• All things API

    Have a question about the Canvas APIs? Have a cool API integration you'd be willing to share? If so, please post here.
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  • OAuth2 Authentication Request: "Route [login] not defined"?

    Hi, I'm developing a software that uses OAuth2 authentication with Canvas. It's to authenticate users, admins and non-users and see if they've permission to access a page. To that end, I'm following the documentation...
    Lee Newton
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  • How do I adjust point values on multiple-choice quizzes - all at once.

    Hola Canvas, First of all, thank you for all the great support you provide. I create a lot of multiple-choice quizzes to reinforce my reading assignments. Most of them contain 20 questions. Here is my question to ...
    Jay Lewenstein
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  • Ability to Save and Copy from Frequently Used Comments in Speedgrader/DocViewer

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    It would be a great timesaver for writing instructors and anyone else making many of the same comments to students on assignments to save and store comments in SpeedGrader/Crocodoc DocViewer as one is able to do ...
    Joshua Herron
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  • Allow past enrollments to be added to course menu

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    158 votes
    I'm a designer.  I have a ton of courses in my "all courses" list, and would like to periodically switch which ones I'm able to quickly access from my customized list, even if the course is one from the past. ...
    Bonnie Taylor
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  • New Quizzes: Feedback for essay questions

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    Students should be able to see the feedback instructors leave on essay questions on quizzes /exams. For example,  If you give a 50 question exam with one essay, the student does not receive full points on the es...
    kathy wright
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  • Using Canvas for U-pace

    Hello Admins,    I am wondering if Canvas has an option of having self-paced approach that focuses on the mastery of the previous content to open the next content. This can be the application of the U-pace a...
  • Collaborators on Collaboration Denied Access

    I've been using collaborations successfully for several weeks now.  Its a great place to have students work together.  Over this past weekend they started emailing me they couldn't get in.  I have doubl...
    Stephanie Bridge
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  • Why won't my canvas dashboard load?

    Everytime I log into my canvas none of my classes will load and I can't access any work.
    Lauren Wilson
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  • classroom tiles not loading

    classroom tiles not loading
    claire unger
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  • Imported incorrect and currently running course

    I accidentally imported a currently running Fall course into an empty shell for the Spring semester and now they are linked.  Anything I do in the Spring course affects the current course.  I saw how to rese...
    David Seager
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  • How can I show or see the date a discussion was posted in a group?

    I'm getting points off an assignment for submitting a question 'late' in the wrong place when it was submitted in the wrong place, and just trying to prove it was on time. I am trying to see the date and time this was...
    Katlyn Monson
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  • rubrics shared to the commons

    can a non-administrator share a rubric to the commons
    Cara Gregory
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  • Adding an assignment to module at time of creation

    While searching, I found one person asking but never found the idea being discussed.   Is there a reason an option to choose the module isn't available during the assignment creation from the assignment are...
    Layne Heiny
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  • My assignment pages on canvas keeps jumping to the top automatically

    I'm using Safari on my Macbook Pro to browse my group assignment page. When I try to scroll down, it keeps jumping to the top of the page every a few seconds. It happens on all the assignment pages with 'Submit Assign...
    Zhengfei Zhou
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  • Student PDF Annotations on Web Browser Version

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    160 votes
    Recently, a new feature was added to the Canvas App, which allows students to "mark-up" PDFs directly in Canvas and submit them. This is amazing! However, it s only a feature on the App, and not in the normal web brow...
    Danielle Kennedy
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  • How do I use the icons and colors in the New Gradebook?

    The Gradebook includes several icons and colors that may display in the assignment columns, assignment groups, and Total column. Icons and colors are simply gradebook indicators to assist you with course grading. All...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Use template or import file to generate structured e portfolios.

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    205 votes
       We work with about 1000 pre-service teaching students a semester while they are in their field experience or internships. We are currently using iWebfolio, and can have students generate portfolios usin...
    Nicholas Eastham
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  • Track Announcement views

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    143 votes
    Instructors need to be able to see who has seen what, without going student by student in their slightly buried Access Reports.   While it would also be nice to have a Mark as Read option for students to confirm...
    Kristina Young
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  • Allow "Display As" Options for Final Grade and Assignment Groups

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    403 votes
    We are in need of flexibility in displaying final grades and assignment groups similar to the way that individual assignments have flexibility in the way they display. For example, I would like the option to have a nu...
    Corey Jeffers
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