• Display name

    It seems like I am not able to edit my display name in Canvas; I saw in the Q&A section that I would need to contact Admin to do so if this happens. How would I reach out to the admin for the request? Is ther...
    Claire Tian
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  • Rubric for Assignments

    Greetings,  I am new to Canvas and would like to develop a rubric for an essay submission.  I know that there is a rubric link for us to activate however, I cannot access it.  I need your help.   ...
    JoAnn Munroe
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  • SeeSaw & Canvas

    Good afternoon,  I would like to learn how to set up SeeSaw with Canvas! Can you please guide me with this process!  Thank you! 
    Savannah Breazel
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  • reset a course

    I made a mistake and copied over a course that I had been working on.  How do I reset it back to where it was this morning ...prior to my mistake.
    Gayle Gosch
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  • Why can't Studio capture directly Mac audio device?

    Shy is there no functionality for Studio to directly capture Mac audio device? For example, if I am playing, as part of my lecture an example youtube video, the audio of that video is only recorded 'through the air' v...
    Clive Newton
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  • Internship

    When does internship start and how long does it take to finish?
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  • How do I find the course key for a class?

    Its needed for me to be able to enroll and have access to my book on the Cenage website. It is not located on the syllabus.
    Frida gutierrez
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  • Originality Checker issue

    Any Idea why I am getting the following message when I try to use the originality checker? An issue occurred while generating the similarity report. Updating user information failed because user email was changed to ...
    Traci Lopez-Focarino
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  • LinkedIn profile to add to Canvas profile

    I am to add my LinkedIn profile to my Canvas profile under links, but I don't see a link tab on my Canvas profile. Can someone help me, or maybe it doesn't exist. I would like to receive an answer. Thank you.
    Amanda Watkins
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  • I need a information about Canvas Main Features.

    I'm studying about Canvas, the best LMS program.   I need data or information about the key functions of Canvas.   Please reply.
    sang cheol Park
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  • How do I grade one quiz question at a time in SpeedGrader?

    If your quiz was created using the Classic Quizzes tool, you can choose to manually grade the same quiz question for each student before viewing student submissions for a different quiz question. Essay and file upload...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • How to book a 101 session through CANVAS?

    How to book a 101 session through CANVAS?  I can find it, please !!!!!!!!!
    Frelda Cedeno
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  • Has anyone taken a placement test for English and math? I haven't so how can I or what classes would I take?

    I'm an incoming freshman who hasn't taken the placement exam for English and math. I saw it was only being offered for ESL students which I am not. Would I still take one or what class would I enroll in?
    Adam Covarrubias
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  • How do I sign up for a Canvas account as an instructor?

    If you do not already have a Canvas account, you need to create an account before you can log in to Canvas. If you are using Canvas through your institution, you will most likely already have an account and need to ac...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Canvas Support Tickets

    I have an issue with my canvas account. I put in an urgent support ticket last week with no reply. Any ideas on other ways to get a reply?
    Melinda Mansouri
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  • Jessica van Wegberg

    How to book a 101 session with my mentor???????? at RMIT
    Frelda Cedeno
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  • unable to get a proper Dashboard view..

    Hi, as per the video of how to set-up your a/c on Canvas, 'am unable to get the Dashboard view in the same manner.. need assistance, please. Thank you!
    Maanasa Supreeth
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  • Quizzes

    how to view pdf files without downloading?
    Shaheb Alkiram
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  • LTI 1.3 Canvas Authorization URL Issue

    I am currently creating a custom LTI 1.3 tool but facing problems while configuring it with canvas.    The authorization process fails when the request is to redirected to the authorization login URL of can...
    Danish Yasin
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  • Unexpected error in the middle saying that the specified resource does not exist.

    Unexpected error in the middle saying that the specified resource does not exist. No any courses in dashboard, but other functions work. 
    last modified by RUIJIE ZHAO