• Copying notification emails to faculty

    Does anyone know if it is possible to set up a particular email account owned/operated by the institution that receives the same notifications a student does? In particular I am looking for notifications that an asse...
    Joel Brown
    created by Joel Brown
  • Programmable Return Button in Quizzes.next

    Is the return button in a quizzes.next quiz programmable?   It seems that the return button just send the user back to the assignments list. We do not make that option available within our students navigation. A...
    Ross Hounsell
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  • Embedded images not showing up

    A few other teachers and I are having issues with our embedded images in our quizzes not showing up when the students go to take them. When I click to "Preview" the quiz myself, I can see them, but none of my students...
    last modified by EMILY SCHOCH
  • Freeze up when trying to insert a link in LTI rich-text editor

    My student employee and I have both tried multiple times to insert a link to an external website in a feedback message using the rich-text editor in Quizzes.Next. For both of us, this always resulted in the UI freezin...
    Eric Orton
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  • Tracking Student Progress

    Open for Voting
    1 vote
    I would like to have a tool to record an on-going log of individual student's progress. It would also be nice to be able to record class notes. This would need to be private to the teacher, but shareable if desired.&#...
    Jennifer Tyndall
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  • Links in the Learning Mastery Gradebook

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    I would like to be able to quickly access the quizzes/assignments/questions that are informing any given data point in the Learning Mastery gradebook. For example, if I have a student who has 2/3 for standard 3.3.B, i...
    Jennifer Tyndall
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  • Historical Data in Learning Mastery Gradebook

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    I would love to be able to hover over or click on a students current score in the learning mastery gradebook and be shown a chart that shows a students progress on that standard. I envision data points for each time t...
    Jennifer Tyndall
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  • Recovering Learning Mastery Data

    Learning Mastery Issues!  I hope someone has a solution for my dilemma, we are dealing with some major learning mastery issues! Below is a summary of my problem, along with a summary of my attempts to fix the pr...
    Jennifer Tyndall
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  • Poll option for voting

    Open for Voting
    165 votes
      Idea open for vote Wed. December 2, 2015 - Wed. March 2, 2016  Learn more about voting...       It would be great to include a polling option within Canvas (in Discussion board, Announcem...
    Megan Peercy
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  • Student feedback through the Dropthought LTI

    Teachers are always looking for ways to obtain feedback from students. After the CanvasLIVE presentation Inte-GREAT-ions: The Wide (Wild) World of Apps Tracey DeLillo provided a list of LTI integrations that they...
    Denise Dejonghe
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  • Can we create instructional overlays?

    My school district is utilizing CanvasLMS. Currently the teachers are creating their own pages based on the training that they have received. As teachers get more proficient in utilizing the system, they will be addin...
    Rebecca Meyer
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  • Hiding unpublished courses

    Is there a way for students to hide unpublished courses from their list of all courses? Our system automatically provisions dozens of courses that will never be used or published, and students are left with course lis...
    Emily Springfield
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  • CanvasLIVE (2018-2-23): The New Events Portal!

    One of my favorite aspects of the Canvas Community is the constant change. It's always evolving to make content more visible, members more networked, and Canvas more transparent. And CanvasLIVE is no ex...
  • Course Evaluation Checklist

    When Shauna Vorkink - Senior Manager first approached me about collaborating on a Course Evaluation Checklist with Erin Keefe - Training Team Lead and Deonne Johnson - Consultant, I was beyond thrilled. I kn...
    Lily Philips
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  • Deleting classes

    How can I delete my classes from canvas? I do not have an admin button. 
    Malady Doung
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  • Create a more simple, intutive way to offer Extra Credit

    228 votes
    Idea is currently in Product Radar Learn more about this stage...     Idea will be open for vote May 5th, 2015 - August 5th, 2015  Learn more about voting...   Currently, if a faculty member ...
    Kael Kanczuzewski
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  • Excused Status In Gradebook

    I have have many teachers emailing me about the Excused Status not working or staying in the New Gradebook. They have tried typing EX, pushing the button, and even refreshing the page. Is this a known issue? When can ...
    Courtny  McFarland
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  • Search for administrators who are in subaccounts

    23 votes
    We would like the ability to search for admins within subaccounts easier instead of having to go into each subaccount and checking for an admin. An example is below:     Options to make Canvas admins...
    Jessica Sowalsky
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  • Mobile App Accessibility

    Hi all,   I hope that I am posting this in the correct place. I happen to have five students in my class this term that are blind or low vision, using either screen readers or high levels of screen magnification...
    Suzanne David
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  • Late submission deduction off of earned points

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    I just started using the late policies in the new gradebook (super pumped about this even being an option now). One thing that would be useful for me (and hopefully others) is being able to set the deduction to be off...
    Claire O'Quin
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