• How to migrate an account to a new email

    I'm an instructor who is changing jobs/districts and now need to migrate my private account to a school account. I'm not sure how to do this. Can someone possibly point me in the right direction?   I have multip...
    Bryan Ringsted
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  • loss of hanging indent

    I am losing hanging indents from my references page when I upload a google doc to canvas.  How can I fix this?
    Litishia Carter
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  • Gradebook wil not load

    Have access to all Canvas pages but for some reason my gradebook will not load for any of my groups??   Anybody experienced this before?   Many thanks Adrian 
    adrian tobin
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  • Get Login and Logout Activity from Canvas Data

    Hi Team,   I'm creating PowerBI reports using Canvas Data. Now I want user login and logout activity data. From where I'll get this data. Can someone please tell me the table name which contains login and logout...
    aakash raj gajula
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  • how do i copy a file to another course

    I want to copy a file for my class. It is in a Handout Module. I want to copyit to another class. How do I do it?
    Karen Iannici-Berger
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  • Student submitted the quiz but on the system it showed "This student does not have a submission for this assignment"

    Hi All,   I got informed from 1 of the trainer saying that He graded an assessment for all students which was set up as a quiz. The assessment has 2 attempts, when he grade the 2nd attempt, 80% of the student su...
    Hai Tran
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  • FAQ/"Toggle" HTML

    I found the HTML (below) for an FAQ set up (students can click the question and the answer pops up below it), which I like. However, when you click one question, all of the questions/answers expand. Is there a way to ...
    Michelle Conway
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  • How do I add a gif (not an image) to my Course Detail?

    I want to add a gif but it only allows an image to be dragged.
    Jennifer Jepsen
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  • Exam in a public course?

    Is it possible to have a public course that allows students not enrolled to complete a quiz?  
    Matthew Kile
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  • How to see message history between students and other teachers?

    Hello community.   We're having a lot of difficulty with one thing in particular in our use of Canvas, since switching from our old system: We take a team-based approach to facilitating learning and a...
    Paul Pellier
    created by Paul Pellier
  • How do I add comments but not show them to a student?

    I would like to add comments for fellow instructors but NOT show them to the student.  I can do this by pausing grade reporting, but that also obviously doesn't give students a grade which I do want to do. &...
    M S
    created by M S
  • How do I add new levels for mastery paths?

    I'm trying to use mastery paths to simulate the conditional release that I would have used in Blackboard.   I have students take a pre-quiz that then directs them to one of four exams based on the results. ...
    M S
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  • Studio Screen Recording on Chromebook

    How do you record a screen in Studio on a Chromebook?  Is there a Chrome web store extension?  There is no option to "Screen Capture" on a Chromebook as compared to the same menu on a Windows computer? ...
    Gregory Pipkins
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  • Chrome Slow?

    Greetings Canvas Community,   I recently noticed the Canvas DocViewer and embedded files take forever and a day to load using Chrome. Initially, I thought this issue was due to my internet service. However, I do...
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  • Sharing a calendar to google sites

    I want to make a google site for my parents to quickly get info on class. Is there a way to share the calendar of just ONE class rather than share my entire calendar? Right now, it seems when I get the calendar URL it...
    William Langley
    created by William Langley
  • How do I share and import an ENTIRE module?

    Is there a way to import an entire module or page, without having to also import the assignments, quizzes, discussions, etc. that are linked to that page?  When sharing content among common grade levels...
    Rachel Boose
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  • Commenting on student work

    Are teachers able to comment on student work (google doc pushed out through the external link) virtually, before students “turn in?” Very important tool during the writing process!
  • Insert image into Studio quiz question stem

    I love Edpuzzle for video quizzes and am trying to see if I can create my own video quizzes using CANVAS studio. I am a Geometry teacher and when I use Edpuzzle I can insert a geometric diagram/image of  as part...
    Kristan Morales
    created by Kristan Morales
  • Hidden Answers for Clickable Questions

    I would like to have a "FAQ" as part of my homepage where a student can click a question and then the answer is displayed. Otherwise the answer is "hidden" when the question isn't clicked. 
    Sarah Caldwell
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  • Announcements

    How do I send an announcement to all of my students?
    Karen Peterson
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