• Setting up calendar to book time slots

    How do I set up a calendar with time slots for my students to book 1:1 telephone slots with me
    Ashok Kumar
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  • I am completely unable to check anything that links to the assignments page.

    As well as not being able to respond to discussions, all assignments that I try to open result in a blank screen when going to the assignments page, leaving me unable to work on any of my work. This is VERY detrimenta...
    Alexander Trumble
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  • Also unable to access any quizzes due to the update.

    Alongside my two previous topics, the new Canvas update has turned all quizzes into blank screens, making me completely unable to work on them; due to the quizzes being timed for 20 minutes, this is directly harming m...
    Alexander Trumble
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  • The newest update removed reply buttons from the discussions.

    Is there any way I can respond with the new changes?
    Alexander Trumble
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  • macOS Catalina and 32-bit applications in Canvas

    Will Canvas be changing the 32-bit applications to 64-bit so I can use an Apple computer in the near future on Canvas? 
    Jeffrey Gallegos
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  • On DASHBOARD & MY COURSE, content don't show up

    I can't see my dashboard which keep flickering. I thought it was loading data but nothing came up. Also, when I get access to each course page, contents do not show up properly. I already checked recent version of Chr...
    Yina Ha
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  • Can't open a PDF in speedgrader

    Why can't I open a pdf submission for just 2 students in my class.  The rest of the class shows the pdf automatically for me to annotate on. One i have to download the file, the other I can't open it at all. ...
    Patricia Smith
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  • When I select a file under a module I am taken to the drive not the individual file in the drive, how do I fix that?

    I upgraded my mobile Canvas Teacher APP on my Iphone to 1.9 but now when I click on module it takes me to my google drive instead of directly to the individual file that I have it link to.  I used to be able to g...
    Queta Henderson
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  • Using Canvas with high school band.

    We have about 230 students in our high school marching band. The band teachers have run into some issues with students uploading videos to Canvas, mostly due to the size of the file exceeds 500 mb.   This is the...
    Colin Davitt
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  • My assignment pages on canvas keeps jumping to the top automatically

    I'm using Safari on my Macbook Pro to browse my group assignment page. When I try to scroll down, it keeps jumping to the top of the page every a few seconds. It happens on all the assignment pages with 'Submit Assign...
    Zhengfei Zhou
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  • Viewing question: Canvas

      Entered and published a new module.    Unable to view.   I restarted my computer. And module added is not viewable.   Is it probably a technical problem with canvas? or what?
    Hind Aati
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  • Teacher App Crashing

    Hello: I’ve been experiencing crashes when ever trying to use the grading features on my iPad in the Teacher app since the iOS13 update. Any news on when an update to Teacher will be available?   Thanks
    Cristobal Borges
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  • Speedgrader automatically show highest scoring quiz attempt?

    I think I am in need of help from someone who has experience manually grading quizzes in canvas, because I am at the end of my rope.   Here are my main questions:   - Is there an option to force speedgrade...
    Arne Schwettmann
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  • PDF file

    How can i edit a pdf file i've downloaded? its kinda like a fill in the blanks paper
    Jefferia Golden
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  • File Storage not updating after deleting files

    I am bumping up against my file storage limit and am unable to upload any more files. When I delete them from the course Files, they disappear, but my File Storage does not update accordingly. How can I remedy this? T...
    Leah Horowitz
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  • Class List?

    Is there a class list with names and emails of classmates available for a course I am enrolled in?
    James Vondrak
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  • Why is theTotal Grade not always accurate?

    The "Total Grade" in Canvas is not always accurate, for example I have a course that only requires 60% or 600/1000 points to pass and I have a student with over 700 points and it is showing a grade of 'F.'  I hav...
    Linda Hadley
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  • Boolean search terms in files search

    Hi all,   Wondering if there's a way to use Boolean search terms in the files page to search for certain file types in a somewhat Byzantine folder structure?   Cheers
    William Lukamto
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  • How do I add a lab assistant to people who can view my course?

    How do I add a lab assistant to people who can view my course?
    Janice Smith
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  • dashboard help

    One of my classes is not showing on my dashboard or in  all courses ?
    jeanette gauci
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