• uploading answers to a handwritten test

    Suppose that the students' answers to a test must be uploaded to Canvas as pdf files. Do they have more than one try? For example, if a student realizes after uploading that he forgot to include page 2 of a 3 page ans...
    patrick rabier
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  • Different Assignment Due Dates for Hybrid Groups?

    I am teaching hybrid classes this fall. Each of my class sections will be divided into two subgroups, and I will have a different assignment schedule for each subgroup based on the day they meet me in the classroom. I...
    Megan Gerhardt
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  • Importing Content From Commons

    How to move content from Commons to your course shell.
    Elizabeth Belaski
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  • Problem Trying to Print Slides Presentation with Speaker Notes

    PLEASE HELP!! When we try to print the slides/powerpoint presentation with the speaker notes we added,  it formats the presentation funky. We have tried opening it via PPT and in Google Slides and the s...
    Jennifer Gleaves
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  • Why am I always getting a message that says my Browser does not meet requirements/needs updating?

    Every time I connect to Canvas or try to do anything with Canvas a message always comes down and says that my browser has not been updated.   Please help me.
    Norma Waters
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  • Files aren't loading

    My courses will not load on my computer and the course files will not load either. However they load on my mobile phone. Can this be fixed? 
    Megan Day
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  • Copy a question in a quiz

    I want to include In a quiz I am building several similar questions. Can I create just one question, copy it, insert the copy into the same quiz and edit the copy? 
    Vladimir Rotar
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  • Adding a student that won't link from Synergy

    I am trying to add a student to a class and the email from synergy won't load. I put in his SIS number and he came up, but now he can't get into it because there is no email.  Suggestions on how to add him to the...
    Stephanie Bennett
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  • Getting custom data on Search endpoint?

    Is there a way to get back custom data with a list of users or is it only retrievable using the individual user ID?
    Taylor Clar
    created by Taylor Clar
  • Getting recently updated users

    Is it possible to list users by last modified date?
    Taylor Clar
    created by Taylor Clar
  • Blueprint "push" considerations

    Hi all! For starters, I've read much of the community posts on Blueprint courses, including: Tips for Designing and Maintaining Blueprint Courses by Ken Black Lessons Learned about Blueprint Courses: Introduct...
    Jonathan Cazalas
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  • I can't find codes for Edupuzzle so I can add to Canvas?

    I already have a school account and went to my profile page... but I can't find the codes or consumer key. Where can I get this info? Thanks, Anita
    anita mcneill
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  • Import Moodle class?

    Can I import a class from Moodle onto Canvas?
    Anne Myers
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  • New Rich Content Editor Issues

    Need help with the New Rich Content Editor. Each of the following I was able to do in the previous Rich Content Editor, but I cannot determine how to do the same thing in the New RCE, am I missing something or has the...
    Morag Fulton
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  • Responsive Row of 5

    Hello! We have recently been told we are having the Canvas LMS for use in our virtual classroom. I don't know much about html or RCE. I am trying to create a home page with 5 buttons below an image. Being new, you can...
    Ann Blankenship
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  • Cannot see google documents as an instructor when viewing as a student

     I keep getting this message when I try to look at student view. I have clicked “authorize” to no avail. I am already signed in to google so I’m not sure what else I need to do.
    Sarah Williford
    created by Sarah Williford
  • Denied Access to Commons

    When I try to log into Commons I receive a message that says, "Oops, your session has expired due to inactivity."  I clicked to refresh and log in but it gives me the same message.
    Deloris Smith
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  • How to delete or edit a course navigation link

    I used Redirect to add some apps, but I forgot to change the name for one of them and now I have a course navigation link title "Redirect Tool" I know I can hide it from students, but it bugs me to see it there. Is th...
    Jennifer Walsh
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  • From Instructor at Glendale CC

    In order to complete my training, GCC has a Getting Started Module that is available for download.  I would like to import it into my course.  Where is it?
    Diane Sanborn
    created by Diane Sanborn
  • Commons

    Commons tab is not sowing up on the left side of my course even though it says installed. 
    Jennifer Lazare
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