• Simple Javascript function works fine, but not in Canvas on Firefox

    EDIT - this now appears to work in Firefox but sometimes doesn't when you load the page.   Hi guys, we're using a custom javascript to make page tabs, and it works perfectly fine in Chrome. Unfortunately it doe...
  • Stop Canvas Modules from Auto-Publishing All Content Inside a Module When a Module is Published

    Open for Voting
    125 votes
    My university is finding the fact that publishing a module auto-publishes all the content in it quite annoying.   I would like to be able to just publish a module and then choose what features of it that I wish...
    Kevin Hearn
    last modified by Kevin Hearn
  • Peer Evaluation for Group Projects

    Open for Voting
    396 votes
    Every semester we need the students to create a peer evaluation for their group projects. We would like for students to be able to rate their group members contribution to the group project. This feature should allow ...
    Shana Green
    last modified by Shana Green
  • How do I create a group assignment with various topics and groups

    How do I create a group assignment for 45 students, with 3 separate topics, 3 groups for each topic, and only one student can self select what topic and group they want to join?   If I set up 3 different groups ...
    Lisa Hendrickson
    last modified by Lisa Hendrickson
  • Student View & Peer Review

    Here's what I want to do: I want to have all my students peer review the same doc/file. Can I "submit" the doc in the student view, and then manually assign all my students to peer review the test student's submissio...
    DJ Hawkins
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  • Tutorial Novo Boletim de Notas do Canvas

    O Boletim de Notas do Canvas foi atualizado e substituiu de forma definitiva a versão antiga do Boletim em 18 de Janeiro de 2020!   Durante o último ano, o Boletim do Canvas passou por u...
    Guilherme Simoni
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  • Parent App

    Can we add the "inbox" feature on parent app? This will solve alot of my issues regarding the app as communication is the main reason for parents to have access in addition to following up in courses and viewing the c...
    Sherihan El-Ghazaly
    last modified by Sherihan El-Ghazaly
  • Canvas not working

    None of the links are working, the homepage is popping up as a blank and that's for all 3 of my online courses? What do I do to fix this?
    Brandon Perales
    last modified by Brandon Perales
  • Hyperlink Color Contrast

    Open for Voting
    90 votes
    The default color for hyperlinks is not compliant in terms of accessibility and WCAG 2.0 AA.   I understand users can use High Contrast mode, but I think accessibility should be the default, not the exception. &...
    Jess Thompson
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  • How do I register SMS notifications?

    I've tried resending a code multiple times, and the link to resend the verification code is no longer showing up, regardless of what browser I use.
    Rachel Larrabee
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  • Grade Slider in Teacher App

    Any thoughts as to why the "Grade Slider" would not be showing for a teacher in the grading section of the teacher app?  . 
    Mr. Jeff Buckner
    last modified by Mr. Jeff Buckner
  • Students cannot access files using Canvas App

    We are experiencing a massive cases on this, they can't view the files in Canvas App and they cant even download the files (pptx, ppt) files to be more specific. I checked if they are able to see the File link in navi...
    Joshiko Velasco
    last modified by Joshiko Velasco
  • Comments not showing - Canvas app responsible?

    I have read answers to student questions about accessing instructor comments on essays. They can "view feedback" if their browser supports it, or they can hit the download icon and view comments on the PDF of the essa...
    Cheryl Eekhoff
    last modified by Cheryl Eekhoff
  • Canvas Student: Have a built-in place Note-taking

    Open for Voting
    3 votes
    I am an online student and have tried various ways to keep my notes as I'm studying the courses, and still having trouble keeping them organized. I think the perfect way would be if Canvas had a place for notes e...
    Alice Jenen
    last modified by Alice Jenen
  • Allow Students Choose Pronouns, Not Edit Name

    Open for Voting
    5 votes
    While allowing Students to edit their profile settings to choose their Pronouns, it is important to many schools that we do not allow Students to alter their name.  Doing so is causing issues with the SIS and oth...
    Beth Crook
    last modified by Beth Crook
  • Dark Theme for Canvas

    Open for Voting
    226 votes
    Hello all! I am a student, and I am here to suggest an idea that I thought would make Canvas more personalized. I think a dark theme would be great for Canvas since some students like to stay up at night (not me), and...
    Matthew Keating
    last modified by Matthew Keating
  • Adding to my profile

    How do I add the classes I am enrolled I  to my profile?
  • New RCE Multiple File Upload

    Open for Voting
    3 votes
    Firstly I love the new RCE editor file upload function.  The drag and drop is wonderful.  It would be EVEN MORE WONDERFUL if we could drag and drop multiple files at a time.  This would allow a much qui...
    Lauren Sayer
    last modified by Lauren Sayer
  • Grading Notes for Instructor for each assignment

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    Our previous LMS had an option for adding a grading note to each assignment visible only to the teacher (similar to the feedback comments in Speedgrader) .  This was extremely handy for teachers to note adaptatio...
    Michelle Souvannachack
    last modified by Michelle Souvannachack
  • Instructor or Teaching Notes in Assignments

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    I propose having a section in assignments that is for instructor (or teaching) notes to be seen only by the instructor. It can contain information the instructor needs to know about how to administer and facilitate th...
    Gaylen Jensen
    last modified by Gaylen Jensen