• Test student

    In the Grades section, what is the test student for?   Can anyone else but me see that?
    Nazik Arisian
    created by Nazik Arisian
  • Is there a way to 'unfavourite' all course by default?

    I am currently building courses for young students and I am trying to simplify their user experience. To that end I am trying to organise the dashboards of all students so that they can only see one course by def...
    Craig Nicholls
    created by Craig Nicholls
  • If a student did not take a quiz and later--long after the due date--wants to use that quiz for review, how can I make that possible?

    If a student did not take a quiz and later--long after the due date--wants to use that quiz for review, how can I make that possible?
    Wilber Johnson
    created by Wilber Johnson
  • Why cant I access my canvas dashboard?

    When I click on dashboard, only blank flashing boxes pop up. When I try clicking on them nothing happens. I try to view my classes by clicking on courses but when I do that I cant see my grades or submit anything.
    Yosselyn Camacho
    last modified by Yosselyn Camacho
  • Attendance

    I have been using the Attendance tool, thinking it would just be helpful for me to keep track of attendance and let the students see how much class they have missed. I don't intend to tie attendance to grades at all, ...
    Andrea Foege
    last modified by Andrea Foege
  • In Canvas Studio, video created through screen capture "encodes" but does not upload.  What could be wrong?

    Hello!  I'm just looking for troubleshooting help.   When I choose the screen capture option in Canvas Studio, I can create a video and get all the way to the upload option.  When I click "upload," the...
    Jamie Durler
    last modified by Jamie Durler
  • Adding a Rubric to a Google Cloud Assignment

    Jason Paddock googlecloudassignment rubrics   I am giving my students an assignment in which they use the external tool "Google Cloud Assignment" to access and complete a document I've created. I would...
    Jennifer Files
    last modified by Jennifer Files
  • How to load PowerPoint files for student download

    What is the best way to load PowerPoint files on Canvas so that students will have access and able to download them to their devices?
    Richard Greene
    last modified by Richard Greene
  • Images on pages ... randomly resizing?

    Hello All, We've been using Canvas for not quite a year. Many of our teachers are using a page as a front landing page and linking from there. In the past few months, I have had a handful of teachers tell me their im...
    Sara Frizelle
    created by Sara Frizelle
  • Deleting student attempts in the gradebook

    I have a student who accidentally did a submission before she was finished. How do I, as an instructor, delete her attempt so she can finish and resubmit it?
    Beryl Gamiel
    last modified by Beryl Gamiel

    Can we please go back to using the internet explorer browser it is so much more efficient and user friendly. I can't update browser my laptop or desktop to go straight into Thomas More University/College Canvas from f...
    Keisha Jones
    last modified by Keisha Jones
  • individual grade mode

    how do I switch from individual grade mode?
    Leonard Sheehy
    last modified by Leonard Sheehy
  • Which category in notification settings?

    I am getting daily emails and don't want them. However when I go to notification settings, there doesn't seem to be an obvious category for the emails I get. They are always worded like this:    "You're sig...
    Philip Irwin
    last modified by Philip Irwin
  • URLs going crazy?

    Hello friends -    I have one course where whenever someone goes to link to a document from their course files, it gets changed out to something like this:   https://ivylearn.ivytech.edu/api/v1/canvad...
    Edita Sicken
    last modified by Edita Sicken
  • voice recording help

    Hello there, How or where can I  find the information to do a voice recording for I learn? Please help.
    Isabel Rand
    last modified by Isabel Rand
  • Big Blue Button - Distance Learning

    Does Big Blue Button work reliably for students studying in Middle Eastern Countries (UEA, Qatar,....etc) where other web conferencing tools are now banned (e.g Skype for Business)? Also, can  students use it leg...
    Jonathan Meere
    last modified by Jonathan Meere
  • Columns in Rubric not lining up

    When creating rubrics, the columns are not lining up. It appears here isn't a setting to fix it and this is a known issue but, is there a work-around to get the columns to line up? (besides shortening the text)
    Nicole Nelson
    last modified by Nicole Nelson
  • Canvas in South Korea

    Does Canvas work in South Korea?
    Ashley Hadinata
    last modified by Ashley Hadinata
  • Where can I find my course I signed for?

    Where can I find my course I signed for?
    monica maciel
    last modified by monica maciel
  • How do I create a video using canvas and upload it?

    How do I create a video and upload it using canvas?
    Lynda Thurgood
    last modified by Lynda Thurgood