• How do I remove a test from the Archive

    How do I remove a test from the archive?
    John Pennington
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  • Restrict visibility via role

    Is there any way to restrict the visibility of certain elements (e.g., a button) in a course for a certain group of people? We are looking for ways to do so via roles, but not sure if there are other specific rol...
    HJ L
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  • How do I embed a YouTube video for my speech class in an assignment where there is not a text box?

    When I recorded my speech, it's in a format that is not supported by Canvas (.mts file). The professor said I could post it to YouTube and then embed it. However, the only instructions I've found for embedding with ri...
    Joshua Summerhill
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  • Can I modify the home page for instructors?

    Can I modify the home page for instructors?   Specifically, after I have imported content, I really have no need for "Import from the Commons" and "Course Setup Checklist".  
    Dr. McKale
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  • Using LTI 1.3, get the assignment ID back in resource request

    We are using LTI 1.3. After deeplinking is completed, when we click on the assignment, we get invalid url if we append a parameter (like the assignment Id) to the return url. We passed a custom parameter for the assig...
    Corwin Support
    created by Corwin Support
  • Editing a marked assessment

    I have to edit my formative assessment question which has already been marked.  It is not letting me do this for some reason?? Confused
    kartika Breen
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  • Email question

    How do I get in touch with my instructor for my course? The email doesn't seem to work.
    Marlene Bishop
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  • How do you re-order quizzes?

    Hi there,   I simply want to re-order the multiple quizzes that I have created within one of my courses, but there is no simple option for re-ordering them. I can't drag and drop, and no obvious way in any drop-...
    Mark Anderson
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  • Google Analytics and Catalog?

    We've gotten a request from one of our customers to add some Google Analytics to a specific sub-catalog in order to gather additional data about how customers are interacting with that site. I've played with the custo...
    Eric Floyd
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  • Streamlining or removing previous courses from the grading menu of Observers

    Hi there,   As we enter our third year, we are hearing from users with Observer roles that they have an unmanageable number of courses that appear on the dropdown menu used for checking grades. This is the main ...
    Tim Batiuk
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  • Settings Question for iPads Using Google Docs

    Some of our teachers are having an issue w/ Canvas where they have created a document in Google docs and shared it w/ their students so they could type on it on their ipads and chromebooks. Its working ...
    Debbie Stephens
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  • Can't open a PDF in speedgrader

    Why can't I open a pdf submission for just 2 students in my class.  The rest of the class shows the pdf automatically for me to annotate on. One i have to download the file, the other I can't open it at all. ...
    Patricia Smith
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  • Spelling and grammar check in speedgrader

    Can you use a spelling and grammar check in speedgrader?
    Kathy McCabe
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  • Self enroll as a teacher?

    Had someone ask if you could make the self enroll function add the user as a teacher vs. a student. I can't find anything about it or a way to do it, so thought I'd ask! 
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  • Can you have an assignment with groups and individual students

    Hi,   I want to create an assignment that students can do either 1. In group or 2. As an individual It is up to the student.   Can I create one group assignment and leave the students that want to submi...
    Tobe Baeyens
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  • Completed Assignments not dropping off to-do list on app

    I completed an assignment for a class that I submitted, the grade is in the course, but it still appears on my to-do list and says it has not been submitted. How do I fix this? Is anyone else having this issue? Even w...
    Summer  Breeze
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  • What are groups for?

    What are groups intended to be used for?
    Brian Jensen
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  • Revise a Quiz After Completed

    I have an instructor who recently gave a quiz to his students and then realized that there was an errant question on the quiz.  The quiz parameters were 50 questions, 2 points each.  He wishes to throw out t...
    Tom Alway
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  • quiz question

    Is there any way I can add an audio recording of myself reading quiz questions in a quiz? I have students who need oral presentation and I would like to avoid walking around and reading it aloud to each of them. ...
    Cassidi Brock
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  • Quiz: more than one correct answer to a question

    Hi, is it not possible to set more than one correct answer to a quiz question?
    Elisabet Göransson
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