• CanvasCasters Podcast : Big 3 Loves

    As we move into the month of love, I'd like to share my love and appreciation for the CanvasCasters podcast (anchor.fm) . It's amazing to hear such great Canvas stories from fellow Canvas users. Perhaps you've re...
    Sky V. King (FIU Online)
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  • New Quizzes: Create API link with Respondus

    Open for Voting
    0 votes
    I use Respondus 4.0 to create quizzes that I export to Canvas. I first started using Respondus when my university's LMS was Angel. Under Angel, we could create formula-style (algorithmic) questions and export them fro...
    Eric Robbins
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  • Mark course as complete

    Open for Voting
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    Stunned this feature doesn't already exist.    We shouldn't need to change enrolment windows on individual students or use an external script.   Once a quiz is completed (successfully) or a page reach...
    David Turk
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  • Inbox for e-mail purposes? Regards, Viktor

    Cannot find inbox-ing. Can you send a link? Regards, Viktor
    Viktor Hadjiev
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  • Quick Edit Due Dates from Modules

    Open for Voting
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    This idea is similar to the archived idea: Modify Assignment Due Dates from Modules Page that was originally posted by Jonathan Cowan.   From within the Assignments page, we are able to quick adjust Du...
    Brian P. Calnan
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  • New RCE Multiple File Upload

    Open for Voting
    15 votes
    Firstly I love the new RCE editor file upload function.  The drag and drop is wonderful.  It would be EVEN MORE WONDERFUL if we could drag and drop multiple files at a time.  This would allow a much qui...
    Lauren Sayer
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  • Why does the new RCE not allow the selection of more than one file?

    When teachers are adding an assignment they appreciate the ability to be able to add more than one file that used to be the default choice.  Having to click 2 times for each file you want to add seems to be exces...
    Jeff Bailey
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  • New RCE - pin the sidebar

    Open for Voting
    28 votes
    While I'm loving getting familiar with the new rich content editor my biggest annoyance is that the insert sidebar disappears every time I add a link or image. As a course designer this is greatly slowing down the way...
    Tina E Busch
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  • Ungraded Rubric with Feedback Column

    0 votes
    Our university has gone to Ungraded assessment in the area of Vocational training. I need to develop Rubrics that indicate if the student obtained a Satisfactory or Not Yet Satisfactory result in the various criteria ...
    Elena Popa
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  • using Math Editor tool

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    It is very important to Instructors and students to be able to use an advanced math editor tool for typing math expressions and equations for the following ( but not limited) fields of Canvas use: composing messa...
    Waseem Al Juboori
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  • Multiple Grading Periods Functionality has Changed--for the worse?

    K-12 Colleagues,   We adopted Canvas last year, and the Gradebook function was the hardest to sell to the faculty because of its visibility to students and parents and also because of its inability to "nest" gra...
    Nathaniel Gee
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  • mac computer

    What do I need to do to get canvas to work on Mac computer? unable to see classes
    Ana Barraza
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  • Captivate Learning Interactions in Canvas

    I'm curious how others have incorporated captivate learning interactions like drag and drop into canvas courses.  I've been on a rabbit trail looking specifically for how to import a drag and drop activity into o...
    Lita Bledsoe
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  • How do I view the MS Word Metadata on submitted assignments?

    I used to be able to look at metadata on submitted assignments in MS Word.(after downloading) The metadata seems to be missing now (cleaned). How do I view the MS Word Metadata on submitted assignments?
    Glenn Dardick
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  • How to get course app configuration custom field values through API

    Hi I have a instructor account. In that in one course i have set some parameters and values in Custom Fields which is available in course -> settings -> apps -> view app configurations -> In that page i h...
    Ravichandran Jothi
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  • Dark Theme for Canvas

    Open for Voting
    232 votes
    Hello all! I am a student, and I am here to suggest an idea that I thought would make Canvas more personalized. I think a dark theme would be great for Canvas since some students like to stay up at night (not me), and...
    Matthew Keating
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  • New Quizzes: Preserve Point Values When Banking Questions

    Open for Voting
    5 votes
    Hello Canvas Peeps,   When creating questions there are times that I assign a point value higher than "1" depending on the task at hand.  However, when I bank these questions the original poi...
    Brandon Risenhoover
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  • calendar feed doesn't update

    Hello, my Canvas calendar feed into Google Calendar displays correctly, but any subsequent update (say, due date of an assignment) does NOT update on Google. i've tried more than one browser, computer, cleared cache ...
    PerMagnus Lindborg
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  • "Message Students Who..." Glitch?

    I have an instructor who used the  "Message Students Who..." feature in Grades and she said the email was sent to every student in the class instead of just the students identified.    I believe she ch...
    Yumia Hobbs
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  • Post a Class Recording on Canvas

    How to post a class recording on Canvas?
    Umesh Akki
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