• To Do List for Instructors--Need Section Numbers

    I have searched the Canvas Guide a couple of times but don't see this question asked/answered.   I have two courses with the same name but which are in different formats (one online, one hybrid).  Thus, I d...
    Laurie Hughes
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  • Quiz errors when "Show one question at a time" and "Lock questions after answering" options are selected.

    When I select the "Show one question at a time" and "Lock questions after answering" options I encounter two errors:   The preview doesn't work questions don't display no button to return to editing It n...
    Tanya Hall
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  • Speech to Text in Rich Content Editor in Windows OS. Make it richer!

    Open for Voting
    23 votes
    I was working with a Grade One teacher this week. She was really excited about using the video record tool with her students in Discussions. The kids were too! (Students are using Lenovo Yoga devices.) Wouldn't it be...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Printable / PDF-exportable quizzes

    Open for Voting
    2091 votes
    As an instructor, I want to be able to export a Canvas quiz as a PDF. This would enable me to easily print quizzes for the purpose of accommodation, for allowing a given student to take a quiz outside the timeframe es...
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  • One Course - 2 sections, 2 instructors who can't access all content - possible?

    I'm hesitant about asking this question - but let me give it a try. We have instances where two sections are combined to make one course and one grade. This could be a lecture/lab combination or a course with a suppor...
  • Add a field for Pronouns to the Profile Page

    Open for Voting
    388 votes
    In addition to many institutions allowing for preferred names of students, staff and faculty, there is an upcoming need to address preferred pronouns.   When addressing the preferred name options in the LMS, ple...
    Constance Fuller
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  • Can an instructor turn off student notifications for a course?

    Is it possible to turn off notifications for my students in my course settings?  I know the students can turn off their own notification settings in their individual accounts, but I want to set the course itself ...
    David Honda
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  • Download discussion board posts

    Open for Voting
    389 votes
    We would like to be able to download all of the discussion board posts from our course this semester for faculty analysis. We would also like students to be able to download and/or view all of their posts to review at...
    Julia Volkman
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  • Change assignment without exiting speedgrader

    Open for Voting
    11 votes
    It would be nice to be able to change to a new assignment without exiting speed grader.     Right now I need to exit to the assignments / module / discussion view, open the next assignment, and then re...
    Eric Person
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  • Decimals don't seem to work in formula questions i quiz.

    Why is this wrong? I have no margin of error, but it shouldn't be nescessary either, as it is the exact same number. What is happening? It started out as only making the error for rewriting 30 % to 0,3 since I have...
    Lisa Christensen
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  • Notifications by Course

    Open for Voting
    868 votes
    It would be great to be able to set notifications for each individual course.  There have been many times that I needed really detailed notifications and other times I needed nearly zero notifications.  Unde...
    last modified by ZACHARY DESJARLAIS
  • Tables in Canvas

    Open for Voting
    276 votes
    Both creating and copy/pasting tables in Canvas (the rich text editor boxes) seems problematic and difficult.  The table structure is lost and only text copies into Canvas from MS Word and Excel when using the Fi...
    Julia Phillips
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  • Create a more simple, intuitive way to offer Extra Credit

    Open for Voting
    286 votes
    Currently, if a faculty member utilizes Weighted Groups there is no way to add a percentage of extra credit. For example, this is an example of the setup I would like: Test - 50% Homework - 30% Attendance - 10% Pa...
    Kael Kanczuzewski
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  • A way to save a draft for Text Entries

    Open for Voting
    302 votes
    Text Entries are how most of my teachers do their assignments. If I want to start an assignment when I have a little time, and then continue working on it later, the only real way to do so is by writing it in an exter...
    Emerson Call
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  • Update ALL links when Page name changes

    Open for Voting
    318 votes
    Here's a common scenario:   An instructor makes a page, let's say a module overview page, and then links to this page from a custom Home page. While developing the course, the instructor changes the name of the ...
    last modified by anthonem@seattleu.edu
  • Publish / Unpublish ALL Option

    Open for Voting
    407 votes
    Instead of having to click every single item in a long list to Publish or Unpublish them all, it would save a lot of time if we had the option to "Publish All" or "Unpublish All". It would be even slicker if we could ...
    Julia Kregenow
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  • Quick Toggle Student View

    Open for Voting
    386 votes
    Being able to toggle into Student View within my classes in order to double- and triple-check to make sure "everything is as it should seem" is a wonderful feature built into Canvas.   FEATURE IDEA: Have a quick...
    Ian Heung
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  • Delete multiple pages

    Open for Voting
    409 votes
    Deleting pages one at a time can be time-consuming - 3 clicks per page.  It would be great to mark them and delete in bulk.  Seems like most course creators will face this at one time or other.  I'm res...
    Beth Kraemer
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  • Make Event Default Time 11:59pm rather than 12:00am

    Open for Voting
    488 votes
    Right now..... An event on the calendar has a default time of 12am on the date of the event. An assignment has a default time of 11:59pm on the date the assignment is due.   This causes an inconsistent user ex...
    last modified by jlg65@psu.edu
  • I cannot see the "foros" link at the page

    I cannot see the "foros" link.
    Maria Lee
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