• Is there an API for grade comments?

    I probably just missed it but, I cannot find anywhere in the API documentation for showing Grade comments or rubric instructor comments. Is it even possible? I am attempting to make a report card using the API and go...
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  • Access to copying content from a course

    In the document on course copy/import (How do I copy content from another Canvas course using the Course Import tool? ) it says "You only have access to copy content from courses from current or previous courses in wh...
    Nancy Webb
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  • Online Science Labs

    Hello all! We are looking to change our science lab providers for our Chemistry and Physics online offerings. Do any of you great Canvas users have experience with a particular science lab provider that: is HTML5 ba...
    Alan Kinsey
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  • To Do List on Student App

    Student app "to do" list view: #I have added a "to do" date to a page in my course but students can only see quizzes and asisgnments on their to do list on the student app.  Can students only see "to do's" for q...
    Lisa Keohane
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  • New Gradebook - the correct feedback not visible

    In the New Gradebook, all the assessments of my students on one of the assignments have been changed from green check or X, to written out with letters "not yet finished". When I click on an individual assignemnt I c...
    Linda Kajonious
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  • Have any K-12 instructional technology coaches created a survey to assess teachers' expertise/comfort level with Canvas to better inform your support and/or training?

    My hope is to create more targeted Canvas training/PD for teachers in 2019-2020. I plan to create a survey that will help me gather data to provide different tiers of support, but I thought it would be useful to see i...
    Kathleen Ayers
    created by Kathleen Ayers
  • Red Eyes to Black Eyes

    I'm aware of the update that caused the red eye icon to show up on some assignments.  I was able to fix them except on one assignment after the red eye icon went away a black and white eye appeared.  I went ...
    Amber Mann
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    My students cant see their grades posted   Thank you Ms. Toney
    Phyllis Johnson-toney
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  • Adding answers to multiple choice quiz questions via Canvas API

    Hi, I am trying to use the Canvas API to create quizzes on Canvas. I have managed to create quizzes in a course, and I have managed to add questions to the quizzes I created - no problems there. I am stuck at adding ...
    Alessandro Mottura
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  • Why is the Visibility Icon activated?

    We turned on the new gradebook and several of our instructors are seeing the Visibility icon active for select courses. It's the orange eyeball icon, BTW.   They didn't turn off grades for those assignment, so w...
    Stephanie Wilson
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  • Grades not visible to students

    My Grades page just started delaying grades being posted.  I now have the "eye with a line through it" icon meaning students can not see their grades to the last two assignments for the semester.  I did not ...
    Steven  Schedler
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  • Access to last year's course

    I have shared a course from Canvas to the Commons. I would like to hold on to this as a reference. Do I need to do anything else with it before the school year begins and I lose all the files, quizzes, etc.? 
    Alicia Buse
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  • Grammarly

    I've been using Grammarly in my classes for grading and overall posting and today Grammarly is gone!  What happened to it?
    Sherry Lantz
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  • What is the orange eye next to a gradebook item?

    Good morning, What's this orange eye icon next to the gradebook item?  It's not next to the other test. I'm assuming it's the invisible icon, how do I disable it? I don't see an option when I click the drop down...
    Christopher Brady
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  • Changes to New Gradebook ???

    Well, mama sys admin ain't happy, as well as about 450 faculty and countless students at my college.  The "eyeball" changes to the new grade book this past weekend (July 12 or so) is causing chaos. especially...
    Kate Burkes
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  • Export Rubrics

    How can an instructor export rubric-level scores from the Canvas Gradebook? Currently the grades per assignment can be exported, but we have a need to also show the breakdown of scores per assignment rubric.   A...
    Susie Boles
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  • Slashed Eye Icon...?

    What does the Eye with a Slash through it mean?  I'm seeing it in the gradebook -- next to student's names as well as with assignments.  TIA
    hillary houseman
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  • why does SpeedGrader reject some questions as "need review" ?

    I'm working with a teacher that is unable to simply add points for a student's response to an essay question submission without fudging the score. Video of the process is embedded here.   We can't figure out h...
    joe hobson
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  • Does anyone have a good tool for embedding rss feeds in a course?

    Hi all,   Does anyone have a good, free or inexpensive way to embed an rss feed into a Canvas course?  I used RSSInclude for a while but I couldn't really afford it once the trial ran out.   Thanks!
    Melissa Poole
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  • Abroad

    Does canvas work abroad? For example I have to go outside the USA for about a week. Will I be bale to access Canvas outside the USA?
    Miguel Molina
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