• Epub reader in Canvas

    Hello!   Are there are any apps one could use to enable the students to read epub-files directly in Canvas? The dream scenario would be if they could open a regular page in a course and then find the e-pub...
    Rebecca Asker
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  • Microsoft Teams

    Does this UX/UI look familiar? Canvas? Nope. It's Microsoft Teams which launches today. (A #slack competitor)  
    Rob Gibson
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  • Live Events & Caliper Improvements Design Discussion

    You've had an opportunity to review our development phases for this priority, as well as review greater design detail.  Let us know if you think we're on the right track.
    Renee Carney
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  • K-3 Language Arts

    Hello All, We are trying to put K-3 online. Does anyone have suggestions for apps that could be helpful.
    Rebecca  Chandler
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  • Chat

    What is the most effective way of using Canvas Chat with students?
    Stan Greil
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  • A Word of Advice

    As you are moving online, be aware of sporadic outages because of all the increased network traffic regardless of your Internet Service Provider. If something doesn't work at the present time, you will need to come ba...
    Eric Whitmer
    created by Eric Whitmer
  • Any ideas on how to teach a chemistry lab in an online format?

    Like many colleges, my school is looking to move to a fully online environment for the spring quarter, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to teach advanced O-Chem and General Chemistry labs without physica...
    Sean Ryland
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  • Question about using the Zoom integration with Canvas

    My colleague, who supports Zoom in our administrative group who don't use Canvas, is asking why we should use the Zoom integration with Canvas. He thinks it would be just as effective to create the meeting in the Zoom...
    Debbie Ellis
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  • Assignments Notification

    I would like to know if the assigned work is still valid with all the changes at out campus? 
    Jessica Mendez
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  • Measuring Student Happiness

    I was wondering what tools (if any) people are using to measure student happiness online.   Like everyone else, I am moving everyone online very suddenly thanks to CORVID. My hope was to have a popup on the fron...
    Julian Ridden
    created by Julian Ridden
  • Front page design

    I'm new to canvas and have a decent understanding of how to structure the content of my page.  I am curious about creating a professional looking front page.  Are there any resources that I can use to create...
    Kalle Spear
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  • Have you switched over to the enhanced RCE (Rich Content Editor)?

    I was looking at my account's Feature Options and noticed the option to turn on the enhanced RCE.  Mine is currently set to "off."  I am curious to learn if many others have turned this feature on, and if so...
    Rebecca Penina Simon
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  • Ability to write out math equations on a tablet and submit through Canvas?

    Looking for suggestions on software that students could use to draw math equations on a WACOM tablet or tablet computer and include the equations in the submissions for a math assignment. What would be cool is to have...
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  • Are any schools using ReadSpeaker successfully

    Are any schools currently using ReadSpeaker successfully?   We did a pilot of the text-to-speech product more than a year ago and ran into speed and compatibility problems using it with Canvas. At the time, it s...
    Jeff Nuckles
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  • Please consider SCORM for Free for Teachers

    This coronavirus has pushed many of us online.  I can't run scorm packages with the Free for Teachers account.  Please consider allowing this while we try to deal with this virus.
    Farah Vallera
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  • For those schools that are closed due to COVID-19, have you been using Canvas Conferences for remote learning?  If so, please share your experience.

    My school is located in New York City (5 Boros).  It's only a matter of time before our school closes due to COVID-19.  Many schools are using Zoom, Google Meet, or another tool for video conferencing. ...
    Rebecca Penina Simon
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  • Speech Therapy

    Hi,  Any speech therapists using Canvas? If so, how well does it work for remote learning?
    Kathleen  Zambon
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  • What are your top 5 tips for teachers in regards to remote learning?

    Since I am a Canvas admin, I received the attached PDF.  My principal does not want me to share it with my teachers since understandably, they are on overload.  Rather, he wants me to come up with 5 top tips...
    Rebecca Penina Simon
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  • I am looking to get a new laptop for my online classes, what are the computer specs and laptops do you suggest for a Bachelors in Business Administration?

    Hello, I am looking into getting a new laptop for my online classes in the Bachelor's in Business program, any suggestions for the computer, specs, and especially for storage and downloading assignments.   Than...
    Debbie Millward
    created by Debbie Millward
  • Vendor Curriculum

    I am looking for new curriculum for our school to help the teachers with their classes. Are there any recommendations for curriculum that works well with Canvas?    Thank you
    Dionna Randas
    created by Dionna Randas