• Home page image doesn't appear

    Home page image is not visible from 'Home'.   It shows on the page, and is filed in the course files, but won't transfer to 'Home'. Thanks in advance
    Mary Jacks
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  • Why when I do a Rich Content Recording in a Post or in the grade book, does it not allow me to them one after another without refreshing the area?

    When I want to create a quick message for a student as a hello or feedback, regardless of the area of Canvas I am in, when I create it and post it and move on to the next student to provide their individualized video,...
    Brent Scholar
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  • Solicitud de información [Information request]

    ¿En que parte encuentro la información para crear una página interactiva?   Este mensaje ha sido traducido usando Google Translate.   Where do I find the information to create an intera...
    Juan Manuel Godinez
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  • Does Canvas have an annotation tool for students?

    I'd like my students to be able to annotate and highlight as they read. Does Canvas have any way for students to do that within content pages or embedded pdfs? 
    Sally Potter
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  • Extra Student Name Column in Gradebook

    In my grade book, I have an extra column of students' names immediately to the right of the column. Is there any way to get rid of that column? 
    Janelle Gormley
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  • Trouble Accessing Video Recordings on Canvas Conferences

    Good Afternoon!  I teach at a community college that uses Canvas, and since COVID-19, I've been using the Conferences tool to share and record online lectures.  It's worked wonderfully for the most part....
    Beth Ingle
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  • Cambiar mi contraseña a una que yo elija [Change my password to one of my choice]

    Ustedes me dieron mi contraseña. Como puedo yo cambiarla y poner mi propia contraseña   Este mensaje ha sido traducido usando Google Translate.   You gave me my password. How can I change it and p...
    Begoña Garcia Gonzalez
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  • Importing Survey

    I want to import a survey to another module
  • Attendance Question

    Is there a way to take attendance for the same roster in Canvas more than once a day?
    Jessica Robinson
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  • Uploading a video onto discussion board

    I'm trying to upload a video in a discussion board for one of my classes. I have tried an MP4 upload as well as a widows media player upload. When i'm finished uploading my video onto the discussion board, it shows up...
    Theodore Ross
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  • Grade Book shows icons and not points or percentages

    I have several assignments in my grade book that are showing with a page and exclamation point icon (different than just the page icon.  I have graded the assignments, but the grades will not show in the grade bo...
    Nikki Holden
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  • Student’s Name does not appear on People list

    I am using Canvas Free for Teachers. A student's name does not appear under the "People." I am able to see his login ID, his role, his section, the date/time of his last activity, and his total activity. However, his ...
    Kisa Harris
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  • Import Users into a Catalog Course?

    Is there a way to import users into a Catalog course in bulk such as a CSV file?    Thanks   Scott 
    Scott Hughes
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  • Cross-Listing Courses with Content

    Hello, I am going to cross-list two courses in Canvas and both courses have content (no submissions). Will the contents be over-wright, or duplicated? Please advise. Thank you!
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  • Showing Listing Based on Authentication

    Hello All,   Is it possible to show/hide listings based on the authentication method or prevent enrollment based on the account type/authentication method? Our environment allows for Canvas (for external users) ...
    Robert Romano
    created by Robert Romano
  • Why is my photo not uploading correctly?

    I have tried multiple formats to upload a photo from my computer to my canvas profile. When I upload the image, on the profile page the circle turns all white, and on the account page the circle has a rectangle in it....
    Kaitlin Sanchez
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  • ZOOM Integration in Free (Instructure) Account

    ZOOM Integration Question- QUESTION: Do I have to have a pair PRO account to access the webconferencing features of CANVAS? . I work for a small non-profit institution facilitating professional development for K-12 fo...
    Tim Blesse
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  • Done button

    How do I add a done button to a page
    Lynne Shoecraft
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  • Scholastic/Canvas LTI Integration

    Many of my teachers subscribe to the Scholastic Classroom Magazines. I am following Scholastic's directions on how to add the LTI integration to Canvas, but having no success. After adding the App with the key, secret...
    Lena Darnay
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  • Copy course without links referring back to older course

    How can I copy a course  to a new semester but not have it referring back to the older course?
    RAy Sumner
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