• Exporting Content

    How to export content from one Canvas account to another
    nathaniel peralta
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  • Accumulated Content Size

    I know that the maximum file size for uploading is 500MB per file. What I want to know is if there is a cap on accumulated size of all the course contents per course.
  • New Quizzes: Add Media Recording to Text Editor

    Open for Voting
    205 votes
    I would love for there to be an audio option embedded in the Quizzes.Next text editor so that I could record an audio of me reading the question directly to each question. You can now record one somewhere else like Au...
    Katie Jones
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  • How to embed a video from safe you tube

    Hi!   I want to embed a video to an assignment (without ads) and be able to also have students upload a media recording as a response in the same assignment.  Can you help me?   Dawn Campbell dawn.ca...
    Dawn Campbell
    created by Dawn Campbell
  • Uploaded images no longer function in Safari

    Uploading and embedding images in Canvas during last academic term worked fine...   [Addendum: Following suggestion from browser guide, I tried using in a Safari "private window." That workaround revealed the im...
    Christopher Woodruff
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  • Service Account Best Practice

    Hello,   What is the recommended best-practice for creating a service account for API access? I suppose I could create a user with "+ People" button, set a strong password and then create an API key, but I'd pre...
    Jon Krueger
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  • Is it possible to rearrange the order of rubrics?

    Is it possible to rearrange the order of how rubrics are listed on the Course Rubrics page? I would like them to be in the order of when they are used? Thanks, Lynn
    Lynn Roper
    created by Lynn Roper
  • Penalisation for late assessments in Grade Centre setting??

    How do I set a 10% per day penalisation for late assessments in Grade Centre??
    Mark Heller
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  • Can I repurpose the Guides for my institution's use?

    The Guides (and all resources—including printed guides, tutorial videos, and Canvas New Feature Screencasts) are a resource for the entire Community and are designed to help everyone understand and learn about I...
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  • stolen computer ,using old one,can it affect my acsess online to my course work?

    My computer was stolen and im having to use an older computer now, ive been trying to take a quiz but im being denied acsess to it for some reason is there a reason i cant from this computer? can i get a new on throug...
    daniel luckett
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  • Google Drive to Canvas

    Can I link my Google Drive to Canvas?  I only see the option for OneDrive, I think that is because that is what my district uses.  Can I add it as an option as well.   I am trying to load google doc wh...
    Jan  Funderburg
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  • Transferring tests to another account 

    Hello I need to know if there is a way to transfer my classes and all my assignments and tests for one account to another. Some how my school set me up and then invited me to another. thank you for you help 
    Eric Saenz
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  • HTML Editor?

    When I create a new page and edit it I never get the HTML editor option.  How do I get that to show up or where do I find it so I can embed outside content?   Thanks!
    Wendy Hunter
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  • Link between two Canvas courses

    If a student is in two Canvas courses can I create a link in one Canvas course to connect to a module in another Canvas course?
    Natacha Edmondson
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  • Are you a World Language Teacher using Stepping Stones?

    I would love to hear from you! I would like to get a group collaboration going with the goal of setting up Tina Hargaden's Stepping Stones curriculum structure  in Canvas. It could be as simple as embedding the P...
    Stephanie Mignone
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  • Why does the "Launch External Tool" button show up for students using the iPad app?

    For example, I am trying to embed video from Canvas studio into a course and the student view just shows a "Launch External Tool" button. And then it takes you to the video.  If I upload the video to youtube and ...
    Jared Callis
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  • How to delete a submitted paper in the tray using the Turnitin tool?

    How to delete a submitted paper in the tray and re-submit a new paper using the Turnitin tool?  This is because the submitted paper is wrong, which needs to be deleted. Thanks. R. Pu
    Ruiliang Pu
    created by Ruiliang Pu
  • New Quizzes: Next button for Module Progression

    Open for Voting
    214 votes
    There should be a "Next" and "Previous" button in Quizzes.next/New Quizzes like there is for regular quizzes, assignments, pages, etc. When a student is in the flow within a module, they are able to advance through th...
    Gaylen Jensen
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  • Ability to share a rubric to the Commons

    Open for Voting
    327 votes
    As a Canvas Admin I can add a rubric to the Outcomes area which allows faculty to click "Find a Rubric" when adding a rubric to either an assignment or to a discussion.  Would it be possible to share a rubric cre...
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  • Copy a question in a quiz

    I want to include In a quiz I am building several similar questions. Can I create just one question, copy it, insert the copy into the same quiz and edit the copy? 
    Vladimir Rotar
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