• Allow Importing of Rubrics from csv Format

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    Similar to a previously archived idea here: (Create rubrics offline and then upload.), it would be very, very helpful to be able to create a rubric offline and then import it into either the course or to a specific as...
  • What are the steps to initiating my classes from the dashboard?

    What are the steps to initiating my classes from the dashboard?
    Robert Bryan
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  • Work-based evidence folder?

    Can learners create a folder to store work-based evidence so the tutor can see it? Very new to Canvas so apologies if this is a simple task and/or if it's been asked before. 
    Adam Williams
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  • How do I get the background of my table to alternate colors between rows.

    I currently have a table on my homepage of canvas and all of the rows are solid white. I would like to make every other row a light grey so that it is easier to read down the table. Is this possible?
    Brooke Edwards
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  • My gif isn't giffing.

    I normally use gifs for my course view cards. However, 2 out of 6 of mine are moving on the course settings page but not in the actual card view. This is only annoying me. I am sure it's not a big deal to the students...
    Lori Campbell
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  • How can I get my MacBook Air to load Canvas?

    I can log into my account and it lets me in, however, I can't see anything. The application won't load. Help?
    Kelly Corbin
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  • Is there an option to disable global nav when viewing a single course?

    Hello,   I'm looking at 'embedding' a single Canvas course within a Microsoft Teams which is dedicated to the same course.       I can paste the URL to the course, and it loads fine, but it a...
    Glen Parker
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  • Disable navigation links but still have content visible?

    Is it possible to disable navigation links but still have the content be accessible to students?  I teach 7th graders and to make things as simple as possible for them I use "buttons" (clickable images) on my hom...
    Rachael Behrens
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  • Students creating voice over presentations

    Is there a way for students to do a voice over presentation through Canvas? Or would they need to do the voice over in the presentation format (powerpoint, google slides, etc) and just upload that?
    Jessica Scott
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  • Planbook

    Does Canvas have a planbook? If so how do I access it?
    robin solano
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  • I cannot get a token.

    I set up a new canvas server and use my old code which is workable to get a token.   However, I get following error. {"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"authorization_code not found"}   In the s...
    Gary Teng
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  • What does caculate your grade mean?

    I need help with my numercial grade
    Nadine Emery
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  • Only Test Student shows in Speed Grader.

    Only Test Student shows in SpeedGrader. I have 0/34 submissions graded but I am not able to access them. The only option in the drop down next to Test Student is Test Student.  I am a 3 year Canvas user and have ...
    Sean McVey
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  • Mylab Stat Mastering access on Iphone

    I'm enrolled in STAT 211.  I just downloaded the app for my iPhone and I'm able to see all the information as if I were on my laptop.  However, when I select the Mylab and mastering, it takes me to the page ...
    Edwin Berenguer
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  • Showing calculated totals in grades

    I would like my students to be able to see their total calculated grade as they go throughout the semester. Currently where their grade should be posted there is a comment that says "Calculation of totals has been dis...
    Ashley Williams
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  • Ext URL and .ASP Site

    Has anyone else found that trying to input .ASP in to the External URL input in a Module will either show a broken iFrame or nothing as seen below.    Example: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/mfi....
    Sarah Canatsey
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  • How to move quiz questions into a testbank?

    I imported Canvas testbank from my textbook publisher and it created quizzes with all questions. It did not create test banks. I want to create exams with a specific number of random questions but there are not any te...
    Brandi Peace
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  • Where do the file paths for custom Canvas theme images come from?

    I've recently installed an instance of Canvas cloned straight from Github onto on an Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machine to test out things. I've noticed that when I connect from the host machine that custom images I've...
    Robert Payne
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  • What is SAM?

    I am in the Computer Concepts and keep reading about SAM. Can someone please tell me what this is?
    sandi lawrence
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  • Rubric issues when importing from Blackboard

    We are just starting our migration from Blackboard to Canvas and are trying to figure out rubrics.  We know that Canvas rubrics can only be point values, so we going in and changing the Blackboard rubrics to poin...
    Melissa Morris
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