• Lauch Live Room Error

    I'm a tech working from home with professors through this chaos of the coronavirus. A professor is having trouble with the Lauch Live Room section of his canvas course. When he goes to click Lauch Live Room he gets th...
    Hardy Thorson
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  • Speedgrader not loading: stuck on loading screen

    To whom it may concern,   I am trying to grade an assignment in Canvas but the SpeedGrade screen is stuck on the Loading Screen. How do I get SpeedgGrader to work?   Sincerely, Josiah Rippetoe
    Josiah Rippetoe
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  • Assignment Comments Should Have Notifications Sent to Teachers

    0 votes
    When students make comments in their assignments AFTER it has been graded, teachers don't see them because they don't know about them. There should be something that either alerts teachers that students have made comm...
    Sean McPherson
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  • How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?

    You can get help with Canvas by using the Help menu. Depending on your user role, the Help menu generates a list of resources to help you with Canvas. Canvas displays links according to roles in all enrollments; for i...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Hide Inactive Enrollments on People Page

    Open for Voting
    472 votes
    Student enrollments which have been set to the "inactive" status currently show up on the People page tagged with the "inactive" label. We are now using the inactive status for students who have enrolled in a course, ...
    Lindy Foster
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  • How do change default 0 graded to be blank until graded?

    How do i change and ungraded assignment for student displaying 0 to not display anything until graded?
    last modified by TERRY BICKLEY
  • Common announcement to all my classes

    Open for Voting
    245 votes
    i teach five different classes (classes, not sections! ) and I have an announcement to make to all my classes. Currently, the only way seems to be - make the announcement five times, once in each class.   Should...
    Badari Eswar
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  • Microsoft Teams Meetings in Canvas

    Introduction Installation Turn On Key Copy Client ID View App Configurations Add New App Enter ID Install App View App Usage View Microsoft Teams Meetings Sign In to Microsoft...
    Cody Titmus
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  • Automatic due date reminder notifications

    Open for Voting
    163 votes
    Please add a notification option (preferably turned on by default) that sends a reminder notification 24 hours before a quiz or an assignment is due, to any student who has not already submitted it.  Currently it...
    Shoshana Brassfield
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  • how to create a course certificate

    Is there a way to create a course certificate when not using Canvas Catalog?
    created by TERRY BICKLEY
  • How do I restore grades that I can still see in Gradebook History to the active Gradebook?

    Last night suddenly all of the grades I had recorded manually for Face to Face classes that are now remote disappeared from the Gradebook. I think they are still in Gradebook History. How do I undo this change? It hap...
    Lane Fletcher
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  • How do I view the course access report for an individual user?

    You can view the course access report for an individual user in the People section of your course. The course access report shows a summary of user participation in your course and complements the Total Activity colum...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Allow Students to Change ONLY Display Name

    Open for Voting
    255 votes
    Resurrect this feature request, I want to vote in favor of it! On Profile Allow Students to Change Display Name Only "It would be great if users had the ability to edit their display names but not their "full names"...
    Gabrielle E. Orsi
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  • Pear Deck

    Open for Voting
    75 votes
    Pear Deck is a tool that allows each student in a class to connect to an interactive presentation on any device, answer questions, etc. How does Pear Deck Work? - YouTube    We license Pear Deck in my ...
    Stephen Simpson
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  • How do I find an existing outcome to add to an account?

    All outcomes added at the account or sub-account level will be available to courses within the account. You can find and import Account Standards, which are outcomes that have been created by you or other users with a...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Student assignment comments should appear in Teacher activity To-Do stream

    Open for Voting
    185 votes
    I would like to see this idea open for voting again. Our organization is new to Canvas 2015-16. We are just now figuring this out. When a student makes a comment on an assignment, it does not appear in the "To-Do" st...
    Lisa Ragland
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  • How to assign a quiz to a single student?

    Hello, I am trying to personalize quizzes by assigning them to individual students (groups of students). I tried curl 'https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/123/quizzes/456/overrides.json' \ -X POST \ -F 'assign...
    Taras Zagibalov
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  • Grading Quizzes on Canvas

    1) How do I use the SpeedGrader to grade a quiz on Canvas? 2) How do I grade uploaded work for a quiz? 3) How do I update scores after grading uploaded work?
    Banmali banerjee
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  • auto scrolling down in modules

    I have a teacher who says every time he goes to modules, it automatically scrolls down to the bottom. He's using Chrome as his browser. Is there a way to adjust this so when he click on modules it stays at the top?
    Shanda Cunningham
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  • Add audio files

    How do I add audio to my questions banks or test?
    Manuel Castaneda
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