• How to retrieve saved assignments?

    How do you retrieve saved assignments? I will also like to know can multiple assignments be submitted to the professor at different submission times? 
    Tracy Farley
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  • Failed attempted logins

    Good morning all,   I am new to Canvas as I was Blackboard learn  back end  admin for last  15 years.  Currently I changed jobs from Higher Ed to k-12. my current employer uses canvas for mid...
    Aziz Darouichi
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  • Clickable timestamps for embedded video

    I'd like to create links to different sections of an embedded video on a page. Students often need to go back to specific parts without having to watch a 20 minute video all over again. Does anybody have a s...
    Martin Hedin
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  • Awarding multiple badges in 1 module?

    HI I am wondering if there is any way I can award multiple badges in 1 module?  For example, after competing the first 10 pages, and then another badge after the second 10 pages.     I know a wor...
    Susanna Taylor
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  • How do I view the MS Word Metadata on submitted assignments?

    I used to be able to look at metadata on submitted assignments in MS Word.(after downloading) The metadata seems to be missing now (cleaned). How do I view the MS Word Metadata on submitted assignments?
    Glenn Dardick
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  • How do I assign a New Quiz?

    Hello, I have created a New Quiz but I cannot see an option to assign it to my students when it is eventually imported into a live course. I recall seeing the assign section when I started to build the course, b...
    Ingrid Abraham
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  • Ungraded Rubrics with Feedback Column

    Our university has gone to Ungraded assessment. I need to develop Rubrics that indicate if the student obtained a Satisfactory or Not Yet Satisfactory result in the various criteria of the rubric. I would like to give...
    Elena Popa
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  • How can I submit a PDF assignment that I exported to my Canvas file folder?

    I scanned an assignment as a PDF and exported it into Canvas "My Files." When I click on "Submit assignment" on the course assignment submission page from my Android phone, the little panda bear page te...
    Ann Maouyo
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  • Adding students

    Is there any way I can enrol students to a course without having to use their email address. For example sending them a link to the course?
    Megan Collins
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  • how do I mute grades?

    How do I mute grades in the updated gradebook as of Jan. 18th?
    Amy Huntoon
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  • How can I make internal hyperlinks in a PDF document work when the PDF is viewed in a Canvas window?

    I created a long Word document for my students, and, for ease of navigation, I created internal hyperlinks (which are called "Bookmarks" in Word) so that my students can easily and quickly navigate to different parts ...
    David Agruss
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  • How do I create a group assignment with various topics and groups

    How do I create a group assignment for 45 students, with 3 separate topics, 3 groups for each topic, and only one student can self select what topic and group they want to join?   If I set up 3 different groups ...
    Lisa Hendrickson
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  • Dar extensiones de entrega

    ¿Cómo puedo dar extensión de entrega a un alumno en particular? 
    Alberto  Gamez
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  • Graded Survey Vs Graded Quiz

    I had a test set up as a Graded Survey. The students took the test and saved their responses. Can I convert this test over to Graded Quiz without losing/affecting any of the responses the students entered? As a Graded...
    Catherine Henlein
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  • How do I add someone so they can get my school information

    I need to add a parent to my school info release. How do I do that
    Matthew Leday
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  • non-editing teacher

    non-editing teacher role privileges?
    Umesh Akki
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  • New Rich Context Editor Page Jumping

    We have several faculty members, including myself, using a one page whole course format.  This was taken from a Canvas webinar several years ago.  (see picture below)  We turned on the new rich ...
    Tammy Ellison
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  • Importing quizzes from sandbox

    How do I import a quiz from sandbox into my real canvas page?
    Lynn Hoban
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  • How do we deactivate a teacher?

    Is there a way to deactivate a teacher who is no longer employed by the institution?  Or, is the only option to delete the user?  If deleting the user, does this remove any of the course level submissions (s...
    Adam Asgari
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  • REALITY v. WANT v. IRONY - Group Set Export

    So, for about 1.5 hrs I have been trying to figure out how to see the names of my 10 groups. Yes, I manually, manipulated the names into the groups (note: not efficient). Then, I logged onto this site and there was th...
    Richard Curtis
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