• Controlling if/when automatic course invitations are sent out?

    I'm looking for a way to control if/when students receive the automated course invitation from Canvas.   Question 1: Is there a way to turn off the automatic invitation when I enroll a student? I would prefer to...
    Kelly Chatain
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  • Adding people-Which Role gets no course emails

    I would like to add the chair to my course but do not know which role to give her since she doesn't need to receive all the email/announcements that I send out.
    Michelle Davis
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  • Student Photo Icons Missing

    Hi All,  We can't see the students' profiles on the gradebook. Does anyone know if that is a glitch? #WheresWaldo Tracie Nicholas Zingo Stefanie Sanders
    Tracie Bosket
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  • Discussion replies

    Is there a setting for a professor to use that allows or that can be changed to allow students to see discussion posts prior to posting their own?  I am trying to see the assigned discussion posts along with the ...
    Jannette Hernandez
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  • How do I hide the "Unit Grade" columns in gradebook?

    Using the new gradebook, there are subtotal categories for each Unit.  In other words, when I create an assignment or quiz and categorize it under a unit, the gradebook then creates a column for that unit and giv...
    James Bender
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  • Quiz feedback table feature not working

    You can add a table to the feedback in a quiz but once you save the question all the table code is removed. This problem has been know since at least 2016. See Tables in Quiz Feedback and Case #01389122.   When ...
    Linda Herdan
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  • Canvas data dumps: full history or delta?

    Hi,   I'm using the canvas-data-sdk package to download Canvas data via its API in Python.  I've been using the following commands:   ``` canvas-data -c config.yml list-dumps # lists the daily dumps ...
    Vinh Nguyen
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  • Simple Javascript function works fine, but not in Canvas on Firefox

    EDIT - this now appears to work in Firefox but sometimes doesn't when you load the page.   Hi guys, we're using a custom javascript to make page tabs, and it works perfectly fine in Chrome. Unfortunately it doe...
  • How do I create multiple grade items with single assignment

    I'm using ann external tool which provides adaptive course material for a chapter. There are 3 topics and 2 assessments in that chapter which are bundled as a single assignment and deployed in my LMS. Now I need to gr...
    Nikhil Vaidya
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  • How do I register my access code on Canvas?

    My instructor does not have a course link for me to access my book, for whatever reason. Please help.
    Carmen Smith Aguirre
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  • Removing vertical scrollbar in iframe

    I have embedded a URL in a page it works but would like to remove the additional scroll bar that now populates window. Suggestions?
    created by gailc@cciu.org
  • New Quizzes

    What is the difference between the Question Bank in the Global Menu and an Item Bank in a new quiz?
    Chris Accornero
    created by Chris Accornero
  • Can I convert a Question GROUP to a Question BANK?

    Greetings, I started creating a quiz using question groups, but I now think that banks would be the way to go. Is there an easy way to convert? Perhaps a difficult way? Thanks
    Jena Lynch
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  • Cual es el join code

    Cual es el join code?
    susana jimenez
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  • Gradebook Questions

    How do I create a column in the gradebook? How do I edit the calculations in the total column?   Thanks!
    Ken Knox
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  • List of Possibilities/Limitations of Canvas Student?

    Hi folks,   I'm wondering if there's a list anywhere of what is and isn't possible/recommended in the Canvas Student app. Some colleagues at Penn are working on enhancing our documentation on this, and I thought...
    Linda J. Lee
    created by Linda J. Lee
  • SDS Accomodations

    I have a student who requires double the allotted quiz time and exam time. Is there a way to set unique parameters for that student on Canvas? If not, what should I do?
    Ryan Quandt
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  • How to reset a communication channel?

    I have a task that sends course level notifications to students using the Canvas API, using communication channels, notification preferences, and conversations.   Communication Channel Fact of Canvas D...
    Robert Carroll
    created by Robert Carroll
  • Creating a WIki

    How would I create a Wiki for student use in Canvas?
    Lynne Bryant
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  • Profile Name is Numbers

    When some students are accepting our invitation for the class on Canvas, sometimes their name is replaced with numbers. How do we fix that?
    Kayla Stewart
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