• How do I create a cloud assignment with a Google Drive file?

    You can create an online assignment that embeds a document directly from your Google Drive folder. Accepted assignment types are Google Documents, Spreadsheets, and Slides. Please note that in cloud assignments, Googl...
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  • Assessment--Program Review

    For the last year, I've been in a new role as a Dean--stepping away from my Canvas instruction resources to learn the job and my new college's culture. I used to do a great deal with assessment and presented at Instr...
    Kristina Young
    created by Kristina Young
  • Lost entered grades after opening assignment up to student who hadn't done it.

    A student failed to turn an assignment in on time, so I reopened it just for them.  I had graded the first 60/109 students prior to opening again for the single student.  I am now unable to access any of the...
    Melynda Meredith
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  • The day is here! It’s time for us to pack up and move!

    Image Credit Canvas Community is migrating to a new platform.  Here are the important dates and times you’ll want to note.   In the short time we’re offline, you will be able to access the G...
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  • Ability to Re-order External Apps icons in Rich Content Editor

    Open for Voting
    58 votes
    After the 2019-03-09 Canvas Release, which included the addition of a Commons Favorites Importing icon in the rich content editor (RCE), our Google integration icon "disappeared" from our RCE.    Well....it ...
    Hildi Pardo
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  • Stop Global Announcements for Users no longer in the District

    Open for Voting
    5 votes
    Students who have graduated and are no longer in our district are reporting that they are receiving email notifications of Global Announcements. I thought the problem was only across schools, as described in this Id...
    Hildi Pardo
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  • Record audio/video in discussion post

    Open for Voting
    64 votes
    As far as I can tell, one can record audio/video in a Discussion on the Student App, but not on the Teacher App. This means a teacher has to leave the Teacher app and enter the Student App to reply with aud...
    Hildi Pardo
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  • Watermark Quiz Content

    Open for Voting
    14 votes
    I suggest that Canvas watermark quiz questions with the Student ID or other identifying information so that if a picture of a quiz question (or screen shot) ends up on a website, discussion board, etc. that incidence ...
    Karey Marshall
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  • How can I merge two sections of the same course?

    I've seen this question answered multiple times with instructions about how to cross-list.  I'm not asking about bringing together sections on two different course pages.  The sections are already in the sam...
    Suzanna Schulert
    created by Suzanna Schulert
  • Upload from shared google drive

    Can you upload a file directly from a shared google drive or does it have to upload from your drive?
    Karen Soerensen
    created by Karen Soerensen
  • How do I sign up for a Canvas account with a join code or secret URL as a student?

    If you do not already have a Canvas account, you need to create an account before you can log in to Canvas. If you are using Canvas through your institution, you will most likely already have an account and need to ac...
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  • How do I set a Front Page in a course?

    The Course Home Page is the first view your students will see when they enter your course. For the Course Home Page, you can customize a page from your course Pages and have it display as the Course Home Page. If you ...
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  • Team Drive Access via Google Docs Cloud Assignment

    Open for Voting
    293 votes
    When creating an assignment using the "Google Cloud Assignment" option, you can select files located in "My Drive".  With the release of Google's Team Drives, teachers should have the ability to select files...
    Matthew McGoldrick
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  • How do I add an announcement in a course?

    You can create an announcement to share important information with all users within your course and with users in sections of a course. In your notification preferences, you can choose to receive notifications for ann...
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  • Creating a Conference for a Single Section

    Open for Voting
    56 votes
    In a course consisting of multiple sections, it would be very useful to be able to create a Conference for a single section, similar to creating an assignment.
    Joe Knowlton
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  • Canvas Domain, Email, and Server Management

      Many K12 schools and some higher ed institutions need to restrict the websites that students can visit while on campus and want to manage Canvas’s resources.   Future changes may require addit...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Upcoming Canvas Changes

    Periodically functionality will be added, changed, or removed in Canvas. Announcements are made in Release Notes on an ongoing basis. Other changes may not be directly related to Canvas, such as browser upda...
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  • uploading answers to a handwritten test

    Suppose that the students' answers to a test must be uploaded to Canvas as pdf files. Do they have more than one try? For example, if a student realizes after uploading that he forgot to include page 2 of a 3 page ans...
    patrick rabier
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  • How do I get to Sandbox district00006?

    I want to get certified for completion: 1. Prepare to launch and 2.K-12, First day ready.
    Melta Mebane
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  • How do I share/migrate videos between courses in Canvas Studio?

    I want to share videos from a previous course in Canvas Studio. The videos are listed in my library and in the original course. Can I share with a new course? The only options I see are to share videos with individual...
    Steve Landis
    created by Steve Landis