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  • H5P content loading as 'Launch External Tool' in the Canvas student app.

    My organisation has recently installed H5P.com and we're finding that H5P content loads as 'Launch External Tool' in the Canvas student app.  Does anyone in this community know the reasons why H5P content loads ...
    Nhuan Pham
    created by Nhuan Pham
  • Notification Indicator for Submission Comments in Gradebook

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    I would like to suggest a notification indicator in the grade book for new submission comments. E-mail notifications are already an option but when you are physically in the grade book there is no way of knowing that ...
    Amanda Carpenter
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  • Assignments Appearing as Not Yet Assessed in Learning Mastery Gradebook

    How come my assignments are being treated as "Not Yet Assessed" in the Learning Mastery Gradebook?  In Student View, when I click on Quiz 1 (P1-P4) I am able to see that the Test Student has earned 15 Point...
    Gabe Kramer
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  • Color

    I would like to change the color of the menu bar in the course that I am teaching.
    gaby fahmy
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  • Add SpeedGrader back to the Assignment Drop Down Menu

    Open for Voting
    107 votes
    We need SpeedGrader added back to the Assignment Drop Down Menu in the New Gradebook. It is very confusing for  users who want to speed grade an assignment for an entire class of students. This was a fe...
    Garrett Williams
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  • How do I retrieve a text box submission lost somewhere in canvas? 

    I sent off a 800 word text box submission and neither my professor nor my classmates have received it. I can't see it or find it either. What are the options of errors I may have made and Is it possible to retrieve it?
    Craig Rekdahl
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  • Limiting Full Name Access

    Referencing this:  How do I change the settings in my user account as a student?    In our system Full Name, holds a students legal name.   Short Name holds a students preferred name....
    Matthew Palladinetti
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  • Let us schedule a Publish Date / Time for Content Pages

    Open for Voting
    937 votes
             Please allow us the ability to set a specific date and/or time for content pages to be published ahead of time.   It would be nice to be able to schedule th...
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  • Question Group Shuffling

    In quizzes, when creating a question group, how do I turn off shuffle questions? It is set to automatically shuffle, but I want the questions to be asked in the order I input them. Thanks!
    Kaitie Garland
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  • Importing Same Assignment twice From Commons

    Is there a way to import the same resource from commons twice? I tested it, it just overwrites the previous import. Tried to rename the imported resource, on second import it just overwrites the whole resource and fl...
    Ashok Thapa
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  • Respondus LockDown Browser - Canvas Stats?

    We use Respondus Lockdown Browser thru our Canvas system, and wondering if anyone has found a way to track which classes are using it in Canvas. Respondus is installed on Canvas as an LTI, but we don't see anything in...
    Kate Burkes
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  • Unlocking Modules for individual students

    Open for Voting
    724 votes
    Hi all,   This idea has already been requested, but did not get enough votes. Manually Override Module Requirements for Students   Any chance this can go through the voting cycle again! Would be brilliant ...
    Hamza Mukaddam
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  • How do I allow my co-teacher assess to my classes?

    My co-teacher in our collaborative classes needs to be able to access and maintain or edit our canvas classes.  What needs to be done to give her access?
    Debra Carter
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  • Access Denied for students

    I am a teacher in Broward County, Florida.  Since August, I am trying to give access to my students in Spanish 3 in CANVAS.  I published the textbook with the Broward Edition, and still is not working for my...
    Janet Rodriguez
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  • Separate Alerts/Mobile App for Discussions

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    There should be a separate alert for when someone responds to a thread in which you are the original contributor  and when someone posts a response to any thread within an assignment. For example, within a discus...
    Bruce Kriete
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