• Gradebook

    How do I determine the total points in the grade book?
    Linda Meyers
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  • Using the Quizlet LTI

    I just created instructions for a faculty member who uses Quizlet so that she can integrate the flashcards within Canvas. There were resources in the Canvas Community about Quizlet along with other LTI's, but nothing ...
    Denise Dejonghe
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  • Allowing Export gradebook by section(s)

    232 votes
    Idea is currently in Product Radar Learn more about this stage...   Reposting an old request that we made last year. Now that we have fully transitioned to Canvas. It is becoming increasingly clear that this ...
    Hongfu Chen
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  • Unlocking Modules for individual students

    252 votes
    Idea is currently in Product Radar Learn more about this stage...     Hi all,   This idea has already been requested, but did not get enough votes. Manually Override Module Requirements for Stude...
    Hamza Mukaddam
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  • How do I add a profile picture in my user account as a student?

    If your institution has enabled profile pictures, you can add and change profile pictures in your account. If you do not see a placeholder picture in your user settings, your institution has not enabled this feature. ...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • PSK12 Bulletin Board: 8/17/2018

      Hello Admins,    The weather is cooling down, the Target Back-To-School section is a disaster area, and teachers everywhere are readying their classrooms for a new school year. Take a minute to catc...
    Tyler Hill
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  • Remove 'Allowed attempts' from 'Allow multiple attempts' in Quizzes.Next - Redundant

    Open for Voting
    1 vote
    Remove the second check box to allow attempts. This seems redundant.
    Lynnette Dornak
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  • can quizzes be taken on the app

    can quizzes be taken on the app?
    Mary Ann Fischer
    created by Mary Ann Fischer
  • Sub-account level role for accreditation visitors

    We're interested in creating a sub-account-level role (or is it an account-level role with people assigned to department sub-accounts?) for a visiting accreditation team.    Below is the list of permissions ...
    Sara Hagen
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  • Dad Jokes.Succeeding

    In the spirit of Grab the big shoes and pile into the car, I would like to continue your daily dose of laughter. We all know it is the best medicine and far to often we all take ourselves to serious. So this is the pl...
    Matthew Jennings
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  • Provide A. B. C. D. or A) B) C) D) etc. for answers to quiz questions

    Open for Voting
    0 votes
    We are moving from Bb Learn to Canvas. In importing a variety of quizzes, it's become apparent that someone has to manually add A) B) C) D) or A. B. C. D. etc. prior to the answers for each quiz question. If a profess...
    Daniel Christian
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  • Allow folders in Pages

    975 votes
    Idea is currently in Product Radar Learn more about this stage...             The Files section of Canvas allows folders for organizing files. Pages does ...
    Beck Hasti
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  • How to embed a Zendesk Chat Widget in Canvas?

    I'm attempting to embed a Zendesk chat widget in my Canvas instance. A Zendesk chat widget is *normally* embeddable in a website using a simple <script> tab, like the one below:   <!-- Start of emeritus ...
    Kunal Ashar
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  • Share a Quizlet set

    How do you share a Quizlet set that I have already created in an announcement? Every time I click the Quizlet button on create an announcement and search the title it finds no results regardless of what I search.
    Emily Raska
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  • Self-Enrollment by Secret URL into Specific Section

    Open for Voting
    106 votes
    Allow users to #self-enroll in a Canvas course via the secret URL into a specific #section within that course. Doing so would remove the need to manually move/assign sections to each user.   Basically, add a f...
    Marie Roberts
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  • Calendar Issues

    Hi Friends, I love the Canvas Calendar! However,  a few issues I need help with.   1. After creating an event, I can usually drag it to cross multiple days (mouse over edge of Event). But it defaults to 12...
  • New Gradebook: FAQ

    How far along are you and when will you be done? We've made great progress with the New Gradebook, but feature work is still in development so the project is not yet complete. The Gradebook is gene...
    Christi Wruck
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  • Anonymous Discussion Forums

    297 votes
      Idea is currently in Product Radar Learn more about this stage...   Idea: Instructors can create discussions that allow for posts to be made anonymously   Use Cases: As an instructor, I want to cre...
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  • Consolidation of two sections

    Can I consolidate two sections myself or do I need University IT support? 
    Louis Carfagno
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  • Merge two cross-listed courses in Canvas

    I'm teaching a course cross listed in statistics and mathematics. In canvas, they are two separate courses. How can I merge the two so I don't need to duplicate the effort of posting any information?   Thanks! &...
    Jia Li
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