• Grades for deleted students.

    Is it possible to see the grades of students that had enrollments to a course before being deleted?
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  • Allow Students to Re-Access Peer Reviews

    Open for Voting
    16 votes
    Fact: Students, currently, can submit peer reviews as a comment or as a rubric and comment. When the student submits it, they have lost all access to that peer review.    Problem:  In our courses,...
    Christie Bogle
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  • My gif isn't giffing.

    I normally use gifs for my course view cards. However, 2 out of 6 of mine are moving on the course settings page but not in the actual card view. This is only annoying me. I am sure it's not a big deal to the students...
    Lori Campbell
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  • How do I indent and double space paragraphs in dialog box

    Hello, For English essays that are timed and to be done online, how do I indent paragraphs and do double spacing while typing the body of my essay?
    Sapna Suresh
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  • How do I see my final grades for my courses?

    Now that finals are over, how do I see my final course grades?  Can I also see my GPA?
    Morgan Boyer
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  • " Dark Theme Mode "

    Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea
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    Hello, Is it possible to make Canvas have a " Dark Theme Mode " like in YouTube. This would be a good feature. My eyes hurts. Thanks     
  • Change Password Setting in Profile Edit Settings Page

    A user on our instance contacted us about not being able to locate the "change password" setting in their profile edit settings page. (for reference, see How do I change my login password as a student? )....
    Logan Murray
    created by Logan Murray
  • I can't see any courses I'm enrolled in

    I enrolled in my courses around 2 weeks ago and still cant see them, only the overall course for my degree. I know in blackboard as soon as you enroll it comes up, is this the same with canvas? Also I can't search the...
    Jessica Wallis
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  • How do I integrate Quizzes, Outcomes and Learning Mastery?

    Dear All,   John here – new to Canvas and this community and looking for some help understanding how to integrate use of Quizzes, Outcomes and Learning Mastery in Grades.   Please find below a deta...
    John Baird
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  • Extra Credit

    How do I add extra credit to a weighted total?
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  • Scores for quizes

    I moved a quiz from "graded" to "not graded" and all the scores went blank.  Is there a way to recover the grades?
    Natalie Pierce
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  • How to change the number of points a quiz is worth after publishing?

    Hello! How do I change the number of points a quiz is worth? The quiz is already published and I assigned grades. See screenshot below - top right. I need the Points to be 10, not 0. Thanks.
    Armina LaManna
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  • Adjust all assignment and quiz dates on a single page

    Open for Voting
    1004 votes
    The Problem: Managing dates one item at a time is tedious when you are planning an entire semester. This is true for new classes, but also for existing classes since the ability to globally adjust imported dates neve...
    Michael Harris
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  • Quizzes

    If you discover a question was not a good question to ask, is there a way to add the point back in for all students without manually going in and changing everyone's grade?
    Patricia Krohmer
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  • Instructor Profile for Student Viewing

    Is the best place for an instructor profile (for students to see) in People, or should I put my profile separately and hide People?  My concern is that, while it is convenient to direct students to open my profil...
    David Seager
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  • Conversation Message Sent by Me Notification

    Open for Voting
    5 votes
    The premise of this Idea is around the limited scope of the notification type "Conversation Created by Me"               We would like to suggest that there be a notification ...
    Tim Kato
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  • SpeedGrader - Allow Simultaneous Grading

    Open for Voting
    16 votes
    SpeedGrader documentation ( https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-12774-415255021 ) states that only one grader from a course can work in SpeedGrader at a time. Users report that not all grades and comments are sav...
    Tim Kato
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  • Does importing an assessment in New Quizzes have a limit to the number of questions?

    I'm working with someone who imported a 90-question quiz in New Quizzes.  However, the students can only see the first 50 questions.  As a teacher, and in preview mode, I can see all 90.  In Speedgrader...
  • Grade discussion posts and attachments with DocViewer

    Open for Voting
    206 votes
    All discussion posts and attachments (MS Word, PPT, PDF files, etc.) should be displayed in SpeedGrader like an assignment so that teachers can use mark-up tools to add comments to those posts and attachments using Cr...
    Felix De Brito Neto
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  • Update Gradebook Messaging - Message Students Who Haven't Submitted Yet

    Open for Voting
    5 votes
    When an instructor uses the "Message Students Who" function in the grade book for online submissions or external tool (publisher) assignments and selects "Haven't submitted yet," Canvas will identify students even if ...
    Jerry Troupe
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