• Include a Keep Highest Scores Rule (instead of Ignore Lowest) in Assignment Groups 

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    153 votes
    This is not a new idea (see below). However, since many of the responses appear to suggest creating a Feature Idea... I have tried to title this so that it includes words that will get picked up multiple searched. Int...
    Kimberly Smith
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  • How do I hide grades for an assignment in the New Gradebook?

    You can hide student grades for an assignment in the New Gradebook. When an assignment is hidden, students can still view and submit the assignment, but the grade will be hidden. Grades will stay hidden until assignme...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • How do I add a question bank to Canvas?

    How do I add a question bank to Canvas?
    Lolita Araim
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  • New Gradebook Changeover

    What will happen to individuals who have not moved to the New Gradebook on the 18th? Will Canvas automatically cut over to the New Gradebook that day? I'm trying to minimize my faculty getting scared with the gradeboo...
    Eric Whitmer
    created by Eric Whitmer
  • Track Announcement views

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    Instructors need to be able to see who has seen what, without going student by student in their slightly buried Access Reports.   While it would also be nice to have a Mark as Read option for students to confirm...
    Kristina Young
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  • Setting up self-assign group assignments

    I managed to set up a self-assign group assignment incorrectly, so I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong.  I created the assignment, then made the group set, then went back to the assignment and selected the ...
    Rachel Wickenheiser
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  • How to add signature line to Canvas email

    How do you add a signature line in the Canvas email 
    Jill Price
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  • Cannot access anything in my Canvas pages -- help!

    I was in the middle of grading and then something happened. This is what displays now for my canvas page. What is going on? Clcking on "Dashboard" does not help!
    Erika  Wolf
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  • Do I need to use OAuth

    Hi I am developing my own app in order to let students that visit our site to enroll in courses in our account. When they fill out a form in our site, they will be automatically become users in our account ( if they...
    Arie Salma
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  • Create groups based on survey/characteristics

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    Purdue University received a grant and created a team creation/peer assessment algorithm that several of our faculty found extremely useful as a way to create well-functioning student teams for group work.   Add...
    Kathryn Roberts
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  • Library

    How do I log on to online Bury Library
    Cocker Ochieng
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  • Powerpoint to jpeg

    How do I convert a powerpoint page to a jpeg to submit it in canvas?
    Linda Shinsako
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  • Why are the times wrong for my webinars on my dashboard?

    Hi, I'm Mel   I'm based in South Africa.   I'm busy with the UX design for emerging technologies course.   Webinars occur during working hours for me, so I scheduled a meeting room for 13h00 as ...
    Melissa Saayman
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  • Making Files visible - how?

    How do I make CANVAS Files visible to students?
    Daniel Caner
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  • how can I make my course visible

    how can I make my course visible?
    fatimazahra elboussaidi
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  • Drop lowest quiz score

    How do I drop the lowest score in a set of quizzes?
    Elena Albarran
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  • Pre-set comments and emojis for grading

    It would be great if there were pre-set comments in the grading section so that after I grade an assignment and give it a score, I can click on a comment such as "Well done!" Or "great start, but needs additional work...
    April Salas
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  • how do i log out of my account

    Rachel Ridley
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  • Canvas Not Loading

    Whenever I log into my canvas account on both safari and google chrome the opening page (the dashboard) on canvas and the calendar will not load. In order to get to an assignment I have to go to modules, when it comes...
    Tara Walker
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  • Allow Groups to set Homepage

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    We have more schools using the admin- and course-level groups feature to communicate with staff in the building and differentiate by type of staff, grade level teams, departments and others.  It would be extremel...
    Holly Palmersheim
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