• How to remove students from previous cohorts from the People page without deleting them?

    Under the People  page of my course,  I have my current students and students of previous cohorts.  While each student is labelled by Section, how can I remove the graduates from the People listing with...
    Monica Mott
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  • Why aren't quiz scores displayed?

    I graded a quiz using SpeedGrader, and submitted them for each student in the process. However, when I go to the gradebook, I don't see the scores I entered, just a rocket ship icon (which I don't know the meaning of)...
    Ben Magbanua
    created by Ben Magbanua
  • Unpublish

    how do I unpublish a file that I originally thought should be published?
    Keith Hamm
    created by Keith Hamm
  • I want to manually grade a fill in the blank question...

    I want to use a fill-in-the-blank question because the students will enter several numerical values from some statistical output, but as they will all have different values, I can't enter pre-determined correct answer...
    Deborah Gaydos
    created by Deborah Gaydos
  • Prompts/Questions for Peer Reviewers

    Years ago, in a different LMS, I was able to provide questions/prompts for peer reviewers to respond to.  This helped students give more meaningful feedback than "It was good" or "I liked it."  Is this possi...
    Jeanne Reardon
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  • quizzes and exams that will be taken on paper

    How do I add quizzes and exams that will be taken on paper, not on line.  I would like for them to show up on their calendar and in the grade book.
  • Quizzes.next and Outcomes

    I have a quick question on how the outcomes are assessed on quizzes.next so that I can choose the correct calculation method for what I want it to do.   If I have 4 questions on a quiz that assess the same outco...
    Abby Cunningham
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  • Gradebook using complete or incomplete grading

    I am using Contract Grading in my class this term and that means that instead of points I am using complete/incomplete grades. However, when I export the gradebook I lose all the check marks and Xs which are all repla...
    Rebecca Rudd
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  • Canvas Data CLI: Incremental load of Requests table

    We would like some advice about loading the "Requests" table in the Canvas data database.  My understanding is that for this table the Canvas Data CLI downloads a daily incremental file, which is then unzipped an...
    Kevin Doherty
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  • how do I get rid of highlighting when grading an essay

    How do I get rid of highlighting when grading an essay
    Joy Kunz
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  • How can you get a notification when a student added a new comment to a graded group discussion?

    I've created a discussion in Canvas that is a group discussion graded When students participate in their groups I get notifications that students submitted their work. After I grade a group discussion, students ca...
    Tobe Baeyens
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  • Blank Assignment Submission

    I have had several situations where I am in speed grader to grade a Google Cloud assignment and the submission is blank. For some students, I know they completed the assignment because I saw their work, but sometimes ...
    Catherine Rose
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  • Re-submissions not treated as Late Assignments

    On some of my assignments, I allow students to correct mistakes and resubmit them for full credit. I assign due dates to keep students are track, but when they resubmit corrections they are flagged as late.  Is t...
    Dean Blanton
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  • Student analytics - Last submission date

    Under "People" I can see the date of a student's "Last Activity".   Is there a way to see a class list with the last submission date so that I do not have to open an "Analytics" window for each student?
    Carleen Watts
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  • Why are extra characters showing up in a Quiz answer?

    I have a student who is retaking a quiz for practice.  For one of the questions, he is seeing extra characters in the answer (see screen shot below - the highlighted characters should not be there).  An...
    Cheryl McGough
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  • How to retrieve all questions from a quiz

    Hi,   I have a problem when I'm retrieving data from a quiz.   current situation: - Question Bank has 10 question groups, and each has five questions. - The quiz has 10 question groups and each grou...
    Thiha Min Thant
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  • Grading Scheme Applied to Assignment Group?

    Can grading schemes be applied to Assignment Groups? Scenario: The faculty wants to show the students an aggregate roll-up score - presented as a letter grade - not as a percentage or a number for each grouping of act...
    Rob Gibson
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  • Issue trying to upload a video in a discussion assignment

    There is a weekly discussion post that is due this Friday and the requirement is to upload a 2 minute video clip.  My clip is only 67.5 MB and should not be a major issue to upload.  Unfortunately, the only ...
    Destiny Miller
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  • CodeRunner

    I am new to teaching Computer Science in an online environment.  I saw other LMS' can use a plug-in called Code Runner to allow students to display their code and practice within the LMS.  How is that done i...
    Mark Snodgrass
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  • Exam View to Canvas

    How can I import a test from Exam View to Canvas? I want the students to take it online, now on paper.
    Kristy Henley
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