• Cell Color Choices

    I've got a couple "nice to have" things for suggested enhancements:   When in course "Grades", and you select "View" >> "Statuses...", it would be nice to have an option to revert back to the default colors...
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  • Sorting Student Names by Secondary Identifier (i.e. Section)

    It would be great if we could expand on the sorting capabilities of the student column by also allowing sorting by section or other secondary identification. Filtering by section continues to be nice, but sometimes ou...
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  • Not Able to Search Numbers within Secondary Info

    Description of the Bug: The search function can find a user by his/her SIS ID or Login ID (we label it as CityU EID) if alphabets are involved. However, SIS IDs for our students are 8-digit numbers and the search...
    Crusher WONG
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  • Fuzzy Text in sub menus

    Overall I like what I see with the new gradebook. Only thing that bothers me a bit is the text in the sub menus. It appears fuzzy and not as sharp as the other text in the gradebook. 
    Susan Nugent
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  • Delay in display of gradebook

    I am working in production on a course where I have one student and about 30 gradebook items. I've enabled the new gradebook and I get a delay between when I click on Grades. If I refresh, the gradebook inst...
    Tiffany Morgan
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  • Gradebook Grade History only appears to track one entry per day

    Description of the Bug: When testing out the new Grade History feature in the new Gradebook, I realized that it only appears to track one change entry per day (although it does appear to properly track grade chan...
    Doug Herstad
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  • Grade history log allows user to "revert" to current grade

    Description of the Bug: The new grade history log allows the user to easily revert a grade to an earlier entry.  This is great, however, the most recent grade history "after" entry allows the user to "revert...
    Doug Herstad
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  • Gradebook Not Loading

    Description of the Bug: I enabled the new gradebook in a course that an instructor uses for practice / exploration.  The gradebook will not load.  It just spins.   Steps to Reproduce: I cannot re...
    Valerie Rake
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  • Status color not changing - can't click apply button

     possibly related to this bug: Difficult to Change the Color of the Statuses to a Custom Color    Description of the Bug: When I try to change the color options for a Status, the box closes af...
    Sara Hagen
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  • Ability to export filtered gradebook

    Having the ability to filter the gradebook is brilliant and it has been very useful. We would like to see this filtered version of the gradebook to come through the export though. 
    Brigida Orioli Figueira
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  • Notification sent every grade update

    Hi, I must say "grade by question" feature is GREAT! This is exactly what we needed.  When I use this feature as a teacher, I get notifications of assignment submission every time I update the points/comments. ...
    Hajime Kumahata
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  • Sections Not Showing in Gradebook

    Description of the Bug: I have multiple sections in the grade book. Specifically, I have a section called Level 9 and Level 4. When show "all sections" is selected only the level 9 sections will show. When I sele...
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  • Grade History page - no navigation

    When you go to the Grade History page, there is no navigation that allows you to switch to Individual View or default view. You have to just use the back button. It would be nice if those options were present, as they...
    Christine M. Doherty
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  • Gradebook: Change Gradebook History Navigation

    Hey folks! While looking at the Gradebook History within the Grades section. I realized that there is no navigation option to return back to the Gradebook View or the Individual View page. While minor, adding a button...
    Doug Herstad
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  • [Total Column not aligned ]

    Description of the Bug: When move total column to front of gradebook, move to a different menu item and then back to gradebook view the total column moves back to end of gradebook BUT all columns details misalign...
    Nicola Langton
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  • Manually assigned "missing" status does not transfer to "message students who haven't submitted yet"

    [Introduction to bug, if necessary here]     Description of the Bug: When I manually assign a "missing" status to a student's assignment and then message students who haven't submitted, the student I m...
    Jordan Samsonas
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  • Feedback on New Gradebook

    Hello Colleagues and Canvas Dev team, Here is a little feedback about our observation and experience with the new gradebook so far.  We're about to start a pilot with several teachers using the new Canvas G...
    Joe Allen
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  • Lag in on-screen display of grades when importing a gradebook csv file

    Description of the Bug: It looks like there's a lag in updating/refreshing the on-screen display when importing a csv file to the gradebook   Steps to Reproduce: Export grades to a csv file Open with Excel,...
    David Long
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  • Conditional Logic for Pass/Fail Groups

    We would like to see Assignment Groups that can be set to pass/fail, while the items within the group are graded numerically, as is the course as a whole.   Several of our courses include categories which are pas...
    Stephanie Angrisano
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  • Column headers misaligned after moving Total column

    Description of the Bug: When using the Move to Front, then Move to End options for the Total column, I noticed the column headers became misaligned. I believe this was because the assignment columns were a differ...
    Christine M. Doherty
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