• Using Discussion for Submitting Assignment

    I am trying to devise an assignment and am not sure how to make it work and get it graded both.   The idea is using collecting "Jeopardy" style questions/answers that students write based on the readings and the...
    Ellen B Cutler
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  • What is Gauge?

    Gauge is an online assessment management system designed to deliver large scale assessments to targeted groups of students. Gauge can be accessed by users in one of three roles: admin, teacher, and student. Admins can...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Tool to Identify and Delete Unused Files

    Have you ever wanted the ability to know which files from the Canvas Files section are being used in course content or where they are being used? How about the ability to identify and delete unused, irreleva...
  • Research Reasons for Avoiding All Caps

    I have a faculty member who puts all Assignment, Discussion, and Content Page titles in all caps. In terms of netiquette, this is discouraged. I find it personally distracting and more difficult to read (maybe trying ...
    Courtney Felton
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  • Hack Night; What do you want to work on?

    Hack Night is an event where programmers, engineers, LMS admins, instructional designers, teachers and anyone else interested in hacking Canvas and Canvas courses come together to hack the APIs, course design, apps, b...
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  • Change Default Grading Scheme

    Open for Voting
    47 votes
    So there is a default Grading Scheme which is set by Canvas.  Yet we cannot change that to match our SIS??  This is preposterous thinking!  We'd like to be able to change the default grading scheme so t...
    Keran DeCamp
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  • 1-Click to Outcomes Trend Line

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    I would like to go to the Mastery Gradebook where all the colored boxes indicate (usually) a decaying average per student per Outcome, click on the colored box, and see a pop-up with the trend line graphic for that...
  • Socrative: Gamifying and student engagement tool for Canvas

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    I have been using Socrative web based service recently. This allows an interactive assessment of students during my teaching, tutorial etc and increases student engagement in the subject delivery and learning. www.soc...
    Shahin KHoddam
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  • Removing small external link icon

    Hi,    One of my navigation buttons links to an external site outside of Canvas, and it adds in the little 'external link' icon, which throws the height of that particular button out of sync with the rest.&...
    Liam Lynch
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  • Scoring Multiple Answer questions

    Hello Quizzes.Next Community,   Recently there has been some confusion about our plans for how Multiple Answer questions will be handled. This discussion unfortunately started as a comment thread on a user guide...
    Kevin Dougherty
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  • Raptivity Game

    How do I upload a Raptivity game file onto a new page on Canvas and allow it to be played? 
    Sonia Toledo
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  • Viewing graded document

    How do I view document that has been graded?
    Cheryl Perog
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  • Medical records

    Other assignments are hidden  in my assignment list, how do I retrieve those I assignments to work on?
    Evelyn McCalla
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  • How do I view previous versions of official Instructure documentation?

    To the best of my recollection, it used to be possible to view previous versions of User Guides and other Instructure documentation.  The version number at the top of the document is no longer a hyperlink.&#...
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  • Professional Development Ideas

    So I have recently accepted a brand new position at my public HS as a Teach on special assignment as we roll out Canvas and a 1:1. I have (2) 3 hr sessions I am in charge of leading to help my colleagues get familiar ...
    Jonathan Yoder
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  • Render modules as tiles or tabbed navigation

    Open for Voting
    27 votes
    It would be wonderful to be able to automatically render modules like the dashboard -  with tiles/images, or as a tabbed drop-down menus like the 'browse' button in this very website. I have attached so...
    Anthony England
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  • Module Setting: Navigation Control

    Open for Voting
    12 votes
    I think it would be a great idea to allow designers of modules to be able to control the display of certain navigational elements during "playback" of the module. The settings area would allow one to select/control wh...
    Aaron Bahmer
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  • Display Module Location of Item Being Viewed

    Open for Voting
    62 votes
    Currently, if a user is navigating through Module items, they are unable to tell “where in the Module” they currently are. Hovering over the ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ buttons does indica...
    Christopher Rodriguez
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  • Promoting the 'current' Module on the Modules page

    Open for Voting
    24 votes
    It would be useful to have a mechanism whereby the 'current' module could be promoted or highlighted in some way on the Modules page. There are two main considerations here: How to identify the 'current' module, e.g....
    Jon Mason
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  • Grading Scheme per Course Section

    Open for Voting
    6 votes
    Currently it is only possible to assign a single grading scheme for a course. It would be useful to be able to set different grading scheme per course section.   There are two use cases for this: when students ...
    Boris Kheyfets
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