• my turnitin is saying all my work is plagiarized when it is not. i dont know what to do

    Hello My Name is Giselle James   I am having a difficult time with my turnitin. Every time I upload my response to post, I always turnitin to make sure my work is not plagiarized. However, since last week Sunday...
    Giselle James
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  • How can I get louder audio?

    My audio files can barely be heard. I did  not have this issue before.
    remo portelli
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  • Can't seem to access past enrolled courses

    Hey I was wondering how I could see records (as a student) of past enrolled courses? It's summer right now and I'm not enrolled in  anything, and if I go into All Courses i dont see the option to view past enroll...
    Byron Lee
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  • Error 422 on LTI Advantage grade passback

    I have an IMS LTI Advantage certified app (ChemVantage) that I'm trying to configure to submit scores to Canvas using the Assignment and Grade Services v2.0. I keep getting an HttpResponseStatus 422 (Unprocessable Ent...
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  • Online class login problem

    I can't log in to an online class from instructure.com.  When I look for the online class that I am registered for, the response says I am not registered in any classes.  
    David Gotthelf
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  • Duplicate an entire Unit

    Can I duplicat an entire unit as opposed to one lesson at a time.
    Sarah Pelletier
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  • I can't seem to find Collaborate Ultra on Canvas.  Help?

    I can't seem to find Collaborate Ultra on Canvas.  Help?
    Zak Santiago Alam
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  • Pegasus Planner App

    How do I access the Pegasus Planner app? I don't see it on the student self-service page.
    Kim Sequinot
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  • How do I do a e portfolio

    How do I do a e portfolio
    Nickcole Northcraft
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  • Unable to pass custom data in LTI Launch request. What is the correct way?

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to pass custom data for a deep linking assignment placement. The custom data is set in the lti deep linking response, as part of the lti resource link item. Then, it needs to be availa...
    Oloff B
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  • quiz button wont show anything

    i am trying to access my exam and on my computer when i click quizzes, nothing pops up
    jeanie maddox
    created by jeanie maddox
  • Integrating content from 2 courses

    I imported content from 2 different classes into my new course and now I am having trouble getting the pages into the  pathway so that the Next button will appear. Ideas?
    Debra Campbell
    created by Debra Campbell

    Why do I have over 200 questions in my STUDENT ANALYSIS report when the quiz consisted of only 100 questions?!
    Dale Dearing
    created by Dale Dearing
  • Book an appointment

    Hello, I had to ask this question, you know what is said, "If you don't ask, you'll never know", and maybe not in those exact words. Tell me in your opinion, what does it mean to #' book an appointment '.
    Allen Holcomb
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  • Images

    Does canvas provide images I cam use in assignments?
    Mitchell Coleman
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  • Copying files from one shell to another

    I know some others must have asked this. How do I add the information I have uploaded in one shell to others. I am teaching different sections of the same course. Thanks
    Harvey Markowitz
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  • How do I embed/attach multiple pictures from my computer?

    I am a student in a class and am being asked to insert 3+ of my own pictures into one of my discussion board posts.  I can figure out how to embed pictures from the internet or attach 1 of my own pictures, but no...
    Anna Kleinsorge
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  • Export Blackboard class to Canvas

    I am trying to export a class from Blackboard to Canvas but not all the material transfers over. I'm not sure why or what to do as I have attempted the transfer several times.
    Lyn Shirley
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  • Hi everyone.    I am new to CANVAS.  I want to know how do I register my school on CANVAS and get a customer success team?

    Hi everyone.     We want to implement CANVAS in our online school.  How to I register our school with CANVAS and what are the costs involved?  How do then get the customer success team?  ...
    Corrie Boshoff
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  • Sharing .docx on BBB

    I would like to upload a .docx to BigBlueButton, so my students can download it and work in small groups on the project- but at the moment I can only upload .pdf    I looked in the shared notes but can't se...
    Sarah Benson
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