• Grade book unable to grade?

    Grades have gone missing. Unable to enter final grades for end of term
    Gaylene Gott
    created by Gaylene Gott
  • Tooltips in new quizzes - are they possible to create?

    I would like to create tooltips (rollovers) to give hints to students for essay questions in my quizzes. Using classic quizzes makes it easy as there is the    Does new quizzes have this feature?
    Campbell Oxland
    created by Campbell Oxland
  • Student Instruction Video on Using Studio to Make Video

    Is someone aware of a good video that is designed for students on how to make Studio Videos?  I have seen this video on the video guide - Managing Studio Media (Instructors).  It doesn't seem to be ideally f...
    Michael Smiley
    created by Michael Smiley
  • Canvas Support

    Canvas Support How do get to Canvas Support for videos
    Gloria Boothe
    last modified by Gloria Boothe
  • How to: Copy jpeg from iphone

    How do I copy a jpeg file into canvas from my iphone?
    Michele Durkin
    last modified by Michele Durkin
  • Video not working

    I am in a geography class and I am suppose to watch the video titled "An Inconvenient Sequel: Speaking Truth to Power" and when I click on the link it says the video is unavailable to watch and does not play. I need t...
    Daniel  Cliff
    last modified by Daniel Cliff
  • previously turned in assignments

    How can I find previously turned in assignments?
    last modified by SHERRIE RICH
  • Designer vs Instructor

    What is the difference between the designer and the instructor?  What if one is having to fulfill both roles?
    Rebecca Montes
    last modified by Rebecca Montes
  • Reset the User Cache

    This is a followup to "Assignment Override via Canvas API", posted a week ago.   I've gone back and forth with Canvas Support and they say that assignment overrides via the API will NOT work, because "they may n...
    Glenn Downing
    last modified by Glenn Downing
  • Can I change group? Ans how to operate it.

    A friend of me want to change groups with me to stay in a group with her roommate. I really want to know the specific steps.Thank you.
    Qingyang Yin
    last modified by Qingyang Yin
  • How to pause and play e-Lectures

    I'm having some issues with some of the e-Lectures my neurology professor has uploaded to canvas. Essentially some of the lectures he has uploaded open in the canvas media player and give me full control to pause, pla...
    Joseph Lawson
    last modified by Joseph Lawson
  • How do I erase a course from my dashboard?

    How do I erase a course from my dashboard?
    cameron crawford
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  • How to link to Studio videos in a Canvas Page?

    I'm building a page with videos in my Studio, but rather than embedding each video I'd like to use a standard HTML link. Is there any way to do this and still have access to student video analytics? I can't seem to fi...
    Simon Ringsmuth
    last modified by Simon Ringsmuth
  • Recover Uploading Files from Canvas Mobile

    I submitted a video recording file that was too big for Canvas on my pixel 3 XL. I can, however, upload google photo links but since I recorded the video through canvas, it never saved to my camera roll. It there an...
    Matteo Kimura
    last modified by Matteo Kimura
  • How do I stay login to the app?

    How do I stay login to the canvas app?
    Eric Shultz
    last modified by Eric Shultz
  • Mobile Canvas App

    Hello everyone, I have just created a free account as a teacher on its website and been trying its mobile application. I am trying to log in to Canvas Teacher app with my account. Surprisingly, I cannot access Canvas...
    Mollika Veng
    last modified by Mollika Veng
  • I can’t submit an assignment through the Canvas app on my ipad (IOS)

    Why isn’t the submission process on the app (for me IOS) the same as it is on a desk top. I am not able to choose Office 365, which is where all of my assignments are. It’s frustrating having to use a comp...
    Julia Schriver
    last modified by Julia Schriver
  • Login to mobile app using alt login for SAML/SSO school

    Our institution uses SAML/SSO Login authentication. When logging into the Canvas Mobile app(s), it automatically redirects to the SAML/SSO login page. However, we also have several accounts that are still on...
    C Chastine
    last modified by C Chastine
  • Unable to log into canvas app (apple devices)

    I keep getting this error when trying to log into canvas app. I can log in fine through web browser but just won’t let me log into any of my apple devices, has anyone been able to resolve this?
    Kristy Kumar
    last modified by Kristy Kumar
  • Can’t find school

    Hello and I am having trouble finding my school into my canvas app on my iPhone , it was working totally done and all of sudden it kicked me out and I am trying to fond my school and it’s chamberlain university ...
    Yagna Jani
    last modified by Yagna Jani