Group search is very slow when having large number of groups

    I am writing this post as I think it might be useful for other Canvas-users, but I am also interested in hearing others experience with courses with large amount of students and groups.   We are planning to have...
    Erlend Thune (admin)
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  • Creating pages in all classes at the same time

    How do I create things, like pages, in more than one class at a time?  
    Denise Reaves
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  • Best practices of copyright content

    Hi, Would like to know about the best practices for copyright process. We are Canvas LMS users and having difficulties with copyright content. Is there any external service (LTI) you will recommend for copyright? Is t...
    Avinash Sachdewani
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  • How can I use a Canvas course for academic advising purposes?

    Our school would like to start having Canvas "classes" for advising students. Each academic advisor would have a "class" and they would use this to push announcements out to their students, etc. Has anyone used Canvas...
    Melinda Yerdon
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  • Term Dates for 15 week and 8 week sessions.

    Our university has 15 week sessions and 8 week sessions within each given term. We are trying to figure out the best method to use term dates so that students cannot participate in their 2nd 8 week courses until the c...
    Erik Gustafson
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  • CAMS Enterprise and Canvas

    I have been working in SIS integration between Canvas and CAMS Enterprise for about a year now. Currently we have a workflow engine in place allowing us to run multiple SIS import configurations. We have also develo...
    Garth Egbert
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  • Reading Accessibility Tool

    Does anyone know of a tool that can be added in Canvas that is similar to the reading accessibility tool "Read & Write" that is a Google Chrome add-on?  We have a handful of students who use this tool for sup...
    Laura  Sharp
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  • Tagging Foreign Languages in Canvas for Accessibility

    Hi all,   I'm working on a project right now to help move some old language placement exams into Canvas and was tasked with coming up with some accessibility best practices and guidelines for our faculty wh...
    Laura Hamrick
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  • Formula Based Questions

    I want to ask students to report a measurement they would have taken during lab – they will be expected to take several measurements of several items but I’ll only ask about one. That sounds really easy, a...
    Darrin Jones
    created by Darrin Jones
  • Canvas + Virtual Simulations = Upcoming OpenSimulator Community Conference

    I wrote an open letter in the Hypergrid Business e-magazine in February 2017 -- about the need for an OpenSimulator (virtual learning simulation) viewer that can be integrated into Canvas.  My goal is for my stud...
    Kay McLennan
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