• Leaving a Comment

    In the old grade book, there was an option to leave a comment directly on an assignment from the grade book. This is not available on the beta right now. This is a very valuable option that should be in the new grade ...
    Elizabeth Beatty
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  • Difficult to Change the Color of the Statuses to a Custom Color

    Description of the Bug: When you try to add a custom color number (under "view" and "statuses"), it is nearly impossible to type in the number before the dialogue box closes.   Steps to Reproduce: In the new...
    Jordan Samsonas
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  • Cross hairs

    Wish the crosshairs would move around the page with you. Meaning where ever your pointer was it would highlight the row and column without having to click in a cell. Better yet have a toggle switch to allow active cro...
    Josh Stuart
    last modified by Josh Stuart
  • Default Status View

    I like the ability for teachers to be able to edit statuses and colors and all of that but from an admin side I would like the ability to toggle these between their creation and a default view. The reason being to mak...
    Josh Stuart
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  • Sticky Gradebook View

    I like that users can customize their gradebook view, leave the page and comeback and it appears just as they left it. As an admin however, our one-size fits all instructions will no longer apply. I already know that ...
    Josh Stuart
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  • Exporting grades in Sections

    Description of the Bug: When exporting grades in sections you can only export the whole course not the filtered section.  This makes it redundant restricting staff to sections as they can export all data reg...
    Lauren Sayer
    last modified by Lauren Sayer
  • Menus

    A few comments on the menu design: 1) The student name menu is not that discoverable. It would be nice if the three dots icon could appear without hover. I think a lot of users will have trouble finding these functio...
    Christine M. Doherty
    last modified by Christine M. Doherty
  • Faculty Feedback

    (We have about a dozen instructors trying the new Gradebook this semester, and are in the process of collecting feedback based on their experience so far.  I will submit more comments as they come in. ) ...
    Chris Palmarini
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  • Gradebook and grading feedback

    The mute button in Speedgrader needs to be moved; it is too close to the Gradebook button so it is easy to release marks before we are ready. Separate muting/unmuting for assignments in Sections. Would be great if ...
    Lauren Sayer
    last modified by Lauren Sayer
  • Option to Display Email Address

    Just to push one of my own agendas, is this feature anywhere on the map for this set of updates? Display Default Email in Gradebook and Speedgrader 
    Valerie Rake
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  • Ability to hide total columns

    Give teachers the ability to "hide" individual assignment group and course total columns.  If the column is hidden, don't display the total to students either.  This has been a much requested feature at our ...
    Christopher Casey
    last modified by Christopher Casey
  • Filter by Assignment Group, with unexpected persistence

    I've enabled the new gradebook in an online summer class that is just ending. As is often the case in online courses, there are many, many assignments, which can make the gradebook unwieldy to navigate under the best ...
    Linda J. Lee
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  • Allow creation of grade columns without publishing an assignment

    Our instructors are constantly asking for a way to enter grades without having to publish an assignment, for test scores or other offline activities. Sometimes they want the grades to be included in calculation, other...
    Christine M. Doherty
    last modified by Christine M. Doherty
  • Absent Status

    Add "Absent" to the "Status" options 
    Elizabeth Beatty
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  • Notes Don't Save

    Description of the Bug: Any information typed into the optional "Notes" column does not save. This occurs even when switching between sections.   Steps to Reproduce: Type information in the cell, switch to a...
    Kristin Lundstrum
    last modified by Kristin Lundstrum
  • New assignments added to the right of the assignment group total columns

    Description of the Bug: When I add a new assignment, the total column for that particular assignment populates to the right of the assignment group total columns. It seems that it would make more sense if the ne...
    Jordan Samsonas
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  • Needs Grading Feature

    So we are in the middle of a transition from Blackboard and a feature that faculty loved was the Needs Grading tool. What it does is allow the instructor to grade all currently submitted items one after the other. Rig...
    Jon DeGroot
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  • Wow!  Just wow!

    The filter by module feature is precisely what was needed.  It looks great, and is absolutely awesome...~!    It tells me the story of where I am with the grading for each week in a single view with mi...
    last modified by fernerj@erau.edu
  • Student cells greyed out randomly

    Description of the Bug: Some students cannot enter data into gradebook cells   Steps to Reproduce: In our course sections some students are greyed out and you cannot add data.  
    Lauren Sayer
    last modified by Lauren Sayer
  • Filter by Assignment

    I am reposting here, because my previous post didn't have a subject:   The new assignment group and module filters are great, but in courses with hundreds of assignments (yes we have many such courses at IU), it...
    last modified by leward@iu.edu