• How do you add a banner to all pages in a course?

    Also, can text be added to the banner on each page to make it specific to the page?
    Doreen Tracy
    created by Doreen Tracy
  • Recurring Assignments/Quizzes

    Is it possible to create a graded recurring assignment?
    Susanne Lynn Mevorach
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  • How do I know how to pace myself during the online courses?

    I'm used to a classroom setting where a teacher leads a discussion and then assigns homework, so I'm a bit shaky on how the online learning works. I've done the onboarding modules and I feel pretty confident in the sy...
    Cate Deventer
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  • adding an image to a page

    How do I add an image to a page? 
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  • Images

    Does canvas provide images I cam use in assignments?
    Mitchell Coleman
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  • Copying files from one shell to another

    I know some others must have asked this. How do I add the information I have uploaded in one shell to others. I am teaching different sections of the same course. Thanks
    Harvey Markowitz
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  • Export Blackboard class to Canvas

    I am trying to export a class from Blackboard to Canvas but not all the material transfers over. I'm not sure why or what to do as I have attempted the transfer several times.
    Lyn Shirley
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  • How can I connect canvas with cengage.com?

    Hello I have a question so my laptop is MacBook Air and I'm trying to connect canvas with cengage but I can't connect. I don't know how to do because I have homework to do. Thanks
    Sandra  Lozano
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  • How can I create a module to see how it is done?

    I would like to  be able to specifically set up several modules for my classes, just to see how it is done
    Edward Soloff Ph.D.
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  • Weighted grades

    how to assign weighted grades in a course
    Linda Monroe
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  • How can I view my final grades in Canvas?

    I am trying to view my final grades in my canvas class and it shows that the instructor is grading, but she in fact is done. I just want to see the grade on that last assignment. I have logged out of canvas and even t...
    Kristen Swonger
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  • Moving files from archive to current course folders

    Hi, The recap and files from last year have been placed in an archive course folder. How do I move selected files from the archive folder to this new year course folder?  Thanks.
    alasdair charles
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  • Why can't my students see their grades?

    Why can't my students can't see their grades?
    Paola Page
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  • When Cross-listing do you have to build the second class

    I will be teaching two sections of the same class.   I want to cross-list the two sections.  Do I have to build the second class completely?
    Eugene Tragus
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  • Group emails

    I want to send out group messages. Is there a Select All?
    Archie Mcgee
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  • Help needed to find the book needed for class

    I'm registered for 5 classes for the fall and have not been able to locate the book needed for  each class. Does anyone know how you can locate the book you need for class? Thank you!
    Kristen Good
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  • Student registration

    can i create a students registration form in canvas
    Joel vivek
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  • Can students upload a slide presentation to a discussion board?

    I want my students to make a short slide presentation (maybe 7 slides) that can be uploaded to Discussion board. Is that possible?
    Kari McDonald
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  • Studio screen capture not working

    Hi. Canvas Studio screen capture seems to have stopped working on my Mac today. It was working fine prior. Now it asks me to download the application (which I have done several times) but it still doesn't launch when ...
    Neil  Grant
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  • arranging pages

    how to rearrange pages in a module
    Reuben Quiroga
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