• Moving a student from a course in one sub-account to course in another sub-account

    We have multiple sub-accounts in our org and a student was enrolled into the wrong sub-account. Both of these sub-accounts have the same course tied back to the blueprint, but they obviously have different course numb...
    nick pagnani
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  • Plagiarism

    When we submitted an assessment in the canvas the plagiarism report was not generated, it been 2 days what to do now?
    Paul Mathew
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  • Have anyone else's assignment weights randomly changed to zero?

    It's finals period, and students messaged me saying that their grades had changed due to the new assignment weights...the only problem is that I DIDN'T CHANGE THEM.  This happened with at least another faculty me...
    Dorothy Villarreal
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  • Microsoft Cloudguide embeds

    Has anyone been able to get one of Microsoft's interactive tutorials to embed into a canvas page yet? Here's the one I'me trying to figure out, but my knowledge of coding is still very limited so I don't know how to m...
    Stephen Taylor
    created by Stephen Taylor
  • Question regarding Canvas Live Events

    I was wondering what the status of Live Events is.   I have an LTI tool and I would like to use live events to get "pushed" individual data changes instead of using the API to "pull" ALL data on every page load....
    Jared Chapman
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  • Recover quizzes deleted by mistake

    I copied the assignments from one course to the other (Español 1 - LMS to Español 1 - GCMS) and I got them duplicated. I deleted the wrong one so I lost the students' assignments/quizzes results. Is there an...
    Ciro Hernandez
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  • How does Roll Call Attendance figure into the overall student grade?

    I want to award attendance/participation points for my classes. If I create an assignment the points seem to skew the grade?
    BJ Fitz
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  • How to Deploy Edited Version of a Quiz

    Hi!   I have a student who started taking a quiz, and picked up on a MAJOR typo in one question.  The student was with-it enough to inform me of the issue.  I have fixed the question, but this student ...
    Catherine Peterson
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  • Is there a way to recover a replaced submission?

    Is there a way to recover a replaced submission? I typed a 300 word essay into the text editor then submitted it, then I uploaded the pdf chart that was meant to accompany it, and found that it replaced my essay which...
    Brendan Lukens
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  • Quiz in Student App Shows Two Dots, No Take Quiz Bar

    I have a student who is attempting to take a quiz in Canvas. When she goes to the quiz via the app, there is an orange and a blue dot where the TAKE QUIZ bar normally appears. I cannot get her access to the quiz. I ad...
    Kelley Kaminsky
    created by Kelley Kaminsky
  • Access to copying content from a course

    In the document on course copy/import (How do I copy content from another Canvas course using the Course Import tool? ) it says "You only have access to copy content from courses from current or previous courses in wh...
    Nancy Webb
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  • office 365

    how and where do i download office 365
    Melvia Crawford
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  • Joining the translation team

    Hi I am a Canvas user in Korea. I want to use this service with my fellow students in Korea but it appears that the UI language hasn't been fully translated into Korean. I found that you're using Transifex to crowdsou...
    Min Kim
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  • Still have generic question titles in quizzes

    Creating a quiz... I gave my question numbers specific titles... "1. Part A; 1. Part B; 2. Part A; etc"  When you preview the quiz, however, the questions are generic "Question 1; Question 2"  I've seen th...
    Denise Neal
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  • Automatic quiz grading

    I am new to Canvas and haven't quite gotten hold of everything yet, so please bear with me if I ask very basic questions I am currently particularly looking at quizzes, and also thinking of possibly integrating some ...
    Elias Noreland
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  • What the Tech? Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Mathematics Classroom

    I have been asked to register for this class and can not find where to do so. Please advise!
    Trina Thomson
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  • Specified Group of students in one unit of module

    Can I just open one unit from module of learning to specified group of students?   #Group  student learning learning interface
    Mavis  Hon
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  • Canvas will NOT load. I get a blank page with each section I try to open.

    Xavier DelToro
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  • Uploading -assigments

    Is there a 1,2,3 step guide to upload my assignments? I know that was the first thing you thought us when we started the course but as I do not do it every day, I forgot. Thank you!
    Adriana Medellin
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  • wHERE ARE MY AUDIO AND VIDEO FILES that I either recorded or uploaded as feedback to students?

    wHERE ARE MY AUDIO AND VIDEO FILES that I either recorded or uploaded as feedback to students?
    Jennifer Chandler
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