• Automagically download a clicked file on a Page

    Hello fellow designers! Is it at all possible to just link to a file on a Page and have it download automatically? I'm looking for it NOT to load in a preview. (It's an .ics file) Thanks!
    Nicole Ronan
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  • Canvas Teacher App Pen

    Does anyone know if you can change the default color of the pen in the Canvas Teacher App.  It always comes up red and I would like to change it to black so that I am not going through that extra click when tryin...
    Belinda Stutzman
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  • Generate Automatic Messages to students who do not submit work

    Open for Voting
    297 votes
    I have found the "message students who..." function in gradebook very effective to nudging students to complete assignments. I suggest an option that, when you create the assignment, you can automatically choose to ha...
    Lisa Braun
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  • Anonymous peer reviews should be able to use markup bar

    Open for Voting
    93 votes
    When students do anonymous peer review, they would be better served to be able to use the mark up tools to leave comments in the page, indicate where wording, errors, etc. need work.  It would make it a much bett...
    last modified by KAREN S BROWNING
  • Allow Instructor Markup via DocViewer Even When Anonymous Peer Reviews Are Enabled

    Open for Voting
    204 votes
    Instructors who select Anonymous Peer Reviews are not shown markup tools in Speedgrader - Doc Viewer.  The tools are disabled/hidden.     Selecting Anonymous Peer Reviews for students to complete as pa...
    Eric Donath
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  • Does Respondus work with new quizzes yet.

    When we renewed our Respondus license this year, I saw that there has been an update to version 4.0. Does anyone know if this makes Respondus compatible with New Quizzes?
    Debbie Ellis
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  • Element Toggler

    I used the element toggler to in our knowledge checks within our courses.  They are convenient  to use.  I noticed that they don't work within the app.  Is there a plan to get the element toggler t...
    Carrie Mae Khouzani
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  • How do I mute or unmute an assignment in the Gradebook?

    By default, Canvas allows students to see assignment grades as soon as the instructor has graded the assignment. In some cases, instructors may wish to hold student grades until all assignments have been graded, and t...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Remember tip size for Apple Pencil

    Open for Voting
    1 vote
    Now that the user can change the tip size in the Teacher app for iOS, it would be nice if the app remembered the chosen tip size -- it currently will return to default (2.0 pmts) once using a different tool or wh...
    last modified by MARC BIZER
  • Dark Theme for Canvas

    Open for Voting
    203 votes
    Hello all! I am a student, and I am here to suggest an idea that I thought would make Canvas more personalized. I think a dark theme would be great for Canvas since some students like to stay up at night (not me), and...
    Matthew Keating
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  • Freeze top, left, and side banners of Canvas.

    Open for Voting
    507 votes
    I have suggested this in the past but it didn't seem to gain traction so I thought that I would bring the idea up again.  It is just a very annoying feature that could be correct rather easily I would imagine....
    Eric Abshire
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  • Interface Customization

    I noticed in Canvas that the sidebar on the left-hand side is grey for me, but for all my other classmates it's purple (which is one of our school's colors). Is there a way to change this? Grey is boring and I want to...
    Tanya Ocampo
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  • Pass Outcome Results from Quizzes.Next to Canvas

    Open for Voting
    74 votes
    Standards based graded (a.k.a. Outcomes) is becoming more and more prevalent in education.  We use formative and summative assessments to determine whether outcomes (standards) are met.  Quizzes.next is the ...
    Stacie Gomm
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  • Allocating students to markers/graders

    My apologies if I've missed this. Posting as a question to this User Group (may need to be an Idea?)   In terms of an assignment workflow improvement (particularly for larger courses) - not having functionality ...
    James Trueman
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  • Send notifications for assignments will overdue soon

    When assignments/ quizzes/ things get stacked, I hope Canvas could show or notify me which assignment is going to overdue before 1 hour of the due time. This could help me to track the assignments process and make sur...
    Andrew Yuhan Zhang
    last modified by Andrew Yuhan Zhang
  • How do I record/upload media in new RCE?

    Even though the media button is still labeled Record/Upload Media, I don't see any way to do either of those things. What happened to that functionality?
    Christine M. Doherty
    last modified by Christine M. Doherty
  • Add a field for Pronouns to the Profile Page

    In Development
    448 votes
    In addition to many institutions allowing for preferred names of students, staff and faculty, there is an upcoming need to address   preferred pronouns.   When addressing the preferred name options i...
    Constance Fuller
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  • How to bulk delete user accounts that are no longer being used?

    Is there a way to bulk delete user accounts that are no longer enrolled into any courses? This goes for Students and Staff alike. New to Canvas and I don't see an obvious way of doing this besides going through each u...
    Brandon Nisperos
    last modified by Brandon Nisperos
  • Chrome extensions for Canvas: content_scripts:{[matches:[]]} problem

    I want to create a Chrome extension to enhance the functionality of Canvas (see my comment in this Idea thread for context). But I think I have run into a problem I can't solve. A Chrome extension must include a manif...
    Dan Baeckström
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  • Lock Teacher into One Section

    I have a very specific situation. In the courses I'm developing we want to have multiple teachers in a course, but with access only to their own sections of the course. I do know how to assign teachers to specific sec...
    Matthew Acton
    last modified by Matthew Acton