• Can an LTI call pass the page it is called from?

    I am interested in adding a call to an external LTI to announce a student's degree project registration. The idea is to add a button so that when the examiner approves the student's draft to move forward to an or...
    Gerald Q. Maguire
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  • When can students access files to review?

    Hi,   I am using the peer review function in Canvas. I am curious about one of the basic settings. It looks as if students do not get access to the files they have been assigned to review until they submit a fil...
    Andreas Eriksson
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  • I hit the Send to gradebook but received no points Help!

    so I have accounting 101 at cypress college. I went to do homework assignment ch 3 part 1 I answered all the questions and either throughout or at the end hit the send to gradebook.  it was worth 50 points. ...
    Tarun Ramnani
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  • Alphabetize linked student accounts

    How can I alphabetize linked student accounts?  I am a case manager for many students and look over their grades weekly.  It would make my life easier if there was a button I could click to alphabetize ...
    Becky  Neal
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  • Is it possible to have the designated mastery path be forwarded to after the requirement is met?

    Hi all,    I've created a quiz - After completing this quiz, depending on the mark, a mastery path is established. The mastery path appears Modules, but I am wondering if there is a way that the student is ...
    Sarah Simpson
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  • How do I get rid of the "page deleted" notification?

    When I go to ALL pages, I get a notification, in 1 class, that the "null" page was deleted.   1. How can I stop seeing this notification? 2. What was the "null" page?   I know how to get rid of deleted it...
    Jennifer Carpenter
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  • Why does Canvas Quizzes not like "0" as an answer?

    I have created a Quiz in Canvas with two questions that have the answer "0". One is a numerical answer question where students input "0" as the answer and the second is a fill in the blank question where students inpu...
    Ashley McBride
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  • split accounts

    Hi, my name is Emin Orujov, i'm studying and working at Touro College. So,  my question is is that possible to separate student and employee accounts ? or maybe some split things? Because on dashboard all my clas...
    Emin Orujov
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  • If a student is taking a quiz by WiFi, will there be a problem if their device changes from one WiFi network to another during the quiz attempt?

    For example, from "library" to "guest" or "secure" to their personal hotspot. Devices sometimes change on their own to get a better signal, and students might change connections during an attempt (such as to a persona...
    Erik Terdal
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  • Percentage Grades and Passback to PTP

    I have a teacher grading with percentages but Canvas LMS will only push using points.  How are others handling this disparity?  Any ideas appreciated.  She doesn't want to have to resort to hand enterin...
    Pam Cabe
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  • Error while importing CSV. Please contact support

    Hi,   I am upload a enrollment, user, courses csv files via the SIS Import Api and i am having this error "Error while importing CSV. Please contact support. (Error report 45090000006448363)". This is really har...
    Cris Tap
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  • How do I import Waymaker Messaging Tool into my Canvas class?

    I am trying to figure out how to import the Waymaker messaging tool so I can use it in my next 2 classes at Cerritos College. I currently have the tool in my current class and love it. 
    Mike Acheson
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  • Mastery Pathway Configuration

    I'm creating a Mastery Pathway. I have all the pieces created and put in the order I want:  MP Introduction, Task 1, Quiz 1, Task 2, Quiz 2, Task 3, Quiz 3, Final Practice assignment.  The title (shared on C...
    Jason Gable
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  • Weekly beta refresh: course start/end dates don't match production

    I have several 'test' courses set up on production so that when beta refreshes every week, my courses are ready to go on beta. Lately, it seems that the courses on beta are losing their start/end dates when beta refre...
    Andrea G Schmidt
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  • How do I find my Course Website?

    My class is AHIS11 1087.
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  • How to see assignment details

    I was able to see statistic details of an assignment in Grades before (Autumn 2018), but not now (Spring 2019). As shown in the attached picture, after clicking on the three dots on the right side of Hw0, the sy...
    Jenping Chen
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  • Disable To Do Grading from list until after due date

    To Do list for instructor is showing Grade (Assignment) as soon as a student makes a submission.  I will not grade assignments until after the due date. I do not want Grade Assignment on my TO DO list before...
    Anne Beekman
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  • Can't edit imported course material

    I imported my coursework over from a previous semester and there are a couple of random assignments that Canvas won't let me edit AT ALL. I can't unpublish it. I can't change the due date. I can't delete it. I keep ge...
    Lesli Lenter
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  • Feedback on lecture

    I got a notification that a student submitted feedback on a lecture but I have no idea where to access this feedback?
    Courtney Stewart
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  • Quiz exports

    Can I export a quiz to excel?
    Megan Harris
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