• Immersive Reader?

    Is anyone else having problems getting the Immersive Reader to work in Prod? Works in Beta. In Prod I get nothing when I click it. Had to turn it back off. <grumble>
    Rob Gibson
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  • Where's the "fast" feedback button?

    Where can we give FEEDBACK on how Canvas is working? I just went through the I-Learn introduction to Canvas and encountered a number of issues, including: 1. The displays of the screens are too small to read. I expe...
    Norman Johnson
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  • Hidden Gems: Working with Rubrics in New Quizzes

    Some people are wondering: Is there a way to add a rubric to a New Quiz? The answer is actually yes, but it is in a hidden location. Here's how you can do it.   Perform the same steps as you usually would when c...
    Kelvin Dean
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  • "The importer couldn't determine the correct answers for this question" when using Respondus

    Hello,   I've used Respondus in conjunction with Canvas dozens of times and never had any issues. Now, suddenly, I'm getting the "The importer couldn't determine the correct answers for this question" message on...
    Nick Chevalier
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  • Can you prevent trainers from seeing exam quiz questions?

    We want to setup our main exams on Canvas but are concerned that all teachers/teaching assistants associated with a course can view the exam questions.  Generally these questions are setup by a separate group and...
    Barbara Coen
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  • iPad App Document Access Error 401

    For the past few months I have been unable to open or view documents in the Canvas app for iPad. When I try to click on any link or file (PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, URL, etc..) I get a white popup error that s...
    Mikayla Mehle
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  • Canvas app for Ipad not opening

    Is anyone having trouble for the Canvas teacher  app for Ipad? Since  last week, when I open the app, the Canvas logo spins for 45-60 secs and then stops. When I delete, reinstall, and click "open", it works...
    Richard Buck
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  • Canvas App Access Basic Issues

    Hi, An instructor is not able to access the teacher app and I'm not certain how to assist. Apparently they have "...installed Canvas several times.  The first time for several weeks it worked fine.  One da...
    José Lugo
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  • I recently updated my iPhone 8+ with the iOS updates and no am unable to use the Canvas app. It will open, but when I try to interact with it, the app closes. Anyone having this issue?

    Canvas app will not work due to iOS updates on iPhone. Apple is zero help...
    Melissa Williams
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  • how can i download lockdown browser on a new computer that i am using?

    lockdown browser
    Carol Spencer
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  • Working with New Quizzes in Canvas Mobile

    Since the release of the New Quizzes platform in June 2018, there have been many advances. Here are some things that you should know about New Quizzes on Canvas Mobile.   CREATING A NEW QUIZ In order to create ...
    Kelvin Dean
    created by Kelvin Dean
  • Search Functionality on All Courses Search Page

    Open for Voting
    3 votes
    Would like to see an option for a Search Bar to pull up anything that's associated with specific search criteria.   Search and Sort by criteria such as: Course Number, Title, Semester, etc.   I teach so ma...
    christy coobatis
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  • Mobile App Sub-Account Theme

    Hello, I manage several sub-accounts and want to make the themes on the mobile app consistent with those on the web.  As of right now I have adjusted the theme using the theme editor which looks great on the web ...
    Emile Sorger
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  • Stylus and Feedback in Speedgrader

    I use a microsoft surface book (PC) with a stylus to annotate .pdf essays downloaded from Canvas.  I have a couple of questions:   1.  Is it possible to use the stylus directly in speedgrader.  I ...
    Jason Malone
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  • To Do Notifications

    Is there a way to delete old messages in my To Do notifications. Example, I have a student who received a complete grade, but I am still getting notices for it as if it were not graded. This appears when I use the Can...
    Diane Richardson
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  • Whoops! Something went wrong on our end.

    I am on Canvas Teacher App on an iPad.   Upon navigating to the Course assignments and tapping on Need Grading, I end up with the error message:   "Whoops! Something went wrong on our end. Don’t worr...
    Ashok Thapa
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  • iOS 13.1.2 crash bug?

    I’m running Canvas Student on iPad with the latest iOS 13.1.2 and it crashes after I select any course. Is anyone else seeing this or is it my iPad maybe?   Thanks
    Steve King
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  • IOS App Login Issue

    I'm having trouble with the canvas apps for one of the students. Whenever the student opens the app it does not automatically log them in, when we attempt to log in via the find my school option, the school is able to...
    Joshua Boxall
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  • Canvas Release Notes (2019-11-16)

    Upcoming Canvas Changes   2019-12-21: End-of-Life functionality related to Live Events 2020-01-18: End-of-Life functionality related to Canvas Data End-of-Life date for Gradebook Enforcement of mult...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • How to modify the mobile app

    The same javascript and css files that I upload to modify the web interface don't affect the mobile app. Is there a separate API for mobile? I haven't seen any discussions on this subject.
    Iver Davidson
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