• Allow folders in Pages

    Open for Voting
    1852 votes
    Greetings all. Conversations in the community unthread after 100 comments, making the conversation difficult to follow, and official comments hard to find. For this reason we're posting our most recent update here: &#...
    Beck Hasti
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  • Anybody with HTML code for organising a course glossary?

    Background: Each time I run a course students will be invited to create a glossary of course terms, including new words and concepts. This glossary will not be carried forward.  Thus, each course opens as a blank...
    John Kirkland
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  • Multiple Due Dates (checkpoints) for Discussions

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    1550 votes
    With the way that many schools set up forum discussions and require "check-ins" to the forum throughout the week, it would be great if we could include multiple due dates in the discussion activities. For instance, I ...
    Chris White
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  • React Update and Release Notes Schedule

    Hey everyone!    As we've mentioned, Catalog is following the Canvas deploy schedule. That means we're deploying new code every 3 weeks to both Beta and Production. Unlike Canvas, we do these deploys on the...
    Jon Fenton
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  • How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?

    You can get help with Canvas by using the Help menu. Depending on your user role, the Help menu generates a list of resources to help you with Canvas. Canvas displays links according to roles in all enrollments; for i...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Modules Display as Collapsed by Default

    Open for Voting
    232 votes
    With courses that have many modules and module items, the default un-collapsed state on the modules page makes the view overwhelming. I would love the option to choose a 'current' module and have that automatically op...
    Brandon Pousley
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  • How many posts have I made this week?

    I am wondering how I can quickly asses the number of posts I've made to a certain topic or post? It would take a long time to scroll through and sort out my posts for the week. 
    Melinda Williams
    created by Melinda Williams
  • Analytics Beta Concern

    Is there a way that the "Analytics Beta" feature can allow teachers to receive course statistics only for students who are currently enrolled in a class?  I've noticed that the course statistics are inaccurate fo...
    Shawn Dorman
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  • timeout settings

    Can I change the timeout settings so I don't get logged off after a few minutes if inactivity?
    Issamar Martinez
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  • Alguém sabe que tema é esse? [Does anyone know what this theme is?]

    Alguém sabe se tem esse tema/template para baixar?   Translation from Google Translate: Does anyone know if you have this theme / template to download?
    Carolina Perretti
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  • Assignment Re-Submission Notifications

    Open for Voting
    9 votes
    This idea was posted in 2015-16 and scored 100% approval.  But...nothing from Canvas So I am submitting again   The assignment notification on the main page is useless as it only indicates when an individu...
    Craig Milgrim
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  • vocabularia preparacion

    how I need to do my homework
    Felix Cegueda
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  • Calendar WebDav/WebCal

    Hey is it possible to sync user calendars through a webdav/webcal? I can download calendars from my account using the feed's ICS file, but it would be nice to be able to add events to my calendars (without needing to ...
    Alex Ameen
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  • Text annotations not rendering in PDFs

    Hi I am having difficulty seeing text (big T) annotations in the pdf you can download from the Docviewer screen in SpeedGrader.  All other annotations appear in the pdf.  Have tried in Chrome and  IE b...
    Isobel Williams
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  • API - delete an enrollments from a section

    API documentation shows only one way of deleting an enrollment from a course. Is there a way to do it for sections? I did try to call section instead course api/v1/sections/SECTION_ID/enrollments/ENROLLMENT_ID withou...
    alex chan
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  • Does Arc plan to account for the features it lacks that Panopto currently has?

    At our university, we use Panopto for video content. Panopto has Contents, Discussion, Notes, and Bookmarks features. I understand that Comments can take the place of the Discussion feature, but does Arc plan to accou...
    Matthew Hilts
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  • how long does it usually take for a video to be uploaded on ARC? it seems to be taking a long time for mine....

    Video size is 377MB
    Irisa Prithi
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  • Ads on YouTube videos in Arc

    While working in Arc, I noticed that the ads were not removed on the videos that I uploaded from YouTube. Arc has always removed the ads in the past. Is anyone else experiencing this?
    Stacey Myrick
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  • Trying to add a paper submission against an existing assignment that has been submitted.

    Hi there,   If there is an assessment that requires file upload, but the student has already submitted. How can a teacher manually upload a paper submission against an existing submission as an added file?  ...
    Cal Tsang
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  • What does Community mean to me?

      What does COMMUNITY mean to you? For me; Community means moving from a transactional state of mind to a relational state.  By this I mean moving beyond a world view where all motivation essentially falls i...
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