• How can I embed the syllabus page to the home page?

    From my home page, I'd like to see the Course Summary that is generated by the Syllabus page. Can anyone help me with this?
    Amy Wilterdink
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  • New students

    How do I invite my students to join a course?
    Alicia De la Pena
    last modified by Alicia De la Pena
  • Discussion tab

    I do not have a discussion tab. How do I upload a picture for my assignment, or do my assignment without it? Thank you.
    taylyn taylor
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  • How do I find my certificate of complertion for an online course?

    How do I access my certificate of completion for my course? I don't have a completed tab and I need that certificate.
    Annette Marcoux
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  • Why are my students' grades showing at 2,100%?

    I have a group called "Activities" weighted at 15% of the overall class grade. There are eight Activities in this group. My students did one today (worth 5 points for the 15%), and the students' overall grades are sho...
    Kristeen Graves
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  • Can you randomize questions on an imported quiz with 60 questions?

    I see that you can create Question Groups to randomize questions on NEW quizzes.  I have a 60-question quiz imported from Blackboard and cannot see a way to present questions in random order. Thanks. Gloria...
    Gloria Stephan
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  • BLEUPRINT - sync don't duplicate

    How can I prevent duplicating content when I make changes to a blueprint course and sync with the associated courses?    See two images.  Before I grouped the course design files and placed in a folder ...
    Rona Tyger
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  • assignment_override shows up using api, but not on web interface

    After using the API to set an assignment_override for a section in my class, the override shows up when I ask the api to list the overrides, but it does not show up on the canvas site for the assignment.   Are t...
    Scott Grizzard
    last modified by Scott Grizzard
  • How do I delete my account?

    How do I delete my Canvas account?  My current demo account is interfering with my district's ability to create my account as I used my school email for the demo; and my district is telling me I need to delete it...
    Nathan Schmitz
    last modified by Nathan Schmitz
  • Black eyes and red eyes in the new gradebook

    In the new gradebook I'm looking for a simple explanation of how the post grades feature works, specifically why does the Red Eye or the Black Eye appear and what triggers these Eyes to appear, and how to control this...
    Jon Stocker
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  • Peer Reviews not Auto Assigning

    Does anyone know other reasons a Peer Review would not auto assign when the teacher has set it to do that? Even when the teacher clicks the "Assign Peer Reviews" after students have submitted their assignments, the Pe...
    Cynthia Padavano
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  • Am I supposed to regenerate an access token?

    I was looking at some settings in my Canvas account regarding external apps.  According to the image below, my Google access token expired August 13.  Am I supposed to take any type of action?  Am I sup...
    Rebecca Penina Simon
    last modified by Rebecca Penina Simon
  • quiz submission update api - missing key ":quiz_submissions"

    Hello,   I've been trying to figure out how to update a students quiz grade through CanvasAPI. I keep getting this error:    missing required key :quiz_submissions I don't know what it means and I can...
    Adesh Kumar
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  • how do I merge two classes?

    How do I merge two courses?
    Kathryn Merlene
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  • TA or Observer?

    What is the difference between a TA and an observer in a Canvas course?
    Jane Walford
    last modified by Jane Walford
  • Create a Paper Quiz from my Question Bank

    Hey, All! I'd like to create a quiz from a question bank, then be able to export that quiz into a printable format so I can provide physical quizzes to some students. Does this make sense? Any ideas?   Thank you...
    Daniel Mello
    last modified by Daniel Mello
  • Can you hide student names in the Inbox?

    In a course I can hide/disable the People tool if I don't want students see other students in People, but they can still see each other if they go to the Inbox and go to create a new message.  Is there a way to h...
    Jared Johnson
    last modified by Jared Johnson
  • How to set up Email in Canvas?

    How do I send email to students in my classes through Canvas?
    Cindy Moss
    created by Cindy Moss
  • How do I enter grade percentages to my assignments?

    I have entered the assignments and tests, but I don't know how to assign grade percentages to each test and assignment.
    Don Sunnen
    created by Don Sunnen
  • Students can't see comments/grademarks in Turnitin assignment

    I've created a writing assignment through Canvas using the Turnitin external tool. My students have submitted their work, and I've graded it, but they cannot view my comments/grademarks on their work. I added my comme...
    Aaron West
    last modified by Aaron West