• Using download/upload to add scores to existing gradebook?

    I am using Canvas with Mastering Chemistry, which means a Canvas gradebook was automatically created for my class that contains their Mastering Chemistry homework scores.  I have not used the gradebook for a...
    A Y
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  • Grading with a stylus in Speedgrader App???

    Does anyone know of a teacher that is proficient in grading with a stylus on Canvas? I'd love to know what device they use and if they grade essays with it?   We have been testing out paperless grading and are s...
    Jonathan Yoder
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  • Are Canvas Late Policy deductions applied to (integrated) SIMnet scores?

    I just set late policies for my Canvas course, will late scores from SIMnet integration be impacted too?
    Melissa Prinzing
    created by Melissa Prinzing
  • Display Default Email in People

    Open for Voting
    172 votes
    I am fleshing out a an earlier feature request that evidently didn't go anywhere (*Display Student Email Address in Roster ).   At our university, the SIS_ID displayed in the People list and the Secondary ID dis...
    Valerie Rake
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  • Give us back editable pen backgrounds!

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    2 votes
    With the updated student app, one to three of the pen colors, by default, have white backgrounds.  Given the fact that most students will be writing on white documents, I'm not sure what the efficacy of the backg...
    Elizabeth Solomon
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  • Text Tool Color Presets in Canvas App - Student Annotation

    We are using the Canvas Student app (version 6.4.2) on iPads (iOS 11.3.1). When we try to annotate a PDF with the Text Tool it is applying a white background.  The white background at time overlaps the document'...
    Melodi Kunn
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  • Where can I get Canvas student UI kit for xd?

     I am working on class project to build integrated messenger into Canvas including scheduler in it.
    Harry Chaubey
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  • December 2018: Can the Mobile Apps Work on Self Hosted Instances? (Read on Please)

    I work for a school that is considering self hosting Canvas on AWS because the cloud hosted version is far too expensive for our budgeting.    A year ago when I looked into "mobile integration" the list at&...
    Nathan Cameron
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  • Improve S-Pen support in Canvas Teacher

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    2 votes
    Using Canvas Teacher with an Android tablet (Samsung S4 Tab), it would be a big plus to be able to use the pen feature to directly annotate student assignments that have been uploaded.  However, in the Speed Grad...
    Kristen Gremillion
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  • Is it possible as a teacher to participate in a non-graded group discussion with the Canvas Student or Canvas Teacher mobile app?

    One of our teachers is using group discussions in her class (non-graded).  She wants to make an occasional post to help push the conversation along, and she wants to be able to do this on a mobile device.  W...
    Rick Murch-Shafer
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  • IOS Student Discussion Edit

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    2 votes
    Hello, It would be nice for students to have the ability to edit one's post in discussion forums on the mobile IOS app. Sometimes errors need to be fixed before they become misleading. Thank you, Roxanne Marshall
    Rocky766. marshall
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  • "What-If" Feature for IOS

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    2 votes
    The "What-If" Feature is a helpful tool to determine your grade could be based on how well you think you are going to do on an assignment. However, this feature is only available on Desktop. During Finals Week especia...
    Mitchel Ray
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  • Allow rear camera on Teacher app video comments

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    8 votes
    Currently, the Canvas Teacher app for Android is a brilliant way of quickly recording audio feedback on an assignment and posting it to individual students. In fact, I've personally found it much quicker and easi...
    Patrick Kelly-Goss
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  • Can we disable students' ability to look up answers when taking a test?

    Our students use Canvas on iPads. They can highlight questions and then it gives them the option to "Look Up." Is there some way this can be disabled without disabling the "Speak" option?
    Tom Ryder
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  • Canvas Mobile Read/Unread

    Hello Canvas Community:   I'm throwing this one out there. Copied text from a student...   "But the app is sort of worthless....it is really difficult to look at discussions (comments get marked as read ev...
    Rob Gibson
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  • Mute "Total" Grade Column

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    I would like to be able to mute the "Total" Grade column.  First of all, because there is a curve in my course, this does not accurately represent students' grades, and I get a lot of questions like "my grade on ...
    Ilya Mikhelson
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  • Module deletion

    How can I recover a module that was accidentally deleted.
    Gary Wolgamott
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  • Sync with mobile Apple products

    Has anyone had trouble with the sync between Apple mobile devices (iPad and Phone) and the desktop version?  Our updates on the desktop are not syncing to our Apple devices. 
    Mendy Ingiaimo
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  • Speech recognition in RTE?

    Hi, why cant I use speech recognition in Rich Text Editor? Best regards Jonna
    Jonna Rådegård
    created by Jonna Rådegård
  • Scoring Multiple Answer questions

    Hello Quizzes.Next Community,   Recently there has been some confusion about our plans for how Multiple Answer questions will be handled. This discussion unfortunately started as a comment thread on a user guide...
    Kevin Dougherty
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